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People tend to consider word-of-mouth book recommendations from friends, family or colleagues more trustworthy despite an abundance of reviews and suggestions online, according to a U of A researcher. (Photo: Getty Images)
Society and Culture, Research

Recommended reading: personal book suggestions carry more weight, study shows

Amid a digital deluge of bestseller lists, influencers and algorithms, fiction readers are more likely to trust endorsements from people they know.

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Fossils along the Red Deer River in Alberta back up a recent study suggesting non-avian dinosaurs were probably in decline long before an asteroid smashed into the Yucatan Peninsula 66 million years ago and sealed their fate. (Photo: Getty Images)
Research, Science and Technology

What if dinosaurs were already in decline when the asteroid struck?

A trip back through time in Alberta offers evidence to bolster a recent study suggesting non-avian dinosaurs were already waning over the 10 million years before the cataclysmic event.

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Sherif Mahmoud led new research showing that different methods of giving patients the same drug to prevent severe complications after a type of stroke lead to different outcomes, suggesting a need to standardize the treatment. (Photo: Supplied)
Research, Health And Wellness

Different methods of giving patients a drug to prevent stroke complications lead to ‘massive variation’ in outcomes: study

Standardizing the treatment for survivors of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage could help ensure all have an equal chance to benefit, says researcher.

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