2022 Graduate Student Conference

Organized by the Gender and Social Justice Graduate Students
at the University of Alberta
“Decolonizing Futurities, Radical Imaginaries”
Graduate Studies Conference
March 18-19, 2022

The Gender and Social Justice Graduate Students at the University of Alberta are pleased to announce our graduate conference in conjunction with the 9th annual WGS Undergraduate conference, “Decolonizing Futurities, Radical Imaginaries,” which will take place on March 18th and 19th, 2022 online via Zoom and also livestreamed on Facebook and YouTube. We will explore social justice praxis, particularly centering decolonization, imagined futurities, BIPoC feminisms, queer politics, and/or other intersectional analyses.

The conference aims to:
  • Enable graduate students from various disciplines to present and exchange their research; 
  • Foster an emerging multidisciplinary praxis community of students, scholars, and activists concerned with gender, BIPoC, queer, disability, class and/or other intersectional social justice issues;
  • Catalyze activism among students to imagine and transform the academy into an active space of resistance to structures of oppression; 
  • Create a space where the voices and stories of community members who have been made most vulnerable are centered;  and to
  • Create a network of social justice scholars and activists for potential future collaboration and insight, and to create a living resource of content, discussions, ideas, and motivations.

Along with the traditional academic gathering, the conference will provide a space for praxis-oriented discussions and activities, including workshops, a panel discussion with service and care-oriented organizations, artistic performances, and/or research-creation presentations. It will also facilitate decolonializing mentorship practice, going beyond the neoliberal approach. This no-cost conference is open to graduate and undergraduate students, as well as community members with an interest in social justice.

We ask that before you register, you review our terms of culture and engagement for this conference here.

You can view more information about the organizing committee, presenters, workshop moderators, and panelists below.

Registration is now closed; please email conference organizers at gsjcon@ualberta.ca if you have any questions.

Conference Itinerary

Organizing Committee Information and Land Acknowledgement

Our organizing committee is comprised entirely of graduate students from the Gender and Social Justice MA Program at the University of Alberta. You can check out our bios here.

Organizer Bios

We have worked together collectively, learning and listening to develop our conference land acknowledgement. Closer to the conference date, we will have the text of our land acknowledgement as well as a video that highlights some of our conversations about this process. With thanks to Melissa Jay who taught us the importance of land acknowledgements from the heart.

Presentations of Research or Research Creation

Please click here for a listing of our presenters and their research projects.

Presenter Information