Bound Together: Uniting the Libraries and the Press

The University of Alberta Libraries and The University of Alberta Press

Libraries need books and books need libraries, a rather obvious reality that makes the new relationship between the University of Alberta Libraries and University of Alberta Press a natural one.

It’s no joke that on April 1, 2017, the University of Alberta Press will begin to report to the Vice-Provost (Learning Services) and Chief Librarian through the U of A Libraries, instead of through Learning Services. Here’s what you need to know about this change:

Why is this change happening?

Academic presses and libraries share a mission to support the research life cycle. Because of innovations in scholars’ research methods and the use of digital technologies in both fields, presses and libraries have an increasing number of opportunities to collaborate in the dissemination of new knowledge. This change will facilitate that collaboration at the University of Alberta. Specifically, the Libraries’ resources will be available to support the Press’s business and strategic plans, and library and press staff will share and benefit from each other’s expertise more easily.

What will change?

Most stakeholders will not notice any change at all. UAP will continue to report to the Vice-Provost (Learning Services) and Chief Librarian, but through University of Alberta Libraries instead of Learning Services.

What will remain?

The imprint, mandate, academic independence, structure and staffing of UAP are not affected by this change.

The organizational structure and job descriptions at UAP are not affected by this change.

The Press Committee will remain in place, with the same mandate and constitution.

The UAP entity and branding will be maintained.

All mailing and contact information will remain the same.

Is the timing of this change related to the search for a new Press Director and Publisher?

Yes. Press Director Linda Cameron has announced her plan to leave her position on August 31, 2017. The forthcoming posting for a new Press Director and Publisher will reflect this change.

For more information about this change, visit the University of Alberta Press’ blog, There’s A Hole in the BucketThere’s A Hole in the Bucket.