Tamara Sorenson Duncan


I study bilingual and second language acquisition in childhood. I am particularly interested in children and families who have moved internationally to countries where the majority language differs from their home language (e.g., immigrant children in Canada).  Specifically, I am interested in learning about what factors lead to language learning success for these children.


More details about the particular projects in which I am involved can be found in the “Research” link below.  

For specific academic resources, please see the “Research”  link. You may also be interested in these resources:


Child English as s Second Language Resource Center:


The CHESL Centre is the outcome of a research program designed to compile resources to assist clinicians and educators in assessing the language development of children learning English as a second language. These resources consist primarily of information on ESL children’s oral language skills during their first 3 years of learning English in a preschool or school classroom. Children’s language performance was measured through standardized language tests, narrative language samples, and parent questionnaires.” 


Benefits of Bilingualism:


Increasingly research underscores the benefits of bilingualism. This brochure highlights some of these research findings. 

Recommended Resources About Bilingualism:

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