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University Fraternity Alumni Chapter approved by University Alumni Association

The University of Alberta has a 16th Alumni Chapter with the announcement that University Fraternity Alumni Chapter (UFAC) has approval as an offical University of Albera Alumni Chapter.

UFAC is composed of alumni representatives from all 17 University of Alberta fraternities and sororities. Fraternities and sororities have been part of student life for over 80 years at University of Alberta providing opportunities for undergraduate fraternity members to experience leadership, academics, philanthrophic service and alumni networking through membership.

Staring in fall of 2008, Alumni from all chapters meet to discuss Greek Life at University of Alberta and how to make it even better. One key aspect identified early on was to apply to be an official Alumni Chapter of the University.

Each fraternity alumni representative is encouraged to have two other alumni identified with all being welcome to participate in UFAC meetings and Working Group activities. One of the first projects was to assist in the creation of a Greek Life presence at the University - a project completed in August 2009 in time from fall recruitment.

Want to contribute your ideas, time and or dollars or any questions on UFAC, please contact one of the UFAC Executive.