Convocation Congrats! June 7: Education, Business , and Faculty Saint-Jean

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Today, the U of A community celebrates the academic achievements of its Spring graduates from the faculties of Education, Business, and Faculte Saint-Jean. Each has toiled and excelled in their field, and we’d like to take this opportunity to say congrats — well done, everyone!


Doctor of Philosophy

Melanie Allison Brice, Elementary Education, Saskatchewan

Master of Education

Elise Marie Barber, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Laureen Gayle Beson, Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary Education, Grande Prairie
Norine Kay Buffalo, Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary Education, Maskwacis
Josie Marie Burgess, Elementary Education, Edmonton Barbara Jean Carey, Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary Education, British Columbia
Amanda Hoy-Yee Chan, Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary Education, British Columbia
Katherine Margaret Chan, Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary Education, Edmonton
Jennifer Anne Cowley, Teacher-Librarianship in Elementary Education, British Columbia
Vicki Dahlseide Young, Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary Education, Airdrie
Rachel Marie Dale, Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary Education, Medicine Hat
Rhonda Kim Degerstedt, Elementary Education, Hinton
Laura Elizabeth Dempsey, Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary Education, British Columbia
Anita Jane Hammond, Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary Education, Saskatchewan
Sheena Lee-Ann Hushagen, Teacher-Librarianship in Elementary Education, Saskatchewan
Sheri Lynn Kinney, Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary Education, British Columbia
Xiaobing Lin, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Heather Ann Lyons, Teacher-Librarianship in Elementary Education, British Columbia
Lois Angela Maplethorpe, Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary Education, Wetaskiwin
Mary Christine O’Connell, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Alexa Nicole Romilly, Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary Education, British Columbia
Stacey Roseanne Sharon, Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary Education, Hong Kong SAR
Kimberly Dawn Svitich, Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary Education, Ponoka
Meaghan Lee van Steenbergen, Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary Education, Calgary
Jane Marie Williams, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Bachelor of Education

