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Register as soon as possible for WGS 498: Gender, Conflict and Peace (Women and War) Tues/ Thurs: 14:00-15:20, Classroom: T 1-108 Dr. Phil Okeke-Ihejirika This course is about women in war as instruments, agents and peacemakers. It is a seminar built around the following questions: Where do conflicts place men and women and why? How do today's conflicts affect the rest of the world? Why do conflicts happen? Students explore today's conflicts - most of which happen in the developing world, the challenges conflicts pose to men and women in the immediate environment, how experiences of conflicts draw-in the rest of the world, including Canada. These issues are shared through open discussion and with vivid excerpts, videos, and guest speakers. This course provides an entrance into International Relations through a critical examination of the role of gender in conflict, the topics expose the diversity of experiences and perspectives beyond what the media show us, and it presents these issues in ways that make it possible to explore and develop well-informed opinions. Please click on title above for poster.

26 November 2014

498 Women and War