5 things that went into space in April

Image for PostThe Ex-Alta #1 Cube Satellite, designed and built by U of A students

It's been a big month for the U of A in space. On April 18, Alberta's first satellite - designed and built by U of A students - launched into space aboard an Atlas V rocket. The Ex-Alta #1 (short for Experimental Albertan) was built by AlbertaSat, an interdisciplinary, student-led group at the U of A. The Ex-Alta #1 joined roughly 50 other cube satellites on board the Atlas V rocket to journey from the Kennedy Space Center to the International Space Station.

To celebrate the momentous occasion, we've assembled a list of 5 things that went into space this month - because it isn't every day that the U of A makes that list.

1. 1710 tonnes of atmospheric material

We leak roughly 90 tonnes per day - who knew?

2. The Long March 3B

A Chinese orbital carrier rocket

3. Cygnus

An unmanned spacecraft used to resupply the International Space Station

4. The Ex-Alta #1!

A cube satellite designed and built by University of Alberta students! Read more about the launch here

5. Team Rocket

Unconfirmed - but they seem to explode into space every week

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