Engineering researcher Kambiz Moez is developing a wireless light switch that works without batteries, which could reduce the cost of wiring a house by up to 50 per cent. (Photo: Geoff McMaster)
Research, Business, Science and Technology

Innovative wireless light switch could cut house wiring costs in half

Battery-free invention operates by harvesting ambient energy, potentially making homes more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and affordable.

Nursing professor Gail Low and her team have written an online magazine called “Cooking up calm” that boils down their research into easy-to-understand tips to help seniors look after their mental and nutritional health. (Photo: Supplied)
Society and Culture, Health And Wellness, Research

Researchers serve up a menu for mental and nutritional health

“Cooking up calm” shares wisdom gathered from Canadian seniors in a study on how they coped with anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

U of A researchers are leading a new study to find out whether some people living with Type 2 diabetes may be able to halt the progression of the disease — or even put it into remission — through a combination of diet and exercise. (Photo: Getty Images)
Research, Health And Wellness

Diet and exercise could pave the way for diabetes remission

Some people may be able to manage the disease without medications, say researchers building on promising results from a major U.K. study.

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