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Is there really such a thing as a “hot hand” for NHL goaltenders in the playoffs? A new study suggests that the long-held notion has no evidence to back it up when it comes to goalies. (Photo: Getty Images)
Research, Society and Culture, Business

Do goalies get hot in the playoffs?

New research runs counter to a long-held “cognitive illusion” that hockey goaltenders improve under pressure.

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Engineering researcher Meifeng Li is part of a U of A team that identified a new super alloy composed of aluminum, nickel and other metals that shows potential for high-temperature coatings. (Photo: Supplied)
Science and Technology, Research

New alloy a hot topic in materials science

U of A engineers create complex concentrated alloy for use as a high-temperature coating for hydrogen combustion engines.

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The Andean condor is the inspiration for a new, more efficient wind turbine design tested by U of A mechanical engineers (Photo: Getty Images)
Research, Science and Technology, Business

Video spotlight: World’s heaviest soaring bird inspires wind power design

Blades with “winglets” based on the Andean condor could increase turbine efficiency by up to 10 per cent, say researchers.

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