Meet the YouAlberta Team

YouAlberta is written by students, for students.



Iman (she/her) is a fourth-year science, technology and society major in the Faculty of Arts. Born and raised in Edmonton, her current goal is to identify her true passions by trying new things. When not writing, you can find her reading, listening to music, making games, or perfecting the art of coffee! Iman enjoys getting to know new people and meeting friends while grabbing a coffee or a bubble tea.


Ishan (he/him) is a fourth-year finance student at the U of A. He originates from Bhopal, a beautiful city in India known as the city of lakes. He has studied at eight schools and has lived in ten cities. Ishan loves travelling, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. He is big on sports and enjoys playing soccer, squash, basketball, swimming and running half-marathons. His creative side includes writing poems and playing guitar when missing home. Ishan enjoys public speaking and strives to become a visiting lecturer to teach at all of the world's best universities, including Oxford, U of A, London School of Business and the Kyoto University in Japan.


Jaden (he/him) is a fourth-year East Asian Studies major in the Faculty of Arts. A born-and-raised Edmontonian, as president of the KGK: East Asian Studies Undergraduate Students’ Association, Jaden is a leader, activist and advocate for Asian anti-racism, constantly working to nurture more inclusive and diverse communities. Whether it's singing, drawing, creating video games or, of course, writing, you can usually find Jaden engaged in a variety of creative endeavours. When he's not working, Jaden enjoys connecting with friends and travelling around the world, with the goal of using his creativity and passion as a platform to create a positive impact on the world.


Jeremy (he/him) is in his final year of a MA in communications and technology (MACT) at the U of A. When he's not writing a paper or reading a book, you can find him on some of Edmonton's river valley trails, or trying to get sendy on his skis.


Kat (she/her) is a 2nd-year history of art, design and visual culture major. Passionate about the arts, her community and harm reduction, Kat’s goal is to open an Arts Cooperative that would encourage local artists to flourish. She enjoys painting, crafting, designing outfits, attending music festivals, dancing out her stress, and hanging out with friends.


Kathryn (she/her) is a third year political science major. Kathryn is an avid reader who always has a New Yorker magazine in her bag.


Makenna (she/her) is in her fifth year of mechanical engineering. Born and raised in Calgary, outside of classes, you can find her climbing the Athabasca Glacier with the Mission SpaceWalker student team. Makenna’s goal is to become an astronaut! She is incredibly dedicated and resilient and plans to pursue her pilot’s license and continue her education — because, as she states, “learning is the best job!” Her favourite place on campus is wherever her friends are, be it at the gym or spending late nights studying in ECERF DICE; they always lighten the mood and make her smile.


Marlena (she/her) is in her third year of english and history major in the Faculty of Arts. Originally from Vancouver, Marlena joined the U of A from B.C. last year; however, her family is originally from Germany. She plans to study in the After Degree Education program to become a teacher once she completes her BA. Outside of school, she is a busy bee dedicating her time to volunteering and work. Marlena escapes the buzz by taking time to read, listen to music, walk her three dogs, watch movies and discover Edmonton’s cafe scene. She prefers Rutherford South for its quiet atmosphere and historical architecture.


Owais (he/him) is a third-year mechanical engineering major in the Faculty of Engineering, born and raised in the Sultanate of Oman (close to Dubai). With a taste for adventure, his future plans include exploring South America and Antarctica, but for now, you can find Owais enjoying a good Tom Clancy book while sipping on his favourite Tim’s coffee. His favourite place on campus is on the eighth floor of DICE to soak in the panoramic views of downtown and the river valley, along with enjoying the lively atmosphere of hanging out with fellow engineering students.


Parisa (she/her) is in her first year of her MSc in dentistry. She is from Zanjan, a small city in Iran and enjoys connecting with folks to discuss a recent book she has read, as she loves the world of words. In making the most of every minute of her stay in Edmonton, she finds her happy place bike riding and listening to a recently released album. After a long day, for a well-deserved break, she enjoys going down the rabbit hole of YouTube searching for standup comedy videos. Parisa enjoys observing her campus community in the quad in the pursuit of their dreams, and her ultimate goal is to become a faculty member, further pursuing her love for academia.


Rebeca (she/her) is a fourth-year philosophy and political science honors student. Originally from Mexico, she retains her culture through cooking traditional Mexican dishes, trying new vegan recipes and making her food extra spicy. Rebeca relishes exploring Edmonton’s river valley hiking trails. Passionate about connecting with under-represented communities and telling their stories, she plans to pursue a career in journalism.