A Review of the MyCreds Platform

U of A students and alumni can now access electronic transcripts in less than one day.


Scholarships, grad school, jobs–there’s an endless list of reasons why you might need a copy of your transcripts. But, if you’ve sought them out before, you know it can be a bit of a tedious process, followed by waiting for a thick envelope with a paper copy of your transcript to reach you in the mail. To address this issue, the University of Alberta has partnered with MyCreds, a platform that allows students to access official transcripts and credentials online.

According to the platform, transcripts are “tamper-evident and cryptographically signed, making them authentic and official.” As with any digital documents of this type, that extra layer of security is important. To see how quick and easy MyCreds really is, I’ll be your guinea pig. Read on to learn about my experience! 

Why MyCreds?

In a world used to instant gratification, it can feel like snail-mail transcripts take forever to arrive. I’m a domestic student, so I can only imagine how relying on a network of international mail must feel for students and alumni abroad. When MyCreds says you can access your credentials quickly, they mean quick. E-Transcripts can be processed in less than an hour (except on Saturdays) for current students, and within one business day for former students and alumni. 

Getting Your e-Transcript

Luckily, current students like myself can access e-Transcripts the same way I was requesting transcripts before, through Beartracks.


The page lists some important details like cost and eligibility. As I scroll down, I’m able to select the type of transcript I’m looking for.


Beartracks automatically fills in the “Recipient Name” section with MyCreds Portal, and there’s no way to make an error, as you’re actually unable to edit the contents in the text box. After hitting submit, you’re taken to a screen that confirms your request.


To make sure my request went through smoothly, I followed the instructions on the screen above to navigate to the “Document Request Status” page.


As promised, in less than a few hours, my inbox had a message from MyCreds set up with a link to register and access the transcript. The signup process was painless, but I did need to choose a new password.

Sharing Your Transcript

There is no cost to unlock or view your documents in MyCreds, but to share your transcripts with employers and other institutions you will have to purchase “share credits.” Credits cost C$6 per share for current students and C$12 for former students and alumni. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, MyCreds is quick, intuitive and easy to use. If you’ll be using the platform to apply for graduate programs, the share feature is handy, as mailing transcripts can get pricey. Most students know that requesting transcripts can take a while to arrive–this is a fast and secure way to get the information you need when you need it.

If you want to learn more about MyCreds, its services, and how to navigate the site, check out the resources gathered by the Office of the Registrar here.

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