10 Reasons Why Listening to Audiobooks Should Be Your New Hobby

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I started listening to audiobooks in November and now, just a month later, I've already listened to 17 different books! I highly recommend everyone try them out!

  1. Your brain doesn't have to read anything. I know very well just how exhausting reading during the semester is, and so when a break comes the last thing you want to do is read MORE. But I am here to tell you that audiobooks are going to save you. They're amazing. No brain energy required: just listening to lovely voices reading you interesting stories.
  2. You can borrow them for free from the Edmonton Public Library! As a U of A student, you can sign up for an L-Pass (which is basically the library version of the U-Pass) and you can borrow lots of audiobooks for up to 21 days. It's a GREAT way to save money but still stay current with new books.
  3. The characters all have different voices! The voice actors do different voices for each character (and sometimes there is more than one voice actor!) so it's basically like a movie but without the pictures. I especially love the voice acting in An Ember in the Ashes by Sabba Tahir!
  4. They are SO MUCH EASIER to carry around than physical books! You just need an app on your phone and you're good to go! T
  5. They are so much easier to store than physical books - no more collecting piles of books in a tiny studio apartment in which there is no space to put them…
  6. You can do other things while listening to audiobooks! I like to knit (I've knit all my Christmas presents this year while listening to audiobooks), or clean my apartment. You can even do things like running, going for walks, and grocery shopping because they don't require that you have your eyes on a page!
  7. You can borrow them much faster than physical books (in my experience). Although the wait times often look super long (like 30+ days for a digital audiobook), I have received all of mine way before the estimated date they'll be available!
  8. Sometimes it's just nice to have someone read you a book while relaxing in a comfy bed.
  9. You can listen to an audiobook while taking a bath without fear of destroying book pages. Since audiobooks don't have pages, there are no worries about water-wrecked books anymore!
  10. Even though libraries are now closed again due to provincial restrictions, audiobooks are still available for digital downloads!