Brett Adam, Elementary Education, Edmonton Sofia Agassini, Elementary Education, Calgary
Anab Ahmed-Jama, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray
Morgan Sarah Akins, Elementary Education, Red Deer County
Hillary Laurine Ames, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Jeremie John Anderson, Elementary Education, Airdrie
Lori Lee Anderson, Elementary Education, Grouard
Nicole Rosemarie Messier Antonakis, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Charlotte Jean Arnott, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Jamie Deann Ashton, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray
Chais Guess May Avery, Elementary Education, Sylvan Lake
Sara Jayne Bannerman, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Jennifer Ann Barfoot, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray
Brendan John Barkwell, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Erin Kathleen Barkwell, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Brianna Ada May Barnfield, Elementary Education, Sexsmith
Todd Anthony Batke, Elementary Education, Calgary
Pamela Ashlyn Dawn Beardy, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray
Taryn Paige Bennett, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Sara Elizabeth Billey, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Sarah Elizabeth Binns, Elementary Education, British Columbia
Stacey Rose Bird, Elementary Education, Duffield
Leigha Heather Nicole Bishop, Elementary Education, Elk Point
Emily Dawn Borstad, Elementary Education, Calgary
Sydney Taylor Bourne, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Ryan James Bouvier, Elementary Education, Lac La Biche
Kayla Nicole Boyd, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Melanie Brenner, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Emily RaeAnn Breum, Elementary Education, Castor
Alexandra Jo Beverly Brice, Elementary Education, Saskatchewan
Chelsea Brooks, Elementary Education, St Albert
Zachary Brian Brown, Elementary Education, Sherwood Park
Mackenzie Rose Bruce, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray
Samantha Marie Bruns, Elementary Education, St Albert
Alexandra Corinna Gabrielle Bruseker, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Briony Grace Buchanan, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Katherine Janet Buck, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Bridget Alexina Budzak, Elementary Education, Sherwood Park
Allison Jean Dorothy Buffalo, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Taylor John Bulger, Elementary Education, Camrose
Rebecca Shirley Burry, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray
Ginny Marie Callaghan, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Katlyn Marie Cameron, Elementary Education, Neerlandia
Marie Elizabeth Cartwright, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Marta Patricia Holman Carvalho, Elementary Education, Devon
Kaitlyn May Carwell, Elementary Education, Wetaskiwin
Kyla Briann Catte, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Sarah Ann Chapotelle, Elementary Education, Sturgeon County
Jenna Ayaz Charania, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Chantal Elizabeth Charest, Elementary Education, St Albert
Melissa Roxanne Cynthia Charles-Sealey, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Jacqueline Jean Chevraux, Elementary Education, Killam
Ching Ching Chiu, Elementary Education, Taiwan
Jenna Elizabeth Chotowetz, Elementary Education, Saskatchewan
Taylor Lynn Churla, Elementary Education, Medicine Hat
Brittany Marie Clark, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Jennifer Margaret Clarke, Elementary Education, Athabasca
Sally Ann Cleminson, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray
Shelby Megan Collins, Elementary Education, Beaverlodge
Kristopher Eric Cooke, Elementary Education, Lacombe
Brianne Elizabeth Corcoran, Elementary Education, St Albert
Joshua Daniel Roch Cormier, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Ashley Kayla Coutts, Elementary Education, Calgary
Katherine Lauretta Coutts, Elementary Education, Forestburg
Kimberly Natalia Mary Craig, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Haley Randall Cramer, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Alexandra Nicole Craveiro, Elementary Education, British Columbia
Lindsey Michelle Crawford, Elementary Education, Spruce Grove
Carmen Kimberly Crisanti, Elementary Education, Calgary
Erin Lee Cromwell, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Andrea Simone Deas, Elementary Education, Slave Lake
Leyla Delice, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Kadrin Mary Delorme, Elementary Education, Caslan
Samantha Ashley Descanzo, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray
Marcus Alexander Scaccia DeWitt, Elementary Education, Sherwood Park
Elise Nicole Diewert, Elementary Education, Peace River
Tanasha Adrian Dortch, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Dayna James Raymond Douville, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Brittany Anne Drawbridge, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Jenna Diane Drury, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Darianne Tori Duffield, Elementary Education, Cereal
Alysha Anne Duncombe, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Courtney Lynn Dyck, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Pamela Rose Eberharter, Elementary Education, Edson
Caitlin Elizabeth Eisenhauer, Elementary Education, Nova Scotia
Nicole Raylene Eleniak, Elementary Education, Sylvan Lake
Erik Berg Ellingson, Elementary Education, Innisfail
Katelyn Rebecca Elaine Elliott, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray
Michelle Anne Elliott, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray
Fatima Salah El-Salah, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Lauren Elina Emes, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Christian Phillip Fabia, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Chen Fang, Elementary Education, China
Mariam Farhat, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Allison Rae Ferguson, Elementary Education, St Albert
Shani Ann Ferguson, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Nikki Tanya Fitzpatrick, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray
Alexa Rose Flaman-Haley, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Rachel Elizabeth Folk, Elementary Education, Medicine Hat
Adam Jon Fujii, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray
Shyla May Gabrielson, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Magdalena Galkiewicz, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Ashley Breanne Gandy, Elementary Education, British Columbia
Lyndsay Danielle Marie Gates, Elementary Education, Breton
Haley Daen Gawryluk, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Alison Marie Gebbink, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Heather Dawn Gerow, Elementary Education, Sexsmith
Caitlin Theresa Gibbons, Elementary Education, Sherwood Park
Kyla Rae Gilchuk, Elementary Education, Hinton
Kirsten Anne Gilroy, Elementary Education, Delia
Rhoda Bella Gladue, Elementary Education, Peace River
Brett Bactad Goodnough, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Leanna Jean Gowler, Elementary Education, Nampa
Ashley Paige Goy, Elementary Education, British Columbia
Stephany Ann Grant, Elementary Education, Lacombe
Emily Karen Graves, Elementary Education, Lacombe
Mercedes Rae Greeley, Elementary Education, Medicine Hat
Laura Anne Greenfield, Elementary Education, Fort Saskatchewan
Elizabeth-ann Theresa Grinde, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Madison Riley Gronsdahl, Elementary Education, Whitecourt
Karina Vivian Gutmann, Elementary Education, Camrose
Elizabeth Marie Hamlyn, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray
Vanessa Ann Harder, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie
Katie Lane Harrison, Elementary Education, High River
Kendra May Harrison, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Jessalyn Cindy Rae Hart, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Fatuma Hashi, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray
Mandeeq Abdi Hassan, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Raelynn Marie Hawes, Elementary Education, Westlock
Bronwyn Anne Hawkes, Elementary Education, Red Deer
Robyn Anita Hebert, Elementary Education, Wetaskiwin
Ratana Heng, Elementary Education, Calgary
Amanda Magen Hertz, Elementary Education, Coaldale
Ashley Marie Hickmore, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Danielle Amy Dawn Hill, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Darby Glenna Hines, Elementary Education, Marwayne
Mica Angela Sabado Ho, Elementary Education, Drayton Valley
Kellie Lynn Hobbs, Elementary Education, Newfoundland
Crystal Dawn Hopps, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie
Kristen Laine Huitt, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie
Nicola Fiona Humphreys, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Amanda Hunter, Elementary Education, Ontario
Keltie Jean Hunter, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Muna Abdirizak Hussein, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray
Mark Nikolai Ibbotson, Elementary Education, Three Hills
Arpita Mary Jacob, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Kourtney Elizabeth Jacobs, Elementary Education, Didsbury
Molly Elizabeth James, Elementary Education, Edmonton
Richelle Dawn Jesse, Elementary Education, Edson
Colleen Patricia Jobin, Elementary Education, Atikameg
Rachel Nicole Johannson, Elementary Education, Spruce View
Elizabeth Victoria Jones, Elementary Education, Kitscoty
Jessica Jones, Elementary Education, Calgary
Taylor Mary-Lee Kalinowski, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray
Megan Katherine Kaminski, Elementary Education, Cold Lake
Naomi Wanjira Kariuki, Elementary Education, Kenya
Emily Rose Keating, Elementary Education, Calgary
Hailey Alyssa Kelly, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray
Sherin Mohammed Keshta, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Anita Khakh, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Rachel Diana Kihn, Elementary Education, Sherwood Park

