Championship Tradition

Bakewell Award

One of the highlights of every Green and Gold Awards night is the presentation of the Bakewell Trophy, awarded annually to the most outstanding female athlete at the University of Alberta. The Bakewell Trophy was first awarded in 1948-49. Donated by Miss Edna Bakewell, the trophy is presented by the Bakewell family to the top Panda athlete based upon athletic prowess, leadership, character and academic ability. The recipient is awarded a small replica of the trophy.

Year Recipient Sport(s)
2019-20 Kory White Volleyball
2018-19 Alex Poznikoff Hockey
2017-18 Kristina Sanjevic Tennis
2016-17 Lindsey Post Hockey
2015-16 Jessie Niles Volleyball
2014-15 Kelsey Rocque Curling
2013-14 Chelsea Guthrie Rugby
2012-13 Jaki Ellis Volleyball
2011-12 Jaki Ellis Volleyball
2010-11 Keshia Wallin Soccer
2009-10 Tiffany Proudfoot Volleyball
2008-09 Tarin Podloski Hockey
2007-08 Jennifer Newton Hockey
2006-07 Lindsay McAlpine Hockey
2005-06 Kristen Hagg Hockey
2004-05 Danielle Bourgeois Hockey
2003-04 Danielle Bourgeois Hockey
2002-03 Maria Gallo Rugby
2001-02 Nicole Chapdelaine Hockey Soccer
2000-01 Heather Denkhaus Rugby
1999-00 Jenny Cartmell Volleyball
Sue Tingley Field Hockey
1998-99 Jenny Cartmell Volleyball
1997-98 Cheri Lansdown Volleyball
1996-97 Carla Somerville Field Hockey
1995-96 Miroslava Pribylova Volleyball
Esther Medema Track & Field
1994-95 Shannon Rosenow Soccer
1993-94 Heather Jones Field Hockey
1992-93 Debbie Gaudin Swimming
Heather Jones Field Hockey
1991-92 Janine Wood Soccer
1990-91 Colleen Pistawka Volleyball Field Hockey
1989-90 Keltie Duggan Swimming
1988-89 Diane Patterson Gymnastics
1987-88 Shelley Brewster Volleyball
1986-87 Elizabeth Czenczek Field Hockey
1985-86 Shona Schleppe Field Hockey
1984-85 Mary Burzminski Cross-country Track & Field
1983-84 Toni Kordic Basketball
1982-83 Heidi Ross Gymnastics
1981-82 Debbie Covey Field Hockey Volleyball
1980-81 Trix Kannekens Basketball
1979-80 Jean Mustard Field Hockey
1978-79 Susan Farley Track & Field
1977-78 Peggy Downton-Bureaud Gymnastics
1976-77 Kathy Moore Basketball Field Hockey
1975-76 Amanda Holloway Basketball
1974-75 Susan Seaborn Field Hockey Volleyball
1973-74 Wendy Martin Field Hockey
1972-73 Brenda Walsh Track & Field
1971-72 Connie Sanders Basketball
1970-71 Lynda Phillips Basketball
1969-70 Lorraine Ward Field Hockey Volleyball
1968-69 Brenda Whitle Volleyball
1967-68 Cathy Galusha Basketball Golf
1966-67 Maida Barnett Badminton
1965-66 Beverly Richard Basketball Tennis Badminton
1964-65 Carolyn Dyck Volleyball Golf Curling
1963-64 Sandra Kirstien Basketball Golf Diving
1962-63 Joan Smith Gymnastics Volleyball
1961-62 June Coyle Volleyball Golf Curling
1960-61 Patricia Jackson Basketball Volleyball
1959-60 Jean Harvey Volleyball Basketball
1958-59 Sylvia Shaw Basketball Volleyball
1957-58 Patricia McCleary Basketball
1956-57 Betty Fisher Basketball Volleyball
1955-56 Mary Hendrickson Basketball
1954-55 Nora Olson Basketball
1953-54 Jolly Smart Basketball
1952-53 Margaret Visser Basketball Badminton Volleyball
1951-52 Ellinor Cook Basketball
1950-51 Nancy Collinge Basketball Badminton
1949-50 Ruby Anderson Basketball
1948-49 Helen Eckert Basketball Volleyball Swimming Fencing