The Future of Food

Eating in the Anthropocene - A Symposium

11 September 2018

This symposium provides students and community members with an opportunity to explore the politics of food in the current context of environmental catastrophe. Food ways and food security are and will continue to be impacted by the environmental changes our planet is undergoing: rising temperatures are causing and will increasingly cause droughts and water scarcity in many parts of the world, making many water-intensive crops and forms of agriculture on which we currently rely unsustainable in the future; mass extinctions, particularly of sea life, will eradicate certain food sources on which humans currently depend; wild animals and plants and animals raised as food sources in some parts of the world will not be able to survive temperatures in the near future; human population growth and influxes of climate refugees in some parts of the world will require sustainable food sources for increasing populations; current forms of agriculture (such as clearing rain forests to grow palms for palm oil, and to graze cattle for beef) and the water-intensive and high carbon-emitting practices of raising certain agricultural animals such as cattle will need to be eliminated or drastically reduced as we grapple with droughts and attempt to stabilize and lower carbon emissions. The research presented at this symposium will examine questions such as: Are new meat technologies a solution to the current and coming food crises? How should we eat in the Anthropocene?

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