Keneen Nicole Kimmie, Elementary Education, British Columbia

Miranda Colleen King, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray

Tessa Marie King, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Kathryn Klassen, Elementary Education, La Crete

Kristine Anne Klaudt, Elementary Education, Red Deer

Melissa Anne Kolmel, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray

Milica Komazec, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Ann Serah Koshy, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Kelsey Anne Kozak, Elementary Education, Red Deer

Amber Irene Krieger, Elementary Education, Stony Plain

Melissa Kueber, Elementary Education, St Albert

Lana Anne Kulchyiski, Elementary Education, Red Deer

Kyle David Kurtz, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Keanna Rae Kutschinski, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Carla Vanessa Laboucan, Elementary Education, Peace River

Madison Amber Laliberte, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie

Jennifer Anne Lam, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Jessica Anne Lamont, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Chantal Anne Landry, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Skylor Francis James Lane, Elementary Education, Northwest Territories

Jillian Josephine Langford, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Kylie Marie Lapointe, Elementary Education, Bonnyville

Pierrette Olivia Marie Lapointe, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Elyse Nicole LaRiviere, Elementary Education, St Albert

Jamie Elaine Lastwika, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Melissa Christine Laws, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray

Christopher Andrew Le Vann, Elementary Education, Red Deer County

Michelle Lee, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Minji Lee, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Celine Mary Grace Checa Legaspi, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray

Dylan Eric Leif, Elementary Education, Red Deer

Juliene Marie Letaba, Elementary Education, Red Deer

Arianne Taryn Lewin, Elementary Education, Kitscoty

Alyssa Beth Lightfoot, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Megan Nicole Littlewood, Elementary Education, Leduc

Amanda Wing Cie Lo, Elementary Education, Calgary

Jessica Samantha Long, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray

Kailey Los, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Kelsey Michelle Lovell, Elementary Education, Calgary

Lindsay Marie Lovrod, Elementary Education, Sexsmith

Kassie Lee Lowry, Elementary Education, Lacombe

Lara Anne Luft, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Christine Ly, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Sara MacDonald, Elementary Education, Nova Scotia

Zoe Donna MacDougall, Elementary Education, St Paul

Kathleen Macklem, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Breanna Lee Macklin, Elementary Education, Sundre

Carly Christina Maclean, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray

Hannah Louise Philippson Madill, Elementary Education, Drayton Valley

Marianne August Madrazo, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Brett William Mallinson, Elementary Education, Sundre

Alysha Lynn Mannix, Elementary Education, Lloydminster

Brittany Jessica Marston, Elementary Education, Spruce Grove

Danielle Paige Martin, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Sydney Dawn Martin, Elementary Education, St Albert

Aleta Brandy Mason, Elementary Education, Rocky Mountain House

Silvia Isabel Quintela Mason, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Halley Dawn Masterson, Elementary Education, Fort Saskatchewan

Kaitlyn Marie Mather, Elementary Education, Whitecourt

Madison Marie Mayer, Elementary Education, Wembley

Letha Burnham McAulay, Elementary Education, Hanna

Justine Elizabeth McBain, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Rebecca Diane McCartney, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Carly Deborah McDaniel, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Skye Helene McDonald, Elementary Education, British Columbia

Ivy Jeanne McGann, Elementary Education, Spruce Grove

Sarah Elizabeth McGuffin, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Cassidy Jordann McHugh, Elementary Education, Rocky Mountain House

Harmony Diane McInnes, Elementary Education, Red Deer

Miranda Taylor McIntyre, Elementary Education, Red Deer

Andree Johanna Winifred McKay, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Sarah Marie Florence McMahon, Elementary Education, Calgary

Jessie Ann McMillan, Elementary Education, Stettler

Noelle Louisa McMurray, Elementary Education, Rimbey

Carmen Ashley McNeil, Elementary Education, Blairmore

Jessica Faith McNeill, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Amara Johanna McPhail, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Christopher Jason Meyer, Elementary Education, Sherwood Park

Chelsea Judith Mary Miller, Elementary Education, Okotoks

Nicola Lynn Miller, Elementary Education, Sherwood Park

Riya Mittal, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Megan Vanessa Mopas, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Brooke Nicole Morrison, Elementary Education, Metiskow

Michaela Jean Morrison, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Courtney Moser, Elementary Education, Taber

Sabatini Moses, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Hilary Jane Mussell, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Neda Nasseri, Elementary Education, Iran

Kyra Rene Nelson, Elementary Education, Spruce Grove

Laurel Janet Neudorf, Elementary Education, Saskatchewan

Karen Anna Neustaeter, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Heather Lynn Nicoll, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Nicole Jane Nocum, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Miranda Celestina Normey, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Kathrine Lila Oatway, Elementary Education, Rycroft

Shaundra Lee O’Brien, Elementary Education, Fort Saskatchewan

Rebecca Sarah Emily Olive, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Todd Michael Oliver, Elementary Education, Picture Butte

Sabrina Italia Olivieri, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Arlene Osmond, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie

Rebecca Shea Palinka, Elementary Education, St Paul

Samantha Ann Palsitt, Elementary Education, Ardrossan

Jasmine Louise Paquet, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Hailey Lisa Marie Parkin, Elementary Education, Red Deer

Julia Filomena Parrotta, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Hilary Fae Payne, Elementary Education, High Prairie

Susan Lenore Peachment, Elementary Education, Olds

Alyssa Karen Penner, Elementary Education, Swalwell

Oakley May Pennington, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Adrienne Claire Penny, Elementary Education, Calgary

Sarah Dawn Perritt, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Natasha Erin Petruk, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray

Kerri Dawn Pfeifle, Elementary Education, Red Deer

Jerica Eileen Pierce, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Katelyn Nicole Pierce, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Ashley Noelle Pisesky, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Delaney Jayne Pittman, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray

Anna Katarzyna Politacha, Elementary Education, Grande Cache

Andrea Kari Pon, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Ian Thomas Porter, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray

Alessia Nicole Poulin, Elementary Education, Edmonton

April Lynn Price, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie

Brittney Dawn Pylypiuk, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Bana Ramahi, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Brittany Dawn Pearl Reay, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Rebecca Leigh Reed, Elementary Education, British Columbia

Meghan Elizabeth Ropchan, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Nathaniel Alexander Ross, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Serena Brittany Ross, Elementary Education, St Albert

Ashley Lynn Rossi, Elementary Education, Sherwood Park

Courtney Rae Rossing, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie

Jamie Lynn Rosychuk, Elementary Education, Brosseau

Lisa Nicole Royle, Elementary Education, Ontario

Ally Ginette Russell, Elementary Education, Airdrie

Majella Jennifer Rymarz, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Sharon Poh-Chen Saw, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Beau James Schaade, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Kendalin Ann Schaber, Elementary Education, Olds

Julie Lynn Schau, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie

Kenzie Rayelle Scherger, Elementary Education, Provost

Noelle Amelie Meagan Schoenberger, Elementary Education, St Albert

Malorie Mary Schwenk, Elementary Education, Coronation

Savanna Jay Seaton, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie

Nicole Amy Sereda, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Stephanie Lea Shannon, Elementary Education, British Columbia

Sara Sharshar, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Nancy Rose Shields, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Taneal Jessica Shrode, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Shelley Lee Simmons, Elementary Education, Yellowhead County

Craig Albert Skinner, Elementary Education, Red Deer

Alison Michelle Small, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Kurtis Peter Smit, Elementary Education, Edson

Amanda Renee Smith, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Brittany Lynn Smith, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Tara May Smith, Elementary Education, New Brunswick

Yusra Soliman, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Brittnay Nicole Sopko, Elementary Education, British Columbia

Haralampos Bobby Stamatakis, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Paula Amelia Lenna Stecyk, Elementary Education, Sherwood Park

Stephanie Nicole Steele, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Makayla Jessie Darlene Stengler, Elementary Education, Red Deer

Madison Jeanne Stitzenberger, Elementary Education, Edson

Corralynn Eliza Stoley, Elementary Education, Entwistle

Samantha Paulyne Straub, Elementary Education, High Level

Liana Rae Street, Elementary Education, Rimbey

Bryan Andrew Strong, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Kathleen Anne Sundby, Elementary Education, Spruce Grove

Brooke Jude Supernault, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie

Sarah Lena Sutherland, Elementary Education, Tilley

Maryam Naqvi Syeda, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Randi Jo Tajcnar, Elementary Education, Taber

Hayley Ruth Margaret Tarnasky, Elementary Education, Caroline

Jason Thomas Terfloth, Elementary Education, Sherwood Park

(awarded March 31, 2017)

Andrew Dennis Theobald, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Mikaela Leanne Tiggelaar, Elementary Education, Barrhead

Kayla Marie Toma, Elementary Education, Gibbons

Megan Paige Toth, Elementary Education, Lacombe

Alexandra Grace Trabysh, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Kastyn Nichelle Trautmann, Elementary Education,

Rocky Mountain House

Kelly Lynn Ann Trimble, Elementary Education, Lac La Biche

Jennifer Elizabeth Triskle, Elementary Education, Beaumont

Alycia Chantelle Trithart, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Jessica Catherine Trombley, Elementary Education, Sherwood Park

Colby Lee Tyner, Elementary Education, Marwayne

Laura Ann Elizabeth Van Hoof, Elementary Education, St Albert

Janelle Amelia Van Tetering, Elementary Education, Red Deer

Haley Theresa VanderZwan, Elementary Education, British Columbia

Denise Emily Verdonk, Elementary Education, Ardrossan

Sydney Merle Volk, Elementary Education, Hinton

Nico Jack Von Gaza, Elementary Education, Edson

Stephanie Nicole Voswinkel, Elementary Education, Sylvan Lake

Larissa Danielle Walker, Elementary Education, Lacombe

Alysa Dawn Wanchulak, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Kaitlynn Anna Warshawski, Elementary Education, Sherwood Park

Katherine Mary Watson, Elementary Education, Sturgeon County

Raylene Sarah Watson, Elementary Education, Lloydminster

Shannon Elizabeth Watson, Elementary Education, Red Deer

Sierra Jenelle Wegner, Elementary Education, Drayton Valley

Danielle Ruth Weisz, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Elias Michael West, Elementary Education, Medicine Hat

Kelly Gordon Wester, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Jonathan Timothy Whitton, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Brianna Joyce Rendell Wiggins, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Anne Marie Williams, Elementary Education, Edson

William Kenneth Williams, Elementary Education, St Albert

Kathryn Lucy Williamson, Elementary Education, Beaumont

Kathryn Joy Willoughby, Elementary Education, Red Deer

Alexandra Brittany Wilson, Elementary Education, Wetaskiwin

Hannah Marie Wiltzen, Elementary Education, Northwest Territories

Kennedie Leone Wolosyn, Elementary Education, St Albert

Casey Yik San Wong, Elementary Education, Calgary

Michelle Yuk Chun Wong, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Pheobe Sze Nga Wong, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Emily Rose Wood, Elementary Education, Wainwright

Brendan Matthew Wyant, Elementary Education, Grande Prairie

Amal Yousuf, Elementary Education, Ontario

Morgan Yuremchuk, Elementary Education, Peace River

Sumaya Abdinasser Yusuf, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Azka Zahoor, Elementary Education, Fort McMurray

Yeyue Zhou, Elementary Education, China

Brittany Erin Zoerb, Elementary Education, Edmonton

Patricia Zurowsky, Elementary Education, Edmonton


Doctor of Philosophy

Qin Han, Strategic Management and Organization in Business, Ontario

Hooman Hidaji, Operations and Information Systems in Business, Iran

Onnolee Anne Nordstrom, Strategic Management and Organization in Business, British Columbia

Behnam Torabi, Finance in Business, Edmonton

Master of Business Administration

Travis John Adolf, Natural Resources, Energy and Environment, Edmonton

Zaffaryab Ahmad, Edmonton

Janine Louise Amundsen, Sustainability, Edmonton

David Nozomu Anli, Calgary

Beatrice Theodora Artadi, International Business, Indonesia

Aananth Arulprakassam, Edmonton

Wahaj Aslam, Finance, Calgary

Marcio Augusto da Matta, Brazil

Jo-ann Babiuk, Natural Resources, Energy and Environment,

Sherwood Park

Angelina Bakshi, Wetaskiwin

Giovanna De Castro Baldoz, International Business, Edmonton

Brian Everett Ballman, Edmonton

Hickimatu Braimah, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Edmonton

Timothy William Buckland, Public Policy and Management,


Ronnie Hei Man Bud, Edmonton

Jason Lyle Casault, Sustainability, Edmonton

Baljot Singh Chahal, Edmonton

Daniel Ruben Chan, Edmonton

Samantha Laurenn Charlesworth, Vermilion

Bèryl Anne Hèlen Charousset, International Business, France

Si Wen Chen, Natural Resources, Energy and Environment, Edmonton

Yishen Chen, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, China

Yanru Cheng, International Business, Edmonton

Jennifer Erica Cho, International Business, United States

Angela Jean Clay, Finance, Edmonton

Stefano Sandro Contardi, International Business, Italy

Marjan Cvetkovski, Macedonia

Ankush Dagar, International Business, India

Xinying Dai, Finance, China

Nameeta Darshani, Fort McMurray

Sarah Daud, Edmonton

Sumeet Dhanoa, Natural Resources, Energy and Environment,


Guofei Ding, Finance, China

Carlos Alberto Dosman Rivera, Finance, Colombia

Yan Dudla, Finance, Edmonton

Mazen El Molla, Egypt

Yi Fang, China

Katherine Margaret Fizell, Edmonton

Ran Gao, Natural Resources, Energy and Environment, China

Celine Rose Gareau-Brennan, Edmonton

Nilay Garge, Natural Resources, Energy and Environment, Edmonton

Juan Manuel Giraldo, Edmonton

Maryna Goncharenko, Natural Resources, Energy and Environment, Edmonton

Brent Garrett Goy, Edmonton

Steven Fredrick Greene, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Edmonton

Nisha Yashna Grewal, Edmonton

Danny Elsa Gruner, Edmonton

Zhijie Guan, Finance, China

Komal Gupta, Finance, India

Raghav Gupta, Finance, India

Tapan Gupta, International Business, India

Alireza Haghpanahi, Edmonton

Sebastien Joseph Karl-Heinz Hammacher, International Business, Germany

Narmin Ashakali Hassam-Clark, Edmonton

Amy Rosalind Hingston, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Edmonton

Matthew Henderson Hodgson, Edmonton

Damian Robert Howard Hollow, Edmonton

Tarek Ahmed Kamel Hussein, Egypt

Charles William Jarvis, Edmonton

Jeffrey Tyler Jarvis, Natural Resources, Energy and Environment, Edmonton

Abhishek Jha, India

Anand Kumar Jha, Edmonton

Jennifer Keith, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Edmonton

Allen William King, Edmonton

Ryan Michael Kirstiuk, Finance, Edmonton

Aleksandra Kiskaroly, Finance, Edmonton

Chavdar Veselinov Koev, Bulgaria

Kouakou Gnanloh Koffi, Edmonton

Igor Kornatskyy, Public Policy and Management, Edmonton

Alexander Brian Kucey, Finance, Edmonton

Sandeep Kumar, Natural Resources, Energy and Environment, India

Reynald Lafontaine, Natural Resources, Energy and Environment, France

Jay Lakdawala, Edmonton

Jeremy Andrew Lam, Edmonton

Darryl Allen Lambert, Natural Resources, Energy and Environment, Lloydminster

Diane Ye Won Lee, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Edmonton

Yan Li, China

Oleksii Lialka, Finance, Ukraine

Jason Ruen Shen Lim, Edmonton

Kevin William Lobay, Edmonton

Carlos Emanuel Lopez, Natural Resources, Energy and Environment,


Brandon Matthew MacDonald, Nova Scotia

Meghan Laura MacEachern, Natural Resources, Energy and

Environment, Fort McMurray

Hannah Birgit Madsen, Edmonton

Manmeet Kaur Mamik, Edmonton

Fahreen Naushad Mardhani, Edmonton

Nikhil Marwah, Edmonton

Darren Neil McCrank, Spruce Grove

Craig William McKeown, Ontario

Matthew Yik-yuen Mok, Calgary

Jeffrey Moloney, Ontario

Rosetta Moore, Edmonton

Aneesa Murji, Edmonton

Satishkumar Narayanan, International Business, Edmonton

Bogdan Nastase, International Business, Edmonton

Tetsuro Nemoto, Japan

Matthew Allistair Norman Nesbeth, International Business, Jamaica

Hai Hoang Nguyen, International Business, Viet Nam

Chinedu Obinna Onwugbufor, Natural Resources, Energy and

Environment, Calgary

Robert Mathew Opara, Edmonton

Jennifer Pacheco, Edmonton

Lauren Frances Joyce Pankiw, Edmonton

Graeme Nathan James Parker, Edmonton

Jelena Pattison, Edmonton

Andrew Laurence Pearson, Natural Resources, Energy and

Environment, Edmonton

Maëlle Julie Annabelle Piquee, International Business, France

Vikas Poni, International Business, Ontario

Sarah Beth Prendergast, Finance, Edmonton

Jolene Leah Proulx, Edmonton

Mark Lee Radke, Edmonton

Nidhin Ramachandran, India

Diptarka Ray, India

Tanner Douglas Redel, Edmonton

William Donald Regan, British Columbia

Melissa Gail Richards, Sturgeon County

Victor Rumbolt, Newfoundland

Jodi-Ann Nichole Sadler, International Business, Edmonton

Laurène Lucie Marie Pierre Salas, International Business, France

Terence Shane Noel Satdeo, Edmonton

Daljit Singh Sekhon, Sherwood Park

Chelsea Anne Semeniuk, British Columbia

Nevill Shah, India

Nashid Shaker, Edmonton

Davesh Sharma, India

Superna Sharma, Edmonton

Yaying Shen, China

Brian Martin Sheptycki, International Business, Sherwood Park

Sarah Alexandra Short, Edmonton

Kriti Shukla, International Business, India

Nazarii Smal, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Ukraine

Miao Song, Finance, China

Douglas Ralph Spark, Ardrossan

Akshay Srivastava, India

Chi Long Taylor Tan, Finance, Singapore

Graham Christian John Taylor, Edmonton

Warren Sidney Tetz, Finance, Edmonton

Linh Thi Hien Tran, Edmonton

Diane Arlene Turner, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Edmonton

Tracey Rae Turner, Ontario

Rajat Varma, Finance, Edmonton

David Thomas Vetters, Edmonton

Doran Brian Scott Walker, Edmonton

Clinton Jan William Windhorst, Finance, Edmonton

Larisa Amanda Wooding, Edmonton

Benjamin Logan Woodman, Natural Resources, Energy and

Environment, St Albert

Clement Andrew Yee, Edmonton

Wen Zhang, Finance, China

Qianqian Zhou, Edmonton

Yune Zhou, China

Jeffrey Scott Zimmer, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Edmonton

