Worldwide Universities Network

The Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) was initiated in 2000 as a United Kingdom/United States university network but now comprises a select group of research-intensive institutions spanning five continents. Its mission is to draw upon the combined intellectual power and resources of its members to create opportunities in international research and graduate education.

What does WUN do?

The WUN creates new, multilateral opportunities for international collaboration in research and graduate education. It is a flexible, dynamic organization that uses the combined resources and intellectual power of its membership to achieve collective objectives and to stretch international ambitions. Its research activities are focused into four Global Challenges

These are collections of high-quality WUN collaborative research programmes that address issues of global significance.

How UAlberta is involved

The University of Alberta joined the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) in Fall 2008 after receiving a formal invitation to become a member institution. UAlberta is committed to taking full advantage of WUN by encouraging and supporting involvement in research collaboration, research mobility for faculty and graduate students, and the virtual seminar program.

Activities underway

The University of Alberta is actively engaged in many collaborative activities that fall under the four WUN Global Challenges:

  • Responding to Climate Change
  • Understanding Cultures
  • Global Higher Education and Research
  • Public Health (Non-Communicable Disease)
  • More Information

    Further information on the network is available on the WUN website with institution specific items such as Research Development Fund and Research Mobility Fund information for applicants from UAlberta available on the UAlberta member page.