In honour of her collaborative, community-engaged approach to research Whiskeyjack is the recipient of a 2024 Community Scholar Award. (Photo: Alex Pugliese)
Society and Culture

Visual storyteller reconnects community to wisdom and kinship

Lana Whiskeyjack wins a Community Scholar Award for her work as a researcher and educator.

British runner Roger Bannister (centre) was the first to run a mile in less than four minutes back in 1954. (Photo: Smith Archive / Alamy Stock Photo)
Research, Health And Wellness

Sub-four-minute mile runners outlive expectations

Extreme exercise is beneficial for longevity and healthy aging, says nursing professor.

Colleen Cassady St. Clair’s dedication to improving the relationship between city-dwellers and urban wildlife has earned her a U of A 2024 Community Connections Community Scholar Award. (Photo: John Ulan)
Research, Science and Technology

Wildlife expert earns kudos for bridging gap between city dwellers and wild inhabitants

Wildlife biologist Colleen Cassady St. Clair receives a U of A Community Scholar Award for building awareness about the behaviour of wild animals living in urban areas.

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