Green and Gold Athletic Society

The Green and Gold Athletic Society (GGAS) is an umbrella organization for the athletic alumni associations that support the University of Alberta’s varsity (interuniversity) teams. GGAS provides a forum wherein these groups can share ideas, coordinate efforts, reinforce each other, learn from each other and communicate with Golden Bears and Pandas Athletics, all for the betterment of athletics at the U. of A.

Mission Statement

As an umbrella organization of alumni from the varsity sport programs at the University of Alberta, we provide financial and human resources to foster the proud tradition of excellence for Golden Bears and Pandas athletics.


1. Support for Golden Bears and Pandas athletics from the University and external communities

2. Financial sustainability for projects that sustain and celebrate our tradition of excellence

3. Thriving, self-sustaining Athletic alumni associations

4. Excellence appropriately recognized and celebrated.

Corporate Plan

This corporate plan provides both a philosophical and strategic basis for the GGAS. It states operating principles, describes working relationships between GGAS and its stakeholders, and sets out some goals and objectives.

Click here for Corporate Plan

For further information, please contact: Tawana McLeod, 2-420M Van Vliet Centre University of Alberta Edmonton, AB T6G 2H9 Ph: (780) 492-3534 Fx: (780) 492-7307 Email: