Meet the Team



Francine is in her fifth and final year of the secondary education program with the fun combination of being a physics major and English minor (she swears there’s more overlap than it seems!) She is very importantly also an avid lover of bread and cats. When she's not spending time working and studying, you can catch her reading a book, playing video games, or finding various ways to be a loaf.


Gurbani is a fourth-year software engineering student at the U of A and has been writing for YouAlberta for the past two years. As an international student she tries to communicate her experiences and learnings through her passion for writing. She is also the Vice President External of the International Students' Association (ISA). When she's not studying or writing, she works on strategies to manage her time appropriately. She also spends time programming, learning Zumba, and reading "not-cliche" young adult fiction, if she ever finds that time to do so.


Khadija is a third-year Economics and Psychology major in the Faculty of Arts. She can be found naming her new plants or propagating others from produce. She will grow pretty much anything the Canadian weather allows for. Khadija enjoys hiking, finding waterfalls and lakes to dip in specifically. Her main adulthood goal is to start a blog for her dog. Once she has the dog. 


Laura is in the third (and hopefully final!) year of her Master's degree studying Classical Languages. She can always be found with her nose in a book. Whether it's academic reading or for pleasure, she will read pretty much anything and she's passionate about languages like Middle Welsh and Ancient Greek. Laura adores animals and fosters the cutest bunny in the world and in her spare time loves to knit socks for her loved ones! 


MorningStar is a Cree undergraduate student in the Faculty of Native Studies. She enjoys going on runs, making her own jewellery, and pushing herself to find comfort in the uncomfortable. With the season changing, MorningStar finds herself reminiscing about the One Direction concert she attended in 2015, and the times of laying out in the sun as those days are now few and far in between.


Nathaniel is a fifth year BA student double majoring in Economics and Political Science as well as double minoring in Philosophy and International Studies and has completed the Arts Work Experience Program. He is passionate about Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and serves as the student representative on the Arts CEDI committee. Nathaniel enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, binge watching Netflix and playing basketball in his spare time. 


Rain is a fifth and final year double major in Political Science and Womens’ and Gender studies. They love everything to do with social justice, competitive sports, and anime. 


Rebecca is in her second and final year of the Bachelor of Education After-Degree program. She aspires to teach secondary science, but loves teaching all subjects. She holds a Chemical Engineering Degree from the University of Toronto and still has nightmares about advanced thermodynamics. Rebecca also loves hiking, camping and anything outdoors. She spends most weekends getting outdoors with her fluffy dog friend Ginny. 


Tendai is in her third year of a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering.