Faculty Lecturers

Shama Rangwala

1-02C Assiniboia Hall
Email: srangwal@ualberta.ca


Dr. Shama Rangwala is a Faculty Lecturer in Women's and Gender Studies at the University of Alberta and holds a PhD in English and Film Studies. Shama's intermedia and interdisciplinary work focuses on the reproduction of interlocking structures of white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism. Her research develops the concept of ideological adaptation, which she defines as textual adaptations that are ideological in their reinscriptions and thus track the adaptation of ideology itself. She is currently working on a book project examining early-20th-century canonical American novels and early-21st-century film adaptations in relation to the reproduction of national mythologies. She is also expanding this conceptual framework to research the ideological adaptation of liberalism during our contemporary moment of accumulation crisis, with a focus on cultural objects (literature, film, television) and political discourses.

She is currently Co-Principal Investigator with Prof. Michael Litwack on the cross-disciplinary research project, "Sounding Race" and on the research team of "Common Ground: Connecting Communities and Politics" (PI: Prof. Jared Wesley). She is also on the Editorial Board of Imaginations: Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies and an Affiliated Researcher at the Sound Studies Institute, University of Alberta. She is currently co-presenting (with Beth Capper) a film series at Metro Cinema in Edmonton on the changing conditions of working life in late twentieth and early twenty-first century cinema.

Her writing has appeared in Scope, Rabble, Jacobin, Public, Canadaland, The Globe and Mail, and English Studies in Canada, with forthcoming articles in Public Books and Canadian Review of American Studies. She is the founding editor of Pyriscence, a culture and politics magazine, a regular panellist on Alberta Primetime (CTV News), and a frequent contributor to news, podcasts, and other media. See here for a recent profile by the Faculty of Arts.