Meet the Team



Alex is currently a MA student in East Asian Studies working on a thesis on K-pop and Korea. She's also a mental health advocate and volunteers for Asian Mental Health Collective. In her spare time, she's often watching online K-pop concerts, tweeting about advocacy and academia, or working on her 5 star Animal Crossing island.


Francine is a fourth year university student in the secondary education program with a major in physics, and is an avid lover of bread and cats. When she's not spending time working and studying, you can catch her reading a book, playing video games, or finding various ways to be a loaf.


Gurbani is a third-year software engineering student at the U of A. She was born in New Delhi, India and she came to Canada a couple of years ago to pursue her degree. As an international student she tries to communicate her experiences and learnings through her passion for writing. She is also the Vice President External of the International Students' Association (ISA). When she's not studying or writing, she works on strategies to manage her time appropriately. She also spends time programming, learning Zumba, and reading "not-cliche" young adult fiction, if she ever finds that time to do so.


Laura is in the second (and hopefully final) year of her Master's degree studying Classical Languages. She can always be found with her nose in a book. Whether it's academic reading or for pleasure, she will read pretty much anything. She's passionate about languages like Middle Welsh and Ancient Greek and will pet every dog she sees.


Morenike is in her second semester of a rehabilitation science degree. Born in Nigeria and raised in England, she relocated to Canada for her undergraduate degree. She is passionate about research, communications, and knowledge translation. She hopes to one day work in health communications/marketing, and eventually health policy to promote equity and literacy for all! Apart from her studies, she is a blogger who writes on faith, music, sports, food, and traveling! This year it's all about channeling the #mambamentality!


MorningStar is a Cree student in her last year of Native Studies. She enjoys going on runs, making her own jewellery, and pushing herself to find comfort in the uncomfortable. With the season changing, MorningStar finds herself reminiscing about the One Direction concert she attended in 2015, and the times of laying out in the sun as those days are now few and far in between.


Nathaniel is a fourth year economics and political science student pursuing his BA. He is also on a 12-month work term with the Faculty of Arts where he is a Student Recruitment, Engagement and Communications Intern. In addition, he is a communications director for OASIS (Faculty of Arts Student Association). Nathaniel is passionate about helping/serving members of his community and hopes to one day translate that into starting his own consulting firm.


Sandy is in her third year of pharmacy school. When she's not working at the pharmacy or writing for the YouAlberta blog, she's usually experimenting with new recipes at home, exploring hiking trails, or trying a new racquet sport. Sandy is excited for another year of writing for YouAlberta and being part of a team of very creative minds.


Valentina is a fourth year BA psychology and economics student. She's originally from Venezuela, but lived in Costa Rica before coming to the U of A (she is still not sure how she's been able to survive three Edmonton winters). She loves talking about anything especially if it's pop culture ( and/or Harry Styles) related. She just started running and is now planning to run a marathon someday!