WGS Honors Student Final Presentations

2018 WGS Honors Students presenting their research today (01 May) from 1300-1500! Come join us!

01 May 2018

TODAY in the Senate Chamber (3-26 Arts & Convocation Hall) from 1300-1500...

The 2018 Women's and Gender Studies Honors Students will be presenting their thesis research:

Katrina Rempel "Queering Responses to Sexual Violence: Alternatives to the Criminal Justice System" (supervised by Lise Gotell)

Nicole Rachor "Asexuality, Sexuality, and Natural Kind Implications" (supervised by Felice Lifshitz, WGS & Ingo Brigandt, Philosophy)

Indra Prakash "In a New Light: Reproduction, Biopower and Discourse in Nineteenth Century America (supervised by Susan Smith, History & Michelle Meagher, WGS)

The event is free and open to all. Please consider attending, particularly if you are a WGS student who is considering doing an Honors Degree!