Mourning the loss of Clare Drake

    Clare Drake's accomplishments and legacy left a lasting impact on countless individuals

    May 16, 2018

    "Coach Drake has left a legacy that lives in the game of hockey as we know it today.  Most importantly, however, he leaves his legacy in every player, coach, support staff, and media member that he has touched." said Pandas hockey head coach, and Golden Bears alumni Howie Draper. "Values such as humility, generosity, continual learning, hard work and respect, will be with us, and hopefully will be passed on to those that we have the fortune of working beside."

    "Clare Drake laid the foundation for excellence in athletics and coaching at the U of A and is often acknowledged for being ahead of his time," said University of Alberta president David Turpin. “He was as an exceptional coach, an inspiring mentor, and a champion of life-long learning.”

    "I'd like to think that his student-athletes would be his biggest legacy. The young men he helped, who were put into the community to do great things. Either in the coaching and hockey world, or elsewhere. He helped shaped the lives of so many people. He always wanted to help others, sharing what he knew with everyone he came across. I think that is what he would be most proud of, and what I will always remember him for." Former Golden Bears head coach, and longtime friend Billy Moores.

    "As much as he was a great coach, and innovator, and ahead of his time, for me it was the core values that he taught us. Hard work, industriousness, being a good teammate, treating others with respect. He always treated everyone he was talking to, or everyone he was around, with respect. He helped so many of us become great people. In hockey, playing or coaching, but more importantly, to be good contributes in society. And it was all based around the core values he taught us." Golden Bears alumni, and current General Manager Stan Marple.

    “Clare’s legacy as a hockey coach is found in hockey rinks throughout Canada, and the world, because his ideas are now standard for the how the game is played at a community level, at a professional level and at an Olympic level,” said Ian Reade, director of athletics at the U of A from 1993 to 2001 and again from 2011 to present. “But more than that, he has a legacy of research, of gathering of information and sharing information which has helped the game of hockey evolve and grow. Those principles are at the very foundation of the University of Alberta, and of everything Golden Bears and Pandas Athletics does.”

    "Clare Drakes name is synonymous to me with everything that is good about coaching: integrity, leadership, vision, work ethic, interpersonal skills, ability to teach, the ability to motivate...the list just goes on and on." said Golden Bears Volleyball head coach Terry Danyluk. "He was the bar that we young coaches were introduced to when we started at the University of Alberta, and he was more than willing to share his ideas with each of us. He impacted so many, me included, and his legacy will live on for generations to come. I can only say that I am so honored to have known him and to be able to say my coaching and life were influenced by him." 

    "Clare was a wonderful and caring human being. He always had a kind and encouraging word for me as a novice men’s soccer coach after I joined the U of A coaching staff in 1985" said Golden Bears soccer head coach Len Vickery. "His sincere and warm comments came easily and were greatly appreciated coming from such an accomplished individual."