Enhancing vaccination protocols for campus safety

Alongside eight fellow Alberta post-secondary institutions, President Bill Flanagan announces enhanced long-term safety protocols to ensure the ongoing safety of our campus communities.

Today, the University of Alberta, University of Calgary, University of Lethbridge, MacEwan University, Medicine Hat College, Mount Royal University, NAIT, SAIT and NorQuest College are announcing enhanced long-term safety protocols to ensure the ongoing safety of our campus communities. These enhanced safety measures build upon measures already announced and include a vaccination mandate, required vaccination proof, and changes to rapid testing programs. The below protocols will come into effect at the U of A on November 1. Therefore, from now until October 31, current U of A vaccination requirements (i.e., full vaccination or rapid testing) will still apply for anyone coming to U of A campuses.

Vaccinations and proof required

Vaccinations are the safest and most effective way to protect communities from COVID-19’s damaging effects. Vaccinations have proven to be a critical part of our fall safety plans, and we are now strengthening the role that vaccinations will play on campuses moving forward. By maximizing our community immunity, we will maximize in-person learning experiences for students and on-campus opportunities for everyone.

Starting November 1, campus community members and visitors will be required to be fully vaccinated and to provide proof of vaccination to attend campuses. Campus community members are considered fully vaccinated:

  • 14 days after receiving the recommended number of doses of a Health Canada approved vaccine; or,
  • 14 days after receiving a Health Canada approved mRNA vaccine in addition to a non-Health Canada approved vaccine. 

This means that students, faculty and staff will need to receive their second dose two weeks before November 1, and will need to provide proof of vaccination. Individuals can establish their vaccination status using electronic or paper records of their vaccination receipt. In Alberta, official vaccine records are available on MyHealth Records. The collection of proof of vaccination will be carried out in full accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. 

Campus community members who cannot be vaccinated based on medical or other protected grounds outlined in the Alberta Human Rights Act should follow the exemption procedures already in place and will be reasonably accommodated.

Campus community members who cannot establish that they are fully vaccinated or who have not obtained a valid human rights-based exemption before November 1 will NOT be permitted on campus. 

Rapid testing

Starting November 1, rapid testing will no longer be accepted as an alternative to vaccination, except for campus community members who cannot be vaccinated based on medical or other protected grounds outlined in the Alberta Human Rights Act.

Campus visitors

Securing the safety of our campus and community activities has been the main goal for all of us throughout this pandemic. While we know that welcoming visitors to our campuses enriches the post-secondary experience, to ensure that everyone on our campus can be safe, we will only be welcoming those individuals who are fully vaccinated to our campuses.

Campus safety is a shared responsibility

Alberta’s post-secondary institutions are working together and taking a coordinated approach to ensure safety on our campuses for students, faculty, staff and visitors this fall, and beyond. We are taking an approach to health and safety that is best suited for the learning, studying, researching, working, and living environments of our campuses. The safety of our large, diverse community has been our top consideration when making both short-term and long-term plans throughout the pandemic. 

Applicable U of A offices are currently working together on the tools and resources that will support our community through this change. Additional information, such as how and when U of A community members and visitors can submit their proof of vaccination, will be available in the coming weeks.

As always, we appreciate your continued patience and understanding as we respond to the realities of COVID-19. 

Bill Flanagan
President and Vice-Chancellor

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