Convocation Congrats! June 9: Faculty of Education and Faculté Saint-Jean

June 9, 2016 (a.m.)Faculty of EducationDoctor of PhilosophyMaster of EducationBachelor of EducationJune 9, 2016 (p.m.)Faculty of EducationDoctor of PhilosophyMaster of EducationMaster of Library and Information StudiesBachelor of EducationDiploma of the Faculty of EducationFaculty of Graduate Studies and ResearchPostgraduate Diploma of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and ResearchFaculté Saint-JeanMaîtrise en sciences de l’éducationBaccalauréat ès ArtsBaccalauréat ès SciencesBaccalauréat en Education

UAlberta Spring Convocation 2016

Today, the U of A community celebrated the academic achievements of its Spring graduates from the Faculty of Education and Faculté Saint-Jean. Each has toiled and excelled in their field, and we’d like to take this opportunity to say congrats — well done, everyone!

June 9, 2016 (a.m.)

Faculty of Education

Doctor of Philosophy

Afshan Amjad, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Vera Janjic-Watrich, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Dana Christine Massing, Elementary Education, Saskatchewan
Eloise Lynne Robertson, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Kandise Michelle Salerno, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Allison Jane Sivak, Elementary Education and Library and
Information Studies, Edmonton
Karen Lori Vavra, Elementary Education, Calgary
Suzanna So Har Wong, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Martin Paul Zeidler, Elementary Education, Manitoba
Michelle Ruth Zitomer, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Master of Education

Samantha Nancy Abbott, Teacher-Librarianship in Elementary
Education, Nunavut
Joanne Lynn Anderson, Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary
Education, Calgary
Melinda Anderson-Grass, Elementary Education, Saskatchewan
Kory Jay Dawe, Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary Education,
Lisa Maelynn Ferguson, Teacher-Librarianship in Elementary
Education, Manitoba
Megan Camalin Fulgueras, Teacher-Librarianship in Elementary
Education, British Columbia
Julie Lyne Gareau, Teacher-Librarianship in Elementary Education,
Kevin Edward Greenshields, Teacher-Librarianship in Elementary
Education, Yukon
Lori-Anne Harold, Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary
Education, British Columbia
Jacqueline Heinrich, Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary
Education, British Columbia
Kami Lynn Hodgins, Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary
Education, Saskatchewan
Erin Christina Elizabeth Jones, Curriculum and Pedagogy in
Elementary Education, British Columbia
Tara Grace Kammerer, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Lisa Dawn Landry-Jones, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Kelly Dawn Maxwell, Technology in Education in Elementary
Education, Devon
Dawn Marie Opheim, Teacher-Librarianship in Elementary Education,
Catherine Margaret Paul, Teacher-Librarianship in Elementary
Education, Manitoba
Jennine Breanne Poirier, Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary
Education, St Paul
Christine Anne Quong, Technology in Education in Elementary
Education, Edmonton
Rhonda Ann Sader, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Bachelor of Education

