Graduate Students

Meet our amazing Gender & Social Justice Studies MA students!

Charlene Campo
Rhiannon Duval Sexual violence and rape culture within an neoliberal context.
Tanya Friesen
Anthony Goertz Social justice, film & media
Dana Hankinson
Angela Lieu
Margaret-Anne Murphy

Settler responsibility, Indigenous-settler relationships, transformative justice, critical mad studies, intersectional feminist art as praxis, community building, gender
representations in media and society and the violence of the gender binary

Erin O'Neil Advocacy and apathy, digital feminism, pop culture and mass media.
Diana Pearson Public pedagogy of sexuality, non-monogamies, pleasure-based sex education
Gabrielle Warner Politics of representation; prison abolitionism; harm reduction approaches; feminist ethics of care; cultural studies; anarcha-feminism
Samantha Wesch Kant; Foucault; philosophy of sexuality; philosophy of popular culture; rap (Eminem); logic
Kayleigh Wiebe