25 Articles to Consider From the World of Higher Ed: November 5-18, 2016

A call to end fake news, tales of failure, a much needed search for compassion, and a talk about click bait (which this is most certainly not), are all a part of this latest round of this latest collection of higher ed articles from across the web. Scroll through to find out about these topics, and more.

Trump's Surprise Victory Sends Shock Through Higher Ed

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Donald Trump's abrasive presidential campaign angered many people in academe. His upset win raises questions about higher education's place amid a tide of anti-intellectualism.

How Some Colleges Use Teletherapy to Reach More Students

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Colleges are wary about offering online help in lieu of face-to-face counseling, but some early adopters have seen real benefits.

How Much Is Your Lab Director's Reputation Worth?

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Part 2 in a series on how to pick the professor who will guide your dissertation.

Tips for Talking About Other Options

Inside Higher Ed
David A. McDonald gives advice for talking to your adviser about nonacademic career plans.

Auditioning for the Role of Colleague

The Chronicle of Higher Ed
Why the content of your job talk matters less than how you handle the Q&A afterward.

Nabokov in the Age of Snapchat

Inside Higher Ed
Eric Farwell provides four ideas to help interest today's students, who seem to want to read only increasingly shorter pieces, in English and literature courses.

Contests to communicate research gain in popularity

University Affairs
Graduate students are trying out Three Minute Thesis-type competitions for the soft skills, public connection - and just a tiny bit of fame.

Resetting the relationship between faculty, administrators and their boards

University Affairs
For the benefit of the entire university community, we need to talk, we need to work together and we need to quell the self-righteous rhetoric.

(Report) Globalization and Canada's PSEs: Opportunities and Challenges

The Conference Board of Canada
Globalization is transforming post-secondary educational institutions (PSEs), with increasing numbers of post-secondary students enrolling in institutions outside their home country. This report explores how globalization is affecting Canada's PSEs.

Canada has overhauled its immigration process for international students

Canadian Business
Citizenship and Immigration Minister John McCallum's announced changes will likely make it easier for international students to stay after graduation.

Learning From Failure in Student-Success Programs

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Three colleges explain what went wrong and how they changed course.

Promoted from doctor to professor: what changes?

The Times Higher Education
Scholars share what the title means to them and offer the newly promoted advice on handling the status update.

Harvey P. Weingarten - Why so little information in a sector drowning in data?

Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario
The author argues that the higher education sector too often tries to solve problems or design policies based on "gut feelings" or "personal anecdotes."

There Is Such a Thing as a Good Retreat

The Chronicle of Higher Education
How to plan a faculty and staff retreat that people will actually find valuable.

Negotiating Authorship

You need to talk about assigning credit - before the research project gets started.

University of Alberta's deferred maintenance bill now tops $800M

The Edmonton Journal
Ballooning deferred maintenance costs continue to cause consternation at Alberta's post-secondary institutions.

In defence of the humanities: Why studying philosophy in a world where welders earn more still makes sense

The National Post
The author argues that while an English literature department would have been considered the core of a university only one or two generations ago, current governments are far more likely to subsidize science, math, engineering, and other courses that are supposed to promise better job prospects and do more to stimulate the economy.

Program aims to help Indigenous students pursue post-secondary education

The Calgary Herald
Alberta has expanded funding for its Future Ready education initiative from $4.3M to $7M to help more than 1,500 Indigenous students pursue PSE.

The part-time conundrum: An undergrad degree shouldn't be a race

Part-time studies are a useful option, but in these competitive times, dropping courses still carries a stigma.

Meet the Professor Who's Trying to Help You Steer Clear of Clickbait

Inside Higher Ed
Alarmed by the spread of unreliable news sites, Melissa Zimdars started keeping a list of the worst offenders. She had no idea how popular - or controversial - that list would become.

Editorial: University and college campuses need some TLC

The Edmonton Journal
The newspaper's editorial staff argue that PSE institutions and their buildings are "public assets, paid for collectively by Albertans, just like bridges, hospitals and K-12 schools," and it is therefore "irresponsible to let assets fall into disrepair."

The politics of my classroom: everyday compassion

University Affairs
"What do I plan to do post-[US] election?" writes Queen's University Professor Erin Clow.

The New Intellectuals

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Is the academic jobs crisis a boon to public culture?

Giving Faculty the Freedom to Fail

Any professors who claim they introduced a new digital tool in the classroom without some kind of friction are probably lying.

Stop The Spread of Fake News

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Resources for improving digital literacy and understanding the spread of fake news on social media.