Danielle Dominique Abell, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Luke Michael Abma, Elementary Education, Calgary
Najma Aden-Ali, Elementary Education, Ontario
Christine Mary Adrian, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie
Aya Zakaria Ahmed, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Kirby Kathleen Aldred, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie
Jolene Anne Aldrich, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Gianna Isabella Alessandrini, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Robyn Cynthia Allen, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie
Jessica Tanis Alstott, Elementary Education, Caroline
Emily Betty Altiman, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Davina Kathleen Alyward, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Jaclyn Mary Aman, Elementary Education, Medicine Hat
Sofia Margarita Amendt, Elementary Education, Saskatchewan
Kristine Mary Beverly Anderson, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Kaylene Nicole Andriuk, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Amanda Jean Arbuckle, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Chloe Alyssa Argent, Elementary Education, Leduc
Kelsie Robyn Armitage, Elementary Education, Sedgewick
Sarah Theresa Marie Arsenault, Elementary Education, Nova Scotia
Taryn Dawn Aucoin, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Amelia Frances Austin, Elementary Education, Yukon
Emily Anne Austin, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Savannah Marie Aymont, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Lisa-Marie Babington, Elementary Education, Ontario
Satinder Kaur Bains, Elementary Education, Calgary
Stephanie Shannon Bajac, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Winnie Bang, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Amanda Baril, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Tessa Marie Barrass, Elementary Education, Yellowhead County
Angela Tatiana Bayne, Elementary Education, Penhold
Marina Mary-Lynn Bell, Elementary Education, Onoway
Angela Colleen Bennett, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Michelle Catherine Berger, Elementary Education, Cold Lake
Candace Jo Berlinguette, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Allysa Katherine Best, Elementary Education, Morinville
Jessica Anne Inez Billingsley, Elementary Education, Vegreville
Emily Anne Birkenhagen, Elementary Education, Carrot Creek
Shayla Mae Birnie-Browne, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie
Dallas Wayne Richard Bjornson, Elementary Education, Hines Creek
Alexandra Kaitlyn Blair, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Cassandra Louise Blumenschein, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Lauren Elizabeth Bombardieri, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Janet Clare Botterill, Elementary Education, Sherwood Park
Jesse Thomas Bourne, Elementary Education, Red Deer County
Cara Frances Bradfield, Elementary Education, Athabasca
Kayleigh Ann Breckenridge, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Bethany Reie Agar Briones, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Caitlin Britton, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Justin Curtis Bronson, Elementary Education, Whitecourt
Kaylee-Ann Theresa Brown, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Maryanne Elizabeth Buck, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Sarah Joan Budd, Elementary Education, Fort Saskatchewan
Mimosa Bui, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Vi Thuy Bui, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Chelsea Morgan Simpson Bullis, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Carra Rae Burge, Elementary Education, Grande Cache
Erin Diane Campbell, Elementary Education, Northwest Territories
Nicole Campeau, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Julian Charles Camsell, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie
Jenna Marie Caouette, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Simone Yvonne Cartier, Elementary Education, Calgary
Adrianna Chiles, Elementary Education, Spruce Grove
Abby Joanne Chrysler, Elementary Education, Alder Flats
Chelsea Leah Clarke, Elementary Education, Newfoundland
Laurel Amanda Clouston, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Bailee Cochrane, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Janessa Jade Cockerill, Elementary Education, Brooks
Kendal Morgan Collier, Elementary Education, Medicine Hat
Dana Michelle Colpitts, Elementary Education, Red Deer
April Lynne Connolly, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Michelle Louise Cook, Elementary Education, England
Kaitlyn Denise Cordingley, Elementary Education, Rycroft
Carissa Paige Cornfield, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Rianna Delee Grace Coutts, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Merrawyn Adria Hope Cristancho, Elementary Education, Bon Accord
Jonathan Allan Cronkhite, Elementary Education, La Crete
Jennifer Louise Anna Crook, Elementary Education, Sylvan Lake
Rebekah Janet Crothers, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Camy Lynn Cunningham, Elementary Education, Camrose
Paula Michelle Dadensky, Elementary Education, Stettler
Nicole Luisa Danzo, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Keith John Darragh, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Ashley Brooke Davis, Elementary Education, Saskatchewan
Hazel Margaret Davis, Elementary Education, Sherwood Park
Sarah Christine De Vries, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Brianne Kimberly Debler, Elementary Education, Medicine Hat
Kathleen Marie DeGeer, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Serena Kaur Delhon, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Daniel Michael Demchuk, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Stefanie Leanne Denham, Elementary Education, Rocky Mountain House
Emily Jo Denning, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Caitlyn Nicole Denys, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Heather Patricia Dewling, Elementary Education, Wainwright
Alexandra Elizabeth Doeksen, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Teagan Debra Donald, Elementary Education, Rocky Mountain House
Priya Sasha Dua, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Olivia Frances Ducholke, Elementary Education, Stony Plain
Anakate Lynn Dueck, Elementary Education, Sexsmith
Shelby Erin Duncan, Elementary Education, Bentley
Jessica Mary Dunstall, Elementary Education, Carvel
Sarah Ehr, Elementary Education, Lacombe
Lauren Marie Eikerman, Elementary Education, Calgary
Christina Lynn Elder, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Sonya Wajih El-mais, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Emily Janette Emond, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie
Jesse Dawn Epps, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Laura-Lee Kathleen Erickson, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Alison Janice Esau, Elementary Education, Stony Plain
Susan Clare Evans, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Kaytlyn Leigh Fauth, Elementary Education, Saskatchewan
Maria Fedorouk, Elementary Education, Vegreville
Keverly Dawn Felker, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Natalie Paulson Fero, Elementary Education, Calgary
Rianna Michelle Margaret Dorothy Follis, Elementary Education, Caroline
Anik Francine Fontaine, Elementary Education, Red Deer
April Michelle Fradsham, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie
Kirsten Ayn Franks, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Jillian Alexandra Freitag, Elementary Education, Sherwood Park
Rochelle Renae French, Elementary Education, Sundre
Candace Valene Joelle Froese, Elementary Education, La Crete
Jarrett Lawrence Fullerton, Elementary Education, Sylvan Lake
Chantelle Mary Furman, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Alicia Dawn Garbe, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Alexandra Caitlin Gardner, Elementary Education, Sherwood Park
Courtney Patricia Garwasiuk, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Natasha Jane Gatensby, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Alana Michelle George, Elementary Education, Whitecourt
Samantha Marie Gobert, Elementary Education, St Albert
Alyssa Rae Goheen, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Kaylee Dawn Goodine, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Joanne Ingrid Goodward, Elementary Education, Beaverlodge
Carla Jean Graham, Elementary Education, Sylvan Lake
Megan Lee Grbavac, Elementary Education, Calgary
Megan Lucienne Green, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Alyssa Rose Greene, Elementary Education, Wetaskiwin
Ashly Tara Griffin, Elementary Education, Lloydminster
Sheri Amanda Griffith, Elementary Education, Innisfail
Nicole Jenna Guilbault, Elementary Education, Mallaig
Brian Ha, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Zainab Habib, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Alexis Catherine Hallier, Elementary Education, British Columbia
Samantha Corrina Halmrast, Elementary Education, Foremost
Nicole Lacey Rene Hamaliuk, Elementary Education, Lavoy
Alexander James Hanlon, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Katrina Nicole Hansen, Elementary Education, Sturgeon County
Shaila Mary Katharine Hanson, Elementary Education, Cold Lake
Miski Hashi, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Kala Marie Hawkins, Elementary Education, Spruce Grove
Quinlyn Amelie Roisin Hawkswell, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Kristin Marie Faith Hayes, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Chelsea Erin Hee, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Carmen Maria Heemskerk, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie
Tarryn Elise Rhaye Hemmingway, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie
Brady Nicole Hennig, Elementary Education, Innisfree
Melissa Blair Hill, Elementary Education, Nova Scotia
Jocelyn Marie-anne Hillman, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Michelle Anne Hindbo, Elementary Education, Olds
Jodi Ann Hinshaw, Elementary Education, Sylvan Lake
Jena Lynn Holden, Elementary Education, Saskatchewan
Christina Lynn Honecker, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Jessica Dawn Hood, Elementary Education, Medicine Hat
Leanne Kathleen Houlihan, Elementary Education, St Albert
Jordan Fraser Huberman, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Kaylene Marie Hubley, Elementary Education, British Columbia
Justin Grey Hume, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Erin Marie Humphrey, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Jenna Renita Hunt, Elementary Education, Joussard
Nicole Evelyn Hunt, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Olivia Faith Iati, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Neelam Alisha Jamal, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Stephanie Lynn Janssens, Elementary Education, Ontario
Constance Yvonne Jenkins, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Haley Ann Jensen, Elementary Education, Leduc
Kararose Andrea May Jespersen, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Heather Marie Johnson, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Natasha Jean Johnson, Elementary Education, Millet
Brooke Johnston, Elementary Education, Caroline
Brittany Eileen Jones, Elementary Education, Hythe
Sara Kakoske, Elementary Education, Calgary
Grace Ray Kang, Elementary Education, British Columbia
Amanda Nicole Kary, Elementary Education, Olds
Paige Leigh Keber, Elementary Education, Lloydminster
Emily Ann Bright Kennedy, Elementary Education, Sedgewick
Marguerite Alice Jean Kennedy, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Haley Michelle Comeau Khatib, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Kelsey Laurina Kiers, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Krista Leah Kisch, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie
Tracy Lou Knecht, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Mathew Tatsuo Knoll, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Stefanie Marie Kody, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Calvin Ross Koether, Elementary Education, Exshaw
Shannon Adele Kolotyluk, Elementary Education, Evansburg
Evelyn Szilvia Komlodi, Elementary Education, Calgary
Adriene Karoline Konrad, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Nicole Ruth Konrad, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Chelsey Noel Kostesky, Elementary Education, Manitoba
Jillian Elizabeth Kostiuk, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Kate Julia Kozakiewicz, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Kristina Phyllis Kuchta, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Kelsey Ann Kulczycki, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Lindsay Elizabeth Kun, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Paige Ashley Kurash, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Carlee Laczo, Elementary Education, Winfield
Nisa Lambrecht, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Serah Lanktree, Elementary Education, Valleyview
Ya-Ting Lee, Elementary Education, Taiwan
Melanie Stacey Lichak, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Heather Fay Lightbown, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Jessica Maria Linehan, Elementary Education, St Albert
Amy Leanne Lodermeier, Elementary Education, Calgary
Jenna Amber Logan, Elementary Education, Grovedale
Vickie Jody Loo, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Caralyn Emma Ludwig, Elementary Education, St Albert
Jennifer Luong, Elementary Education, Calgary
Jessica Luong, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Mallory Nicole MacDonnell, Elementary Education, Sturgeon County
Dylan David MacIntyre, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Carissa Louise MacIsaac, Elementary Education, Nova Scotia
Karlene Michiko MacLeod, Elementary Education, Calgary
Sarah Linde Mahoney, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Kimberly Laura Mamczasz, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Erika Lynn Manning, Elementary Education, Sturgeon County
Kirsten Elisabeth Manz, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie
Garrett James Martin, Elementary Education, Vermilion
Lauren Kelsie Martin, Elementary Education, Sherwood Park
Kip Michael Matheson, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Janessa Jordan Matthew, Elementary Education, Innisfail
Marie-Louise Laurette May, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Matthew John Maynard, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie
Natascia Mazzotta, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Amber Louise Alice McKeil, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie
Moira Elizabeth McKeough, Elementary Education, Nova Scotia
Ashly Erin McKinnon, Elementary Education, Saskatchewan
Chloe Joe McLean, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Allison Patricia McQuay, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Jillian Laurine Meeks, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Jacy Dawn Meeres, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie
Robin Patricia Mentz, Elementary Education, St Albert
Erika Alexandra Ferreira Metcalfe, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Kerry Rose Millar, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Michelle Darlene Milot, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Macy Muriel Molter, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Ashley Tylan Monea, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Trudy Marla Leanne Monias, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Malorie Cecile Montpetit, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Ann Laura Moore, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Dallas Marie Moore, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Lorelei Lindsay Morin, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Jenna Rae Morton, Elementary Education, Whitecourt
Jonathan Piro Mucz, Elementary Education, Camrose
Austin Grant Mueller, Elementary Education, British Columbia
Megan Christine Dawn Mulligan, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Lauren Frances Josie Munce, Elementary Education, Calgary
Sydney Fia Munsterman, Elementary Education, Sherwood Park
Erin Madeline Murphy, Elementary Education, Calgary
Jocelyne Catherine Murray, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Jessica Ashley Anne Nawolski, Elementary Education, Lacombe
Megan Avis Nettleton, Elementary Education, Calgary
Rebecca Helen Neustaeter, Elementary Education, La Crete
Danielle Arlene Newton, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Maureen Cecilia Nikkel, Elementary Education, Ontario
Jillian Marie Nixon, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Teresa Anne Nykolaychuk, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie
Brandi Marie O’Connell, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie
Becky Omoyemwen Ogbouma, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Yoomi Oh, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Ellyn Rae Oleski, Elementary Education, Morinville
Kylee Jean Olson, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Kelsi Elizabeth Olstad, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Joanne Orobko, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Daniella Melissa Ortega, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Marissa Xaviera Oteiza, Elementary Education, Northwest Territories
Kaydee Lynne Otterman, Elementary Education, Nova Scotia
Alina Ovsiy, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie
Megan Nicole Paradis, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Katherine Elizabeth Paridaen, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Kaitlyn Laura Parker, Elementary Education, British Columbia
Rebecca Elizabeth Parsons, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Erica Joanne Patterson, Elementary Education, St Albert
Brittany Lauren Paulson, Elementary Education, Amisk
Alyssa Hazel Dawn Pawlak, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Amanda Jean Payne, Elementary Education, St Albert
Whitney Gayle Pearcey, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Melissa Michelle Pearson, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie
Michele Kathleen Pellis, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Lisa Marie Penner, Elementary Education, Penhold
Rhea Lynn Peterson, Elementary Education, Bonnyville
Madison Kirsten Phillips, Elementary Education, Northwest Territories
Kelsey Michelle Pillman, Elementary Education, Wainwright
Kelsey Eileen Plouffe, Elementary Education, Okotoks
Kendra Marla Podoborozny, Elementary Education, Vegreville
Megan Holly Polson, Elementary Education, Calgary
Justine Shaye Porter, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Brianna Genevieve Prazak, Elementary Education, Tawatinaw
Chloe Helen Tait Prefontaine, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Emily Anne Pretzlaff, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Taryn Samantha Putinta, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Miranda Kelsey Pybus, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Kathryn Alyssa Quinlan, Elementary Education, Sherwood Park
Kiersten Lynn Rasmusson, Elementary Education, Vegreville
Claire Leesha Rauser, Elementary Education, Saskatchewan
Jocelyn Embree Reid, Elementary Education, British Columbia
Connor Joseph Reinhardt, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Conor Sean William Richard, Elementary Education, Camrose
Joel Alexander Richard, Elementary Education, Spirit River
Nicole Laura Richard, Elementary Education, Sherwood Park
Tatyana Selina Rideout, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Katharine Rolf, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Tessa Marie Rolph, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Elisabeth Julia Rooney, Elementary Education, British Columbia
Aimee Rose Roste, Elementary Education, Stettler
Anastasia Rozhdestvensky, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Shaunda Rae Rozka, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Mary Cristina Rozsa de Coquet, Elementary Education, Calgary
Kathleen Suzanne Ruschkowski, Elementary Education, Cold Lake
Victoria Caterina Saccomani, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Azra Begum Samji, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Taylor Michaela Sanelli, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Brittney Ann Sasseville, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Marie Eliza Savard, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Bronte Sinead Azaria Sayyad, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Randi Lynn Schindel, Elementary Education, St Albert
Kayla Lyndsey Schlachter, Elementary Education, Stony Plain
Hilary Victoria Schmidt, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie
Tawni Dayle Schmidt, Elementary Education, La Crete
Nicoll Dyon Schreiner, Elementary Education, Ardrossan
Lynn Maria Gail Schwandt, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Mackenzie Daniel Screpnek, Elementary Education, Fort Saskatchewan
Alexis Grace Sears, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie
Anna Secord, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Kassiopeia Jean Selinger, Elementary Education, Sherwood Park
Bryan Timothy Sharkey, Elementary Education, Camrose
Jessica Clare Shattuck, Elementary Education, Lloydminster
Julianna Lynn Sherren, Elementary Education, Stony Plain
Alison Colleen Shillington, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Marie Antoinette Shular, Elementary Education, County of Grande
Prairie №1
Tammy Lorraine Sich, Elementary Education, Trochu
Bryana Harley Smith, Elementary Education, Manning
Lauren Mary Smith, Elementary Education, Spruce Grove
Tara Marie Dawn Smith, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Kara-Lynn Nicole Sneddon, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Meagan Jia Rong Song, Elementary Education, British Columbia
Rebecca Ann Soong, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Courtney Jane St Amand, Elementary Education, Stony Plain
Sydney Marie Stan, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Celina Zofia Stanicki, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Kathryn Mary Steele, Elementary Education, Calgary
Danelle Lee Stelmack, Elementary Education, Northwest Territories
Alexandra Jane Stewart, Elementary Education, Calgary
Patricia Michelle St-Laurent, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Kendra Loretta Straub, Elementary Education, Saskatchewan
Dana Patricia Strauss, Elementary Education, Saskatchewan
Dawson Crain Strome, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Krista Lynn Stroyek, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Virginia Studer, Elementary Education, Lloydminster
Alana Rachelle Swereda, Elementary Education, Bragg Creek
Elizabeth Ashley Symonds, Elementary Education, British Columbia
Karen Tang, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Draizen Jade Taphorn, Elementary Education, British Columbia
Danielle Jo-Anne Tardi, Elementary Education, St Albert
Kaylene Belle Taylor, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Audrey-Anne Tetu, Elementary Education, Quebec
Patricia Marie Theriault, Elementary Education, Spruce Grove
Natasha Laura Thibeault, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie
Angelie Thind, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Leah Janice Townsend, Elementary Education, Sherwood Park
Andreanne Tremblay, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Kendal Lynn Trenerry, Elementary Education, Provost
Krista Rose Trimble, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Olivia Franklyn Eleanor Troake, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Jana Tsu, Elementary Education, Calgary
Brenna Rae Tyler, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Emily Geneva Upfold, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Larissa Dawn Vant Erve, Elementary Education, Manning
Shanice Virk, Elementary Education, Calgary
Alma Angeline Wakeford, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Dustin William Edgar Walker, Elementary Education, High Level
Shaelyn Jessica Walton, Elementary Education, Spruce Grove
Theresa Anne Wamboldt, Elementary Education, Nova Scotia
Shu Wei Wang, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Sarah Anne Warholik, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Ashley Christine Warren, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Katherine Rosaleen Wasylenchuk, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Dellainie Joyce Waters, Elementary Education, Barrhead
Sydney Alexandra Watkins, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Keely Michelle Weigum, Elementary Education, Three Hills
Emily Marjorie Frances Whalen, Elementary Education, Peace River
Robina Sue Whang, Elementary Education, High Prairie
Devon Margaret Riel Wildcat, Elementary Education, Maskwacis
Jordyn Patricia Williams, Elementary Education, Rocky Mountain House
Sarah Heather Williams, Elementary Education, St Albert
Taryn Dawn Williams, Elementary Education, Northwest Territories
Jamieson Lindsay Taylor Windle, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Miriam Lily Wing, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Kendra Lee Womacks, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Carmen Wu, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Kaitlee Ellen Wyness, Elementary Education, Fairview
Megan Melissa Zaharias, Elementary Education, Edmonton

June 9, 2016 (p.m.)

Faculty of Education

Doctor of Philosophy

Gertrude Catherine Aberdeen, Studies in Teaching and Learning English
as a Second Language in Educational Psychology, Edmonton
Marianne Barrett, Educational Administration and Leadership in
Educational Policy Studies, Sherwood Park
Monica Manpreet Chahal, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Jenelle Marie Job, School and Clinical Child Psychology in
Educational Psychology, Quebec
Renate Marie Kahlke, Educational Administration and Leadership in
Educational Policy Studies, British Columbia
Anna-Leah King, Indigenous Peoples Education in Educational Policy
Studies, Edmonton
Mildred Tsitsi Masimira, Secondary Education, Zimbabwe
Justine Nabaggala, Secondary Education, Uganda
Nicole Nosworthy, Psychological Studies in Education in Educational
Psychology, Ontario
Gregory Scott Ogilvie, Secondary Education, Lethbridge
Carla Jane Petker, Counselling Psychology in Educational
Psychology, British Columbia
Jaleh Shahin, Counselling Psychology in Educational Psychology, Ontario
Erika Elizabeth Smith, Adult, Community and Higher Education in
Educational Policy Studies, Calgary
Sukhpreet Kaur Tamana, Psychological Studies in Education in
Educational Psychology, Edmonton
Dawn Wiseman, Secondary Education, Quebec
Xiaozhou Zhang, Psychological Studies in Education in Educational
Psychology, China

Master of Education

Felicia Agyepong, Special Education in Educational Psychology, Ghana
Amira Habib Al khatam, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Sara Khaled Al Souqi, Special Education in Educational Psychology,
Consuelo Javiera Arriagada Belmar, Counselling Psychology in
Educational Psychology, Chile
Wendy Lorraine Bain, Special Education in Educational Psychology,
Angela Claire Bell, Special Education in Educational Psychology, Edmonton
Drenushe Bislimi, Educational Administration and Leadership in
Educational Policy Studies, Edmonton
Amanda Susan Bowden-Gil, School and Clinical Child Psychology in
Educational Psychology, Prince Edward Island
Amber Marie Cahill, Special Education in Educational Psychology,
Amanda Jade-Marie Cameron, Teaching English as a Second
Language in Educational Psychology, Edmonton
Mandy Michele Dafoe, Special Education in Educational Psychology,
Melanie Rosanne Danilak, Health Sciences Education, Edmonton
Justin Anthony Durante, School and Clinical Child Psychology in
Educational Psychology, Edmonton
Rouzbeh Ghahreman, Special Education in Educational Psychology,
Tabitha Sue Gillman, Teaching English as a Second Language in
Educational Psychology, Edmonton
Paula Bryn Guloien, Special Education in Educational Psychology,
Amber Kathleen Hayward, Special Education in Educational
Psychology, British Columbia
Crystal Anne Helbrecht, Adult, Community and Higher Education in
Educational Policy Studies, Sherwood Park
Derek Arthur Herman, Secondary Education, Sturgeon County
Pamela June Hillaby, Counselling Psychology in Educational
Psychology, Edmonton
Michelle Nadine Marie Hoover, Counselling Psychology in
Educational Psychology, Edmonton
Amy Charlotte Hough, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Xuming Huang, Educational Administration and Leadership in
Educational Policy Studies, China
Karen Eunice Jacobsen, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Bradley Jason Paul Kaminsky, School Counselling in Educational
Psychology, Edmonton
Jennifer Georgette Kees, Counselling Psychology in Educational
Psychology, Edmonton
Jeffrey Douglas Keith, Counselling Psychology in Educational
Psychology, Edmonton
Darwin John Krips, Educational Administration and Leadership in
Educational Policy Studies, St Albert
Lily Le, Counselling Psychology in Educational Psychology, Edmonton
Xiaoyun Liu, Theoretical, Cultural, and International Studies in
Education in Educational Policy Studies, China
Meghan Katie Lyons, Counselling Psychology in Educational
Psychology, Edmonton
Ruiwen Ma, Theoretical, Cultural, and International Studies in
Education in Educational Policy Studies, China
Monica Ann MacFadzean, Teaching English as a Second Language in
Educational Psychology, Edmonton
Richard Wayne McAdie, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Billie-Dawn Joanna McDonald, Secondary Education, Morinville
Kirsten Louise McLaren, Special Education in Educational
Psychology, Fort McMurray
Jacalyn Ann Neilmeyer, Special Education in Educational Psychology,
Kathrine Jane Nijenhuis, Special Education in Educational
Psychology, Grande Prairie
Richard Oduro, Theoretical, Cultural, and International Studies in
Education in Educational Policy Studies, Ghana
Oksana Oleksyn, Teaching English as a Second Language in
Educational Psychology, Edmonton
Francis Owusu, Theoretical, Cultural, and International Studies in
Education in Educational Policy Studies, Ghana
Galyna Ozarko, Teaching English as a Second Language in
Educational Psychology, Edmonton
Lise Renee Pardell, Special Education in Educational Psychology, Edmonton
Victoria Else Suzanne Richards, Counselling Psychology in
Educational Psychology, British Columbia
Serena Lynn Marie Seeger, School and Clinical Child Psychology in
Educational Psychology, New Brunswick
Ruoying Shao, Educational Administration and Leadership in
Educational Policy Studies, China
Elina Stop, Teaching English as a Second Language in Educational
Psychology, Edmonton
Susan Margaret Sych, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Wai Ching Tham, Teaching English as a Second Language in
Educational Psychology, Hong Kong SAR
Ngoc Nu Thuan Ton, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Naomi Lavonne Unrau, Special Education in Educational Psychology,
Hong Kong SAR
Drew Walters, Special Education in Educational Psychology, Stirling
Yitao Wang, Teaching English as a Second Language in Educational
Psychology, China
Heather Carolyn Wilson, Special Education in Educational
Psychology, Edmonton
Kathleen Mary Yu, Special Education in Educational Psychology, Ontario

Master of Library and Information Studies

Christine Barbara Adams, Priddis
Angela Elizabeth Ashton, Edmonton
Rebecca Marie-Jeanne Blouin, Nova Scotia
Irina Bratic, Calgary
Marlaina Richelle Breckenridge, Sherwood Park
Eunhye Cho, Coronation
Elizabeth Ann Dawson, Switzerland
Suzanne Rose Dawson, Edmonton
Kristine Marie Den Boon, Edmonton
Karen Lynn Drok, Red Deer
Lise Catherine Dumas, Ontario
Jennifer Anne Evaniew, Edmonton
Eric Michael Fincham, Edmonton
Madeline Carson Gormley, Edmonton
Andrea Lianne Hamilton, Saskatchewan
Jessica Dawn Jackson, British Columbia
Andrea Genevieve Louise Johnston, Calgary
Sara Kathryn Kidd, Edmonton
Brent Craig Kubara, Calgary
Denis Laurent Laplante, Bonnyville
Patricia Gail Lesku, British Columbia
Carol Wing Yung Ma, Edmonton
Breanne Holly McEachren, Edmonton
Serena Leigh McGovern, Ontario
Devon Taylor Arelis McLeay, British Columbia
Kelsey Quinn Middleton, Manitoba
Shannon Rae Moist, British Columbia
David Piro Mucz, Camrose
John Kendall Mutford, Northwest Territories
Michael Ngo, Ontario
Vidhu Philip, Edmonton
Anastasia Diane Piltingsrud, Acme
Amanda Leigh Poitras, Edmonton
Zahra Anwar Premji, Calgary
Matthew Pierce Renaud, Ontario
Grant Ian Robertson, Ontario
Sarah Romeo, Manitoba
Leanne Victoria Skingley, Ontario
Darcie Elizabeth Irene Smith, British Columbia
Lisa Anne Stormer, Edmonton
Corina Surcel, Edmonton
Gianmarco Francesco Visconti, Edmonton
Samantha Elaine West, Edmonton
Anna Marashi Wilson, Edmonton
Yang Wu, Edmonton
Jia Jia Yong, Edmonton

Bachelor of Education

Sumia Sami Abdul Hafidh, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Olivia Helena Abram, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Ayesha Ajaj, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Adna Mohamed Ali, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Scott Anthony Allan, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Jacquelyn Anderson, Secondary Education, Devon
Michael Kodwo Andoh, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Stephanie Ann Archer, Secondary Education, Airdrie
Faith Hilary Hana Armstrong, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Corbett Raymond Walter Artym, Secondary Education, Spruce Grove
Evan Scott Asmussen, Secondary Education, Manning
Michael Stanley David Asselstine, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Alexa Beatriz Ayala, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Colette Danielle Bachand, Secondary Education, Morinville
Marc Emerson Baker, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Stephen Jonathan Balchan, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Maya Kumari Ball, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Taryn Breanne Banach, Secondary Education, Fairview
Jessica Lynn-Rose Barrett, Secondary Education, Rocky Mountain House
Bradley Adam Bathgate, Secondary Education, Grande Prairie
Ashley Lynn Valentina Bavato, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Annie Katherine Kersteen Beard, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Morgan Hugh Beatty, Secondary Education, Chauvin
Erica Jade Berezanski, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Jessica Ardene Berg, Secondary Education, British Columbia
Ashley Nicole Biffert, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Bethany Anne Bittner, Secondary Education, Edson
Holly Mae Blahun, Secondary Education, Evansburg
Kendra Stephanie Karyn Boddy, Secondary Education, Stony Plain
Meagan Frances Boot, Secondary Education, Bonnyville
Matthew Tyler Bordato, Secondary Education, Sherwood Park
Christopher Charles Borger, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Conner David Borle, Secondary Education, Red Deer County
Matthew Paul Bouchard, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Sarah Marie Bourne, Secondary Education, Red Deer
Travis Hugh Delmar Boyce, Secondary Education, Calgary
Jena Patricia Bridges, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Justin Kenneth Brodie, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Lindsay Katherine Broks, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Kyle David Brow, Secondary Education, Sherwood Park
Katrina Teresa Bruin, Secondary Education, Spruce Grove
Lauren Suzanne Brus, Secondary Education, Stettler
James Lloyd Bures, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Brie Alexandra Burrows, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Katrina Dawn Burrows, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Michael Edward Burton, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Taylor Reynolds Cahoon, Secondary Education, Cardston
Bethany Caldow, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Hanna Callen-Wicks, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Emily Marie Campbell, Secondary Education, Ponoka
Raeanna Carolyn Campbell, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Chelsea Elizabeth Cattroll, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Casey Renee Chalut, Secondary Education, Bonnyville
Foon Nin William Chan, Secondary Education, Hong Kong SAR
Marc John Chauvet, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Cody Joseph Grant Chemilnisky, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Sam Chun Yu Cheng, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Levi LeBaron Chiles, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Melyssa Faith Clare, Secondary Education, Sturgeon County
Jared Michael Warrick Clarke, Secondary Education, La Crete
Mary Rose Siriban Clemente, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Anna Claudia Barbosa Clementino, Secondary Education, Bonnyville
Tori Clemit, Secondary Education, Leduc
Angela Joyce Cotton, Secondary Education, British Columbia
Jaclyn Danielle Cottrell, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Sara Larissa Cranston, Secondary Education, Sherwood Park
Christine Jill Crowe, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Savannah Jacqueline Cyrynowski, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Molly Katherine Danko, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Pousali Das, Secondary Education, Edmonton
James Eric Burke Davis, Secondary Education, Fort Saskatchewan
Kimberley Anne Dean, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Keltey Marie Degenstein, Secondary Education, Consort
Winefredo Morales DeLara, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Kristin Marie DeMarco, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Tyler John Dempster, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Annie Marie Desautels, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Brock Heinrich Doerksen, Secondary Education, Red Deer
Josiah David Donahue, Secondary Education, Medicine Hat
Emily Maria Doro, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Paulena Jean Dubyk, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Kate Dianne Dufour, Secondary Education, Saskatchewan
Spencer Charles Joseph Dunn, Secondary Education, Fort Saskatchewan
Tiffany Ann Dunwoodie, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Salvatore Bernardo Durante, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Nicole Taylor Durling, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Brandon Chaleau Eggleston, Secondary Education, Medicine Hat
Owen Douglas Emblau, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Camille Sylvana Estwick, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Aseel Etbail, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Iman Fakhani, Secondary Education, Lebanon
Christine Elizabeth Fallowfield, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Katherine Sophie Famulska, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Renee Margaret Fantin, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Sam Christian Fath, Secondary Education, Lacombe
Kailey Rachele Fauville, Secondary Education, Caroline
Austin Lee Fedchuk, Secondary Education, Sexsmith
Luke Spencer Feddema, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Kaitlyn Dawn Fedor, Secondary Education, Leduc
Brendan Gregory Fedoski, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Kiersten Nicole Fehler, Secondary Education, Leduc County
Olivia Felicitas, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Jerod Owen Ferguson, Secondary Education, Red Deer
Courtney Louise Fischer, Secondary Education, Medicine Hat
Jackie June Fisher, Secondary Education, Spruce Grove
Cristina Isabel Flores, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Jackson Edmund David Fontaine, Secondary Education, Grande Prairie
Russell Cameron Foster, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Denika Franziska Friedrich, Secondary Education, Saskatchewan
Hayley Breanna Friesen, Secondary Education, British Columbia
Tayler Gamble, Secondary Education, Spruce Grove
Danelle Marie Lucie Gaucher, Secondary Education, Grande Prairie
Joshua Carlos Geraldes, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Landon Allen Martin Giberson, Secondary Education, Red Deer
Shelby Lanie Gingell, Secondary Education, Lloydminster
Emma Jean Gjesdal, Secondary Education, Camrose
Amy Lynn Goodfellow, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Christina Elizabeth Goodwin, Secondary Education, Morinville
Brock Gerard Granger, Secondary Education, British Columbia
Natalie Therese Graveline, Secondary Education, St Albert
Sara Rose Guenette, Secondary Education, Grande Prairie
Shivee Gupta, Secondary Education, Wainwright
Reid Michael Haack, Secondary Education, Edson
Darren Lee Hall, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Theodore Miller Hansen, Secondary Education, St Albert
Charlotte Ruth Hansford, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Nicole Katrina Harrish, Secondary Education, Calmar
Blake Keith Steven Hartley, Secondary Education, Calgary
Michaelle Colleen Haughian, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Spencer Sean Hayes, Secondary Education, Devon
Nicholas Brian Heffel, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Rachel Carmine Hendricks, Secondary Education, Jasper
Chloe Elizabeth Henry, Secondary Education, Paradise Valley
David Andres Herrera Cruz, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Justine Rosa Hill, Secondary Education, Ontario
Taylor Curtis Hodgkinson, Secondary Education, Calgary
Kally Allisha Hoffman, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Derek Robert Ole Horneland, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Jillian Ann Sarah Hughes, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Guy Robert Humphreys, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Travis Gordon Hunt, Secondary Education, Kinuso
Markus Carl Ibbotson, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Noor Husam Kamel Ibrahim, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Petchphilin Ismael, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Kirsten Irene Jacobsen, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Christopher Kenneth Jaeger, Secondary Education, Red Deer
Crisandra Beth Jamieson, Secondary Education, Leduc
Amanda Maria Elizabeth Jantz, Secondary Education, Airdrie
Geoffrey Benjamin Johnson, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Hayley Deanne Johnson, Secondary Education, St Albert
Kourtney Brooke Johnson, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Linda Patricia Johnson, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Kathleen Ila-Jean Jones, Secondary Education, Okotoks
Teea Lee Kakoske, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Colleen Marie Judy Kaufman, Secondary Education, Lac La Biche
Isaac Joseph Kaup, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Crystal Joanne Kegler, Secondary Education, Ardrossan
Emily Lynne Kellett, Secondary Education, Provost
Jesse Louis Marcel Kerckhof, Secondary Education, Calahoo
David Dongsuk Kim, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Dustin Kirkpatrick, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Mark Andrew Greg Klopoushak, Secondary Education, Saskatchewan
Lisa Marie Knudtson, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Brooklynn Brett Knutson, Secondary Education, Drayton Valley
Kalista Marie Kohlman, Secondary Education, Calgary
Kristen Louise Kokura, Secondary Education, Calgary
Macy Lee Kolesnikoff, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Randi Lee Robyn Kondruk, Secondary Education, St Albert
Andrea Rose Kotscherofski, Secondary Education, Stony Plain
Jillian Brooke Kowalchuk, Secondary Education, Sherwood Park
Andrew Stephen Kozitzky, Secondary Education, Sherwood Park
Kellee Jean Kryba, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Katelyn Nicole Kuzio, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Brittany Heather Kwas, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Se Whi Kwon, Secondary Education, Republic of Korea
Jeffrey Kwong, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Shannon Michelle LaFave, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Robin Ashley LaFleur, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Vance Su Lam, Secondary Education, Calgary
Waishing Michael Lam, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Kayla Grace Land, Secondary Education, Rocky Mountain House
Jordan Matthew Landry, Secondary Education, St Albert
Christopher William LaRose, Secondary Education, Devon
Bryan Ronald Leary, Secondary Education, Yukon
Amanda Dorice LeBlanc, Secondary Education, Woking
Remi Theresa Anna LeBlanc, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Scott Arthur Ledieu, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Kristen Jungeun Lee, Secondary Education, British Columbia
Nicole Lynn Lemire, Secondary Education, Sherwood Park
Timothy Martin Lenk, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Robert James Letch, Secondary Education, Sherwood Park
Tessa Dekker Lewis, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Evelyn Margaret Liesner, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Jordan Grace Lindemann, Secondary Education, Calgary
Kalli Anna Lirette, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Adam Jaraad Little, Secondary Education, Calgary
Jaime Marie Little, Secondary Education, Cold Lake
Nathan Michael Litwin, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Yuchen Liu, Secondary Education, British Columbia
Evan Nigel Lock, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Patrick Daniel George Longobardi, Secondary Education, Nova Scotia
Jared Wayne Lovie, Secondary Education, Sherwood Park
Megan Sara Lozeau, Secondary Education, Leduc
Craig Simon Lucas, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Aaron Travis MacDougall, Secondary Education, Whitecourt
Lisa Anne MacGillivray, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Kayleen Gail Maddox, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Chirag Ashok Mali, Secondary Education, Sherwood Park
Kimberly Leda Kay Mancell, Secondary Education, British Columbia
Faqueeha Mansoor, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Marion Russell Manug, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Jessica Dawn Marchand, Secondary Education, Mallaig
John Emilio Christopher Marchione, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Kaela Michelle Masikewich, Secondary Education, Sylvan Lake
Chantel Elizabeth Matlock, Secondary Education, Debolt
Molly Brooke McAllister, Secondary Education, Ontario
Matthew Brian Mccallum, Secondary Education, High River
Conor Phillips McCormack, Secondary Education, Calgary
Rosheen Helen-Mary McKinlay, Secondary Education, Okotoks
Sage Anastasia McLaren, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Kristie Anne McLaughlin, Secondary Education, Drayton Valley
Linette Donne McNeely, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Alyssa Anne Marie McQuaid, Secondary Education, Lethbridge
Ashley Elizabeth Meyer, Secondary Education, Leduc
Robert Michalec, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Marc Edward Michaud, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Brett Curtis Miller, Secondary Education, Rocky Mountain House
Rebecca Katherine Miller, Secondary Education, Sherwood Park
Chandra Rachelle Angelika Moir, Secondary Education, Calgary
Shelby Margaret Mombourquette, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Matthew Charles Monks-Southwell, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Michael Francis Montgomery, Secondary Education, United States
Margaret Elizabeth Florence Moore, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Annalee Dawn Mortensen, Secondary Education, Lethbridge
Alysha Anne Noora Musani, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Jillian Linda Elizabeth Nanavaty, Secondary Education, British Columbia
Colleen Leslie Nelson, Secondary Education, Sherwood Park
Kelsey Danielle Nichol, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Lynnsy Michelle Noll, Secondary Education, British Columbia
Brittany Charlotte Norton, Secondary Education, Millet
Sabrina Robin ODonnell, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Jolisa Lynn Oliver, Secondary Education, Leduc
Shelby Anne Olsen, Secondary Education, Beaumont
Karen Elizabeth Onizaki, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Melody Grace Oosthuyzen, Secondary Education, British Columbia
Jessica Maria Ornella, Secondary Education, Sylvan Lake
Bailey Nichole Otteson, Secondary Education, Fort Saskatchewan
Joshua Alexander Owen, Secondary Education, Spruce Grove
Tasia Marie Owen, Secondary Education, Sherwood Park
Michael Stephen Papanikolaou, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Miranda Mary Parchoma, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Nicole Anne Patry, Secondary Education, Wainwright
Carrie Michelle Patterson, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Daren Kent Patterson, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Ryan David Patterson, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Zachary Stuart Patterson, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Cody Benjamin Paul, Secondary Education, Blackfoot
Andrea Rebekah Ann Peer, Secondary Education, New Brunswick
Amanda Janine Perri, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Sheldon Jonah Perris, Secondary Education, British Columbia
Kristy Rae Pfleider, Secondary Education, Westlock
Jasmine Yves Pham, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Lindsay Bexte Phillips, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Kim Phung, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Travis Raymond Piecharka, Secondary Education, Kitscoty
Heather Jeneace Piercy, Secondary Education, Edmonton
David Joseph Pierzchajlo, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Nancy Mouro Pinto, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Jennah Rose Plandowski, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Quintin Ivan Pohl, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Christopher Richard Poon, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Erin Potter, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Jessica Marguerite Marie Punko, Secondary Education, Fort McMurray
Melissa Angela Quan, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Henry James Quaye, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Najla Rahall, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Connor Ralph, Secondary Education, Raymond
Jasmine Julie Ramage, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Ian Stewart Regnier, Secondary Education, Lloydminster
Jennifer Lynn Rienks, Secondary Education, British Columbia
Cassie Ashley Risling, Secondary Education, Medicine Hat
Mehar Fatima Rizvi, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Jason Paul Roberts, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Megan Janis Robinson, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Victoria Leigh Roduta, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Laura Marie Jeske Rohac, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Stephanie Rollke, Secondary Education, Grande Prairie
Cindy Belle Rossiter, Secondary Education, Calgary
Dylan Thomas Rosychuk, Secondary Education, St Albert
Stefka Carlin Rosychuk, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Paul George Rousseau, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Kyle Stuart Rowland, Secondary Education, Lloydminster
Caterina Talia Rylance, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Brent Franco Saccucci, Secondary Education, St Albert
Katelynn Anne Sadler, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Tiffany Marie Santamaria, Secondary Education, United States
Emilie Marie Sarnecki, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Erin Anne Sawchuk, Secondary Education, St Albert
Gibreal Vashon Sawh, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Rebecca Tess Scanlon, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Anna Scarpelli, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Craig Schatz, Secondary Education, Barrhead
Adam Arthur Schraeder, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Cody Thomas Albert Sears, Secondary Education, Sherwood Park
April Raeann Rose Sevigny, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Erin Marie Sheehan, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Ashley Marie Shields, Secondary Education, Spruce Grove
Victoria Julia Shilaeff, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Morgan Brielle Siemens, Secondary Education, Lamont
Amanda Marie Sifford, Secondary Education, Saskatchewan
Darrel Andrew Simmt, Secondary Education, Sherwood Park
Jordan Nadine Skett, Secondary Education, Fort Saskatchewan
Katelyn Gail Skoreyko, Secondary Education, Lacombe
Thea Marie Sluggett, Secondary Education, British Columbia
Lucas Gregory Smart, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Katrina Ann Smith, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Alice Xinrui Song, Secondary Education, Calgary
Raymond Christopher Sosa, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Alisha Gerogina Sparling, Secondary Education, Edmonton
James Porter Spurr, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Paul Stenhouse, Secondary Education, Hinton
Robert Devin Stewart, Secondary Education, Calgary
Siobhan Catherine Susan Stewart, Secondary Education, Sherwood Park
Ian David Stoesz, Secondary Education, Spruce Grove
Kayla Jean Stoodley, Secondary Education, Blackfalds
Melissa Rae Stull, Secondary Education, Desert Blume
Johnathan Vincent Christensen Sullivan, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Drew Gordon Sutherland, Secondary Education, Red Deer
Martha Maria Suwala, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Sajeda Tarabain, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Erin Nicole Taskey, Secondary Education, St Albert
Allison Lee Taylor, Secondary Education, Red Deer
Elysia Marie Tegart, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Megan Lynn Teha, Secondary Education, Camp Creek
Jagjeet Tehara, Secondary Education, Calgary
Aimee Helen Thievin, Secondary Education, Sherwood Park
Kirsten Hayley Thomas, Secondary Education, Whitecourt
Emily Patricia Tolley, Secondary Education, Calgary
Jeffrey Stephen Tomiak, Secondary Education, Manitoba
Candis Korina Torstensen, Secondary Education, Ardrossan
Sarah Marie Trawick, Secondary Education, Calgary
Caroline Isabella Tribble, Secondary Education, Carstairs
Yi Truong, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Linsay Heather Tschritter, Secondary Education, Beaumont
Brecken Shea Dawn Tulloch, Secondary Education, Mayerthorpe
Paula Joelle Turcotte, Secondary Education, Calgary
Heidi Rebecca Umscheid, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Mark Alan Vetsch, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Christopher Lionel Viczko, Secondary Education, Red Deer
Balakrishnan Viswanathan, Secondary Education, Nova Scotia
Nikolaus Paul James Wagener, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Katherine Rose Wagner, Secondary Education, Provost
Evan Spencer Wain, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Benjamen Alexander Warchol, Secondary Education, Leduc
Victoria Margaret Waslen, Secondary Education, Sherwood Park
Tyler David John Weber, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Megan McCormack Weir, Secondary Education, Sherwood Park
Andrew Paul Weisenberger, Secondary Education, Beaumont
Byron Ross Wenger, Secondary Education, Sturgeon County
Jessica Eileen Whalen, Secondary Education, Calgary
Joshua John Wiley, Secondary Education, Three Hills
Sarah Anne Wilkes, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Andrew Robert Thomas Wilson, Secondary Education, Delburne
Regan Janelle Wing, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Teagan Lorne Wishart, Secondary Education, Medicine Hat
Brilene Lynn Wohlgemuth, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Gregory David Woloszyn, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Patricia Cecilia Wong, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Nathan Charles Elliot Woodward, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Jennifer Christine Wrubleski, Secondary Education, Leduc County
Melissa Ann Yaceyko, Secondary Education, Spruce Grove
Rayla Alexandra-Zosha Yamiolkowski-Yanchuk, Secondary Education,
Siwei Ye, Secondary Education, China
Yuchao Yin, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Jason Joseph Yuen, Secondary Education, Calgary
Hayley Anne Zabolotniuk, Secondary Education, St Albert
Alyssa Jennifer Zack, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Ian Wesley Zackodnik, Secondary Education, British Columbia
Kassia Ali Zahoui, Secondary Education, Edmonton
Michelle Lynn Zarowny, Secondary Education, Edmonton

Diploma of the Faculty of Education

Christen Marie Benson, Teaching English as a Second Language in
Educational Psychology, Edmonton
Amanda Barrie Caddy, Teaching English as a Second Language in
Educational Psychology, Eckville
Nicholas Charles David Williams, Teaching English as a Second
Language in Educational Psychology, Edmonton
Joanna Zerbinos, Drama in Secondary Education, Edmonton

Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research

Postgraduate Diploma of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research

Arief Ebrahim, Educational Policy Studies, Edmonton
Robert David Hann, Educational Policy Studies, Okotoks
Sharon Lee Vogrinetz, Educational Policy Studies, Spruce Grove

Faculté Saint-Jean

Maîtrise en sciences de l’éducation

Lyne Bacon, Études en langue et culture, Calgary
Rose-Line Géraldine Beaupré, Études en langue et culture, Saskatchewan
Julie Raymonde Errmann, Études en langue et culture, Calgary
Julianne Marie Hoch, Études en langue et culture, Calgary
Jacqueline Lafreniere, Études en langue et culture, Ontario
Gillian Lee Robinson, Études en langue et culture, Sherwood Park

Baccalauréat ès Arts

Brooklyn Lea Barre, Saskatchewan
Sarah-Jeanne Belec, Edmonton
Josée Yolande Blouin, Edmonton
Holly Bray, Red Deer
Patrick Xavier Cajina Cortez, Calgary
Colin Rene Romeo Champagne, St Paul
Anna Brigitta Chan, British Columbia
Maryse Carmen Marie Hebert, St Paul
Atiya Kachra, Calgary
Savannah Lin Kastendieck, Edmonton
Gul Kilic, Edmonton
Emmanuel Kanika Kimbenzi, Edmonton
Cherifa-Loubna Laaouad, Sherwood Park
Jasmine Louise Leclair, Edmonton
Emilie Lusson, Clyde
Alan Patrick Mackaya, Edmonton
Andrea Lee Mayer, Edmonton
Lindsay Meghan Moore, Calgary
Owen James Nicholson, Leduc County
Adaora Veronica Agnes Obiajunwa, Edmonton
Alysha Lynn Pagliaroli, Edmonton
Claire Madeleine Plamondon, Beaumont
Dominic Ahmed Yassin, Edmonton

Baccalauréat ès Sciences

Valerie Benoit, Edmonton
Jacob Charles Bilodeau, St Albert
Dave Michel Cloutier, Falher
Marie-Pier Desrochers, Airdrie
Wren Elizabeth Ellis, British Columbia
Patrick Evan Fournier, Edmonton
Chloe Hamel-Martineau, British Columbia
Natasha Kaelyn Harris, British Columbia
Anna Hudon-Kaide, Edmonton
Neal Christian Jenn, Sherwood Park
Aisha Diamma Karidio, British Columbia
Dany-Gladys Kezimana-Bazira, Edmonton
Kathya Langlois, Edmonton
Erin Joy MacKinnon, Sherwood Park
David Malenfant, Edmonton
Nicole Nishimwe, Edmonton
Alexandra Lippold Rutherford, St Albert
Garth Alexander Schoeddert, British Columbia
Katherine Wang, Edmonton

Baccalauréat en Education

Samantha Jeane Marie Alpern, Sherwood Park
Alexandra Louise Amyotte, St Albert
Morgan Marie Baker, St Albert
Marie-Eve Bastien, Quebec
Elizabeth Frances Bayans, Edmonton
Veronique Biley Epse Sinze, Edmonton
Mylaine Denise Boucher, Calgary
Kelsey Simone Carr, St Albert
Marie-Claire Nora Déom, Edmonton
Bailey Marie Desjarlais, St Albert
Breanne Elisabeth Erbacker, British Columbia
Pierrette Judite Makemletie Folefack, Edmonton
Renee Anne Forbes, Edmonton
Breanna Frank, Red Deer
Patricia Eliana Correia Gomes, Edmonton
Alexandra Elaine Grant, Edmonton
Alexandra Ann Gravel, Edmonton
Jessica Lynelle Hinse, Beaumont
Heather Marie Hunter-Moffatt, Edmonton
Kaitlyn Breann Ireland, Edmonton
Jason Stanley Jackson, Olds
Kyla Monique Johnson, Calgary
Christelle Kamga Kaptchue, Edmonton
Natalia Lajud Martinez, Colombia
Carolyn Anne Legare-Stokes, Grande Prairie
Deirdre Elizabeth Lucas, British Columbia
Cathy Raissa Mabopda Wabo, Red Deer
Presley Ann MacDougall, Edmonton
Erin Joy MacKinnon, Sherwood Park
Elvire Anna Moundaw Manga, Senegal
Mariam Prisca Victoria Monier, British Columbia
Leticia Nadler Gomez, Edmonton
Noura Ouarghi, Calgary
Therese Koulaleourou Oulai, Edmonton
Katia Marie Paskevich, Edmonton
Nathaniel Eric Preston, Edmonton
Garth Alexander Schoeddert, British Columbia
Krista Jeanne Pearson Toohey, Edmonton
Marie-Pier Touchette, Beaumont
Chelsea Lorette Turcotte, Peace River
Jasmine Adriana Urra-Rugama, Calgary
Sarah Khadija Valji, Edmonton
Michael Stewart Vidlak, Edmonton
Paul Gerard Woloschuk, Saskatchewan