About the Quad

As the University of Alberta’s official faculty and staff blog, The Quad is a digital space where the U of A community can find and contribute to a collection of stories and information.

A “quad” is a meeting place commonly found on academic campuses across the world — a green space often located within the campus enclosed by four “walls” of buildings creating an inner courtyard. Like the quads scattered across our campuses, The Quad is a space for everyone. While the narrative stories reflect the work of our faculty and staff, this is also a space for key institutional information and updates to keep our community informed.


Faculty and staff of the University of Alberta

The Quad is managed and edited by the Internal Communications team in the External Relations portfolio. We welcome story ideas by and for the university’s faculty and staff. 

Our contributors come from across the U of A’s campuses, disciplines, and units. They include members from all areas of the academy and the professional staff who support the institution’s day to day activities. 

Submission Guide

Share your story ideas

If you are a University of Alberta faculty or staff member who would like to contribute to this blog, please send a brief outline of your idea to blog@ualberta.ca

Community News

Share stories about work and new developments that would be of interest to the university’s faculty and staff. These stories typically have a person or group of people at the centre of the story, even if it's not written in first-person.

Consider This

Invite the U of A community to consider your insights into trends affecting higher education, your campus experiences, and U of A history. “Consider This” items are written in first person.

Have You Met…

You or a colleague could be one of the people that our community "gets to know'' on a weekly basis. When submitting a recommendation for someone to profile, please be sure to include the name, title, unit, and email address of your suggestion.

Students are encouraged to submit story ideas to the U of A's student blog, YouAlberta.

Contact Us

If you have any story ideas or questions for The Quad, email blog@ualberta.ca.

We will reply to you as soon as we can.