Women's and Gender Studies

Cross-Listed Courses

Women's and Gender Studies scholarship is interdisciplinary in scope.  Although the Department offers courses in a variety of topics, students are encouraged to take courses on the topic of gender in other departments.  You may apply credits earned in many of these courses towards your degree in WGS (note: 100-level courses may not be applied to the Major or Minor in WGS).

The following is a list of currently approved cross-listed courses that may credited towards your degree in Women's and Gender Studies.  For more information on these courses, please consult BearTracks or contact the offering departments.

Fall Term 2017 Cross-Listed Courses

Winter Term 2018 Cross-Listed Courses

  • Art History
    ART H 226 Gender, Sexuality, and Visual Culture (TBA)
  • Augustana Campus
    AUIDS 230 Introduction to Women’s Studies (Liao)
    AUPED 266 Women in Sport and Physical Activity (Liao)
    AUSOC 275 Sex, Gender, and Society (Hatt)
  • English and Film Studies
    ENGL 220 Reading Politics: Gender and Sexuality (Rak)
    FS 322 Gender and Sexuality in Film (Del Rio)
  • History and Classics
    CLASS 261 Women, Gender, and Sexuality in the Ancient World (TBA)
    HIST 351 History of Women in the United States (Romeo)
  • Modern Languages and Cultural Studies
    C LIT 266 Women and World Literature (Kelly)
  • Philosophy
    PHIL 272 Feminist Philosophy (TBA)
  • Political Science
    POL S 250 The Politics of Gender (TBA)
    POL S 441 Gender and Public Policy (Harder)
  • Sociology
    SOC 271 Introduction to the Family (Dorow)
    SOC 301 Sociology of Gender (Lee)