Upcoming Events & News 

Registration for the Teachers Convention Bears & Pandas Soccer Camp is open!  Young soccer players come and develop the basic skills of the game, while learning the essentials of team play, ages U7 to U15 
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Registration for Spring Break Camps is open, we are hosting our Sport Skills spring break camps in the Dome.  Also, new this spring we are hosting a basketball camp at Saville. 
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Meet the Camp Coaches

We are working on bringing together an amazing collection of coaches for every camp we host.  We are excited to introduce them to you.  Check out Coach Wilson's introduction.

The Green & Gold Sport System

We emphasize the importance of building a strong general athletic foundation through multi-sport involvement that will support athletes' sport-specific pursuits. This process is designed to give young athletes the opportunity to systematically explore, engage and excel in a variety of sports.

LTAD Groups

Our sports camps use the LTAD as a guideline to group participants in age and development appropriate groups.

Multi-Sport Emphasis

Building functional movement skills will help participants as an athlete and should keep them physically active

85 percent of our Varsity Athletes were multi-sport youth athletes.

Excel at your Sport

Our Varsity Programs host Excel camps throughout the year depending on their season. Learn, train, and play with Golden Bears and Pandas Coaches & Athletes.