Master of Financial Management

Luis Eduardo Aguilar Quintero, Venezuela

Yunfei Dai, China

Zhan Du, China

Ling Feng, China

Yongqing Feng, China

Zhiyu Gao, China

Yijia Guo, China

Qiong He, China

Tao Huang, China

Rui Kang, China

Bai Yang Li, China

HongJin Li, China

Guishan Liu, China

Ping Liu, China

Zhenying Luo, China

Yiteng Ma, British Columbia

Yong Ma, China

Jun Wang, China

Zehui Yang, China

Xiaojuan Yin, China

Guanlan Yu, China

Shuhua Yu, China

Fen Zhang, China

Yijie Zhang, China

Yiling Zhang, China

Yan Zhou, China


Diploma of the Faculty of Education

Abir Hakim, Generalist Studies in Elementary Education, Edmonton

Zuhal Kurtcu Bahramloian, Generalist Studies in Elementary Education, Edmonton


Bachelor of Commerce with Honors

David Paul Cholewa, Accounting, Edmonton

Nicole Lauren Hosler, Accounting, Edmonton

Logan Brandt McIntosh, Finance, Lethbridge

Siyue Peng, Accounting, China

Monica Tran, Operations Management, Edmonton

Sixun Zhang, Accounting, China

Bachelor of Commerce

Batool Mahmoud Abaza, Edmonton

Christopher Nicholas Abbott, Edmonton

Ruzdaiyah Shirazali Adam, Edmonton

Habiba Adil, Edmonton

Jeremy Ahpin, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Saba Hassan Shukri Al Hammouri, Edmonton

William James Alloway, Edmonton

Benjamin Kyle Altman, Ontario

Derek Craig Androschuk, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Sadia Anis, Edmonton

Victor Alexandru Apostol, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Jessica Angelica Aranibar Somocurcio, Edmonton

Mussie Araya, Eritrea

Shanza Arif, Edmonton

Jordan Isaac Arnold-Andrasko, Edmonton

Cashere Jeanel Ashmeade, Edmonton

Ahmad Atwi, Edmonton

Harmen Singh Aujla, Edmonton

Joshua Paul Au-Yeung, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Ivanna Natalie Babic, Edmonton

Jinxu Bai, China

Jessica Stephanie Bailie, Spruce Grove

Jeskiret Kaur Bains, Edmonton

Alan Hunter Balch, Edmonton

Rajiv Anand Bansal, Edmonton

Jacob Janusz Baranowski, Edmonton

Bianca Ivelisse Barry, Sturgeon County

Natasha Marie Bartsch, Rimbey

Nikolina Nicole Basic, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Victor Basu, Edmonton

Conner Jerome Bateman, Blackie

Ryley Lawrence Robert Bauer, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Lisa Jeanette Belanger, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Jarrett Joseph Colin Belliveau, Sherwood Park

Bradley Grant Berry, Cooperative Education Program, Beaumont

Asad Ullah Bhatti, Edmonton

Talwinder Singh Bhullar, Edmonton

Steven Michael Avery Biggs, Edmonton

Cassidy Sue Blair, Carstairs

Christopher Michael Terrence Bojechko, Calgary

Matthew Martin Booth, Edmonton

Meron Nicholas Bosiak, Edmonton

Stuart Denison Boucher, St Albert

Dillon Jarrod Bowers, Grande Prairie

Evan Richard Boyle, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Annalise Pauline Boytinck, Sherwood Park

Fallon Mae Brackenbury, Cooperative Education Program,

Sherwood Park

Kalina Broda, Edmonton

Shane Conley Brolly, Manning

Jaron Ray Brosseau, Edmonton

Laura Gale Brown, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Brady Douglas Donald Bruce, Calgary

Katherine Lea Brydges, Edmonton

Jessica Adrianne Buck, Rocky Mountain House

Rebecca Morgan Burnand, Red Deer

Jeremy Nicholas Burns, Edmonton

Mathew Peter Bushnell, Edmonton

Hayley Ann Buskas, Edmonton

Morgan Lara Butler, Sherwood Park

Yingqiu Cai, China

Ashley Dawn Cairns, High Prairie

Harold Earl Calingacion, Edmonton

Hayley Emmaline Calvert, Edmonton

Helen Eileen Louise Cashman, Cooperative Education Program,


Lucas Gordon Cebryk, St Albert

Amy Chan, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Colmon Clarence Chan, Edmonton

Enoch Curtis Chan, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Gregory Kenneth Chao, Edmonton

Chasina Chasina, China

Christopher Saikin Chen, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Fangzhou Chen, China

Junyu Chen, Edmonton

Kevin Chen, Calgary

Wanying Chen, China

Jinghe Cheng, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Joshua Eugene Cheramy, Cooperative Education Program,

Sherwood Park

Xi Yuan Chew, Singapore

Leslie Man Lap Chiang, Cooperative Education Program, Nova Scotia

Darren Kan-Fui Chin, Edmonton

Jalen Vui Kian Chin, Edmonton

Sidney Kira Chin, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

David Chio, Edmonton

Erik Robert Chorney, Sherwood Park

Ermin Joshua Chow, Edmonton

Victor Kumar Chowdhury, Yukon

Candace Chu, Edmonton

Elizabeth Chu, Edmonton

Jason Chu, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Sally Mabel Chung, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Firishta Hawz Ciplak, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Ashley Lauren Christina Cosgrove, Edmonton

Lindsay Nicole Cox, St Albert

Alexander Mark Crisp, Edmonton

Yue Cui, Cooperative Education Program, China

Erin Joyce Cunningham, Sherwood Park

Nathan Anthony Danzo, Edmonton

Christopher Raymond Davis, Lloydminster

Chelsea Lynn Marina DeBruyn, Grande Prairie

Matthew Normand DeChamplain, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Evan John Den Otter, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Xing Jian Deng, Calgary

Brett Joseph Dennie, Edmonton

Amy Ann Deprato, Edmonton

Tejusvi Dewan, Edmonton

Harmanjot Kaur Dhesi, Edmonton

Braden Terrance Fredrick Dicker, Edmonton

Eric Diep, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Yu Ding, China

Sam Michael DiPinto, Cooperative Education Program, Sherwood Park

Tanner Grant Dolynny, Northwest Territories

Hongru Dong, China

Yushan Du, Edmonton

Amilynn Sarah Dykstra, Edmonton

Michael Richard Dzierzecki, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Ian Michael Ekelund, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Faysal El Masri, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Joshua Yii Hoong En, Edmonton

Hakeem Ezimokhai, United Arab Emirates

Cole William Faminoff, British Columbia

Katharine Adair Farlinger, St Albert

Christopher Willi Fast, Edmonton

Zhuang Fei, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Nathan Feigel, Edmonton

Matthew Robert Feist, St Albert

Jeffrey Michael Fisher, Edmonton

Jowmiin Foo, Edmonton

Brandon David Foster, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Gareth Aidan Kuhn Frame, Edmonton

Karley Wynne Frank, Edmonton

Megan Elizabeth Ann Franklin, Ardmore

William Keegan Fraser, St Albert

Shuyao Fu, China

Taranjot Singh Garcha, Edmonton

Shannon Michelle Gardiner, Calgary

Lauren Frances Lynn Gee, Edmonton

Michelle Alana Gee, Sturgeon County

Victoria Anne Gereluk, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Kristen Germaine, Sylvan Lake

Graeme Walter Glassford, Edmonton

Steven Philip Goddard, Edmonton

Mohd Ali Gohar, Edmonton

Adam Nicholas Gordon, Edmonton

Jastindeep Kaur Grewal, Edmonton

Ravina Grewal, Ontario

Vinny Grewal, Calgary

Paige Alyssa Grover, Edmonton

Jordan Mitchell Grubisich, Grande Prairie

Bofan Gu, Calgary

Lisa Mingqian Guo, Edmonton

Mo Han Guo, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Xin Guo, China

Aishwarya Vikas Gupta, Edmonton

Nydia Kristi Hadi, Cooperative Education Program, Indonesia

Brendan Travis Hagen, Cooperative Education Program,

Fort Saskatchewan

Mark Bernard Hamill, Penhold

Yimeng Han, China

Sabina Shareen Hanke, Edmonton

Harmeet Singh Hansra, Edmonton

Fangyi Hao, China

Keaton Marcel Harris, Fox Creek

Laurin Nicole Hartley, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Douglas Mark Harvey, Edmonton

Emily He, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Jun He, China

Li He, China

Keltey Heathcott, Calgary

Colton Henderson, Sherwood Park

Anthony Kaming Ho, Edmonton

David Spencer Holt, Edmonton

Matthew Thomas Holt, Edmonton

Michael James Evan Horrigan, Grande Prairie

Julia Christine Hoskin, Edmonton

Qian Hou, China

Morgan Claire Hrycak, Edmonton

Zhijun Hu, China

Shenglei Huang, China

Zhuoling Huang, China

Jesse Wade Hunt, Edmonton

Kyle Duncan Hunter, Beaumont

Farniz Rohin Hussan, Edmonton

Thomas David Hut, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Julie Hutton, Edmonton

Georgie Ann Hyland, Edmonton

Jenna Elizabeth Ivison, Lethbridge

Jacqueline Nicole Jewitt, Edmonton

Bochao Ji, China

Jiaqi Ji, China

Tiancheng Jin, China

Ilhaam Jiwaji, Edmonton

Lucas Johnson, Edmonton

Nicole Sara Johnson, Edmonton

Megan