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Justin Ezekowitz is leading a multidisciplinary team harnessing AI to analyze cardiac images as a tool for clinicians to more precisely diagnose and treat heart disease. (Photo: Cooper & O’Hara/University Hospital Foundation)
Health And Wellness, Science and Technology, Research

AI-driven vision for heart health comes into focus

U of A researchers are harnessing the power of AI to more precisely diagnose and treat heart disease, thanks to a nearly $1-million grant from the University Hospital Foundation.

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Video: Student engineers early warning system for blue-green algae

Summer internship project yields technology that could help biologists and Indigenous communities get ahead of toxic blooms.

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Studying bird behaviour in the field could get easier for researchers, thanks to a U of A student’s summer project developing AI to improve analysis of research video. (Photo: Ivana Schoepf)
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AI could make studying birds easier

Student teams up with researchers to solve thorny challenges of reviewing hours of video captured in the wild.

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