The top 10 stories of 2017

Tips on helping a partner with depression, the truth about antibiotic-free meat and tracking an Alberta tick invasion topped the year's most-read headlines.

1. Want to help your partner deal with depression? Try a little tenderness

Relationship expert Matt Johnson found that supporting your loved one now can make a big difference to their mental health later-even if they don't necessarily see you doing it.

2. 'Antibiotic-free' meat unappetizing when it comes to animal welfare

Food economist Ellen Goddard countered the "antibiotic-free meat" trend by pointing out what it means for the animals at the other end of the food chain.

3. Lyme-disease carrying ticks on the rise in Alberta

Entomologist Janet Sperling warned that Edmonton could be a hotspot for the notorious biting bugs. Fortunately, she also offered tips to help you avoid becoming their next snack.

4. UAlberta cracks world's top 10 in five subjects

Nothing says "perennial favourite" like a strong U of A showing among the world's best universities. Other popular stories this year featured Canadian rankings from Maclean's, global subject rankings from QS and Times Higher Education, and another QS ranking showing that U of A grads have the highest employment rate in Canada.

5. Political scientists expose hotbed of jihadi radicalism in Trinidad and Tobago

Beneath the surface of a seemingly peaceful village, political scientist Andy Knight found fertile ground for ISIS recruiters exploiting fissures in Trinidad's society.

6. UAlberta expertise brings DeepMind lab to Edmonton

Some of the brightest human minds in the artificial-intelligence game are at the U of A, so it made sense for the company to launch its first research lab outside the U.K. in Edmonton.

7. Why vulnerability is the best medicine

Medical graduate Michelle Huie touched thousands of readers with the story of her discovery that depression might be one of her greatest strengths.

8. Use the app, avoid the trap

This story about a student-created smartphone app that alerts Alberta drivers to speed traps picked up traffic faster than a freeway at rush hour.

9. Why and when you should get the flu shot

Infectious disease expert Lynora Saxinger called it in October: this is a nasty flu season, and the sooner you get vaccinated, the better.

10. Partial eclipse will dazzle Edmonton's skies

If you didn't read this story before you watched the partial eclipse of August 21, the good news is you have until 2024 to read it before the next one.