Augustana Campus students Kailyn Hofman, Marissa Degenstein, Leah Peters and Michelle Turgeon discuss their work for the City of Camrose with professor Greg King, pictured left to right. Their project was one of several aimed at helping the municipality build resiliency to climate change. (Photo: Sydney Tancowny)
Society and Culture, Research, Science and Technology

U of A’s Augustana students help create climate resilience solutions in Camrose

Class project puts students’ academic skills into action in the community.

There has been little research on the short-term impact of diversity and inclusion on a company’s ability to make quick decisions in the face of changing economic conditions. (Photo: Getty Images)
Research, Society and Culture, Business

Firms embracing diversity may trade short-term pain for long-term gain

Companies may need to prepare as they adjust to culture shifts, business professor finds.

The 2024 QS rankings include the highest number of University of Alberta narrow subjects ever ranked. (Photo: Richard Siemens)
Society and Culture, Science and Technology

U of A holds strong in international subject rankings

Seventeen subjects make the top 100 list for excellence in research and teaching.

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