Championship Tradition

Kathlene Yetman Trophy

The Kathlene Yetman Memorial Trophy is given annually to the Female Academic All-Canadian of the Year at the University of Alberta. The award is named in honour of Kathlene Yetman, the former Pandas swimmer who died in a traffic accident in February of 1996. Yetman was a former CIAU Academic All-Canadian who charted both academic and athletic success.

Year Recipient Sport
2018-19 Alex Poznikoff Hockey
2017-18 Meghan Lim Track & Field
2016-17 Meg Casault Volleyball
2015-16 Jessie Niles Volleyball
2014-15 Hayley Thomas Wrestling
2013-14 Miranda Monty Rugby
2012-13 Jaki Ellis Volleyball
2011-12 Jaki Ellis Volleyball
2010-11 Amanda Schneck Track & Field
2009-10 Amanda Schneck Track & Field
2008-09 Lindsey Bergevin Track & Field
2007-08 Jen Newton Hockey
2006-07 Lindsay McAlpine Hockey
2005-06 Kristen Hagg Hockey
2004-05 Danielle Bourgeois Hockey
2003-04 Danielle Bourgeois Hockey
2002-03 Maria Gallo Rugby
2001-02 Erin Stonehocker Basketball
2000-01 Carmen Schmidt Volleyball
1999-00 Cara Denkhaus Rugby
1998-99 Sarah Joly Soccer
1997-98 Sarah Joly Soccer
1996-97 Sarah Joly Soccer
1995-96 Liz Smith Soccer