Getting to Know - Bears Basketball recruit Bryce Solis

    Learn more about the newest Golden Bears point guard, joining the program out of Bishop O'Byrne High School in Calgary

    April 20, 2020

    Coming off a fourth-straight appearance at the U SPORTS Championship, the Golden Bears Basketball program has made their first big off-season splash, announcing the signing of point guard Bryce Solis.

    Get to know more about the newest Bears recruit below, including some of his strengths, players he models his game after, and favourite memories playing basketball. 


    Name: Bryce Solis
    Position: Point Guard
    Height: 6-0
    Weight: 170lbs
    Previous Team: Bishop O'Byrne and Genesis Basketball

    Why did you join the Golden Bears?

    I believe that the UofA provides me the best opportunities both in academics and athletics. The engineering program offered here is renowned throughout Canada. Likewise, the basketball program has been a national powerhouse for years. I wanted to come into a winning program and add onto its success with my play.

    I think what appealed to me the most was stepping into a winning program that proves to produce successful basketball players. I wanted to be a part of the long list of athletes that had continued basketball success, even after their post secondary career. 

    What are some of your strengths?

    I pride myself on my basketball IQ, and my ability to stretch the floor with my 3pt shot. 

    What should Golden Bear fans expect from you? What kind of player are you?

    You can expect a lot of 3's, as well as some tough takes to the basket. I am a player that gives 100% on both ends of the court and will do anything to win. I will always sacrifice a good shot for a better shot!

    Who do you model your game after?

    From a young age I loved watching underrated point guards such as Tony Parker and Mike Conley. I studied their game religiously and copied their tendencies. Their craftiness and sneaky ability to get to the basket regardless of their height always stood out to me. 

    What faculty are you joining? What are some of your career goals?

    I am going to be joining the faculty of Engineering. I would love to be able to finish my post-secondary career with an engineering degree in my back pocket.

    Do you have a favourite memory from playing basketball?

    I will never forget my last home game at Bishop O'Byrne. The gym was packed and the atmosphere was amazing - you couldn't hear yourself think. I cannot thank the Bobcat fans enough for their continuous love and support in the past three years. We were down 15 heading into the 4th quarter but managed to pull off the comeback win in the end. It was a great team effort!

    What are some things you hope to improve upon in the next 5 years?

    I hope to increase my strength and weight over the next five years. I also want to become more athletic which will help me on both ends of the floor. 

    What are some things you are doing to stay in shape during self-isolation?

    I have been following the home workout program provided to me by the basketball strength coordinator; as well as going on runs and playing outdoor ball when the weather permits.