How to pick a picture-perfect Christmas tree

Know what to look for when you go in search of your holiday centrepiece.

Dan Rosichuk from the U of A Forest Society shows you some helpful tips for picking that perfect Christmas tree. Here are the top tips Dan talks about.

Choose the right type of tree for your home. Some species have stronger branches; others keep their needles longer. And if that wonderful evergreen scent is what you're after, there's a fir to fit your bill.

Check for fresh and healthy branches. Do a quick bottom-to-top inspection to look for swelling at the base, discolouration needles or needles that come off when you grab the end of a branch. Give the tree a tap to see if needles fall off. If you spot any of these signsg, choose another tree.

Give your tree the smell test. It should smell clean and fresh, not musty.

The Forest Society is selling trees and maple syrup in the parking lot at Corbett Hall (8203 114 St.) until Dec. 22.