TEDMEDLive 2016 asks “What if?”

TEDMEDLive 2016 - What If?

What if we re-examine the way we frame health challenges? What if we could become the architects of our aging? What if we could create a stronger health culture by addressing its social and environmental factors?

The Health Sciences Council believes any opportunity for interdisciplinary discussion is important. This year’s TEDMEDLive question “What If?” offers some great food for thought.

TEDMED is an global gathering that focuses on health and wellness; even though it’s called TED “MED”, the topics and conversations go well beyond medicine.We’re particularly excited to offer local panel discussions following three sessions: New Models, End Game and Social + Science.

Panellists from the community include physician-inventor Dr Denis Vincent of ezReferral; healthy aging specialist Mary Whale from the Southside PCN; Executive Director of the Strathcona Place Seniors Centre, Linda Ensley; and music healer and educator Tiffany Sparrow-Brulotte from Artists on the Wards.

From right here on campus we welcome:

David Evans, Vice-Dean Research FoMD (panel moderator)
Colleen Norris, Professor, Faculty of Nursing; Director of the Cardiovascular Health and Stroke Strategic Clinical Network (panel moderator)
Sheree Kwong See, Alberta Seniors Advocate
Martin Somerville, Director of Genetic Lab Services
Jana Rieger, Institute for Reconstructive Sciences in Medicine
Alex Clark, Professor, Faculty of Nursing
Lionel Dibden, Associate Professor, Pediatrics; Medical Director, Child and Adolescent Protection Centre
Tammy O’Rourke, Assistant Professor of Nursing and Nurse Practitioner

For complete information please visit the Health Sciences Council website.

Join the conversation @TEDMEDLiveHSC and around the world #TEDMED2016

We hope you can take in at least one session, join the discussion and answer the question: What If?

Anita and Kerry

Anita Molzahn, Chair of the Health Sciences Council Dean of the Faculty of Nursing


Kerry Mummery, Vice Chair of the Health Sciences Council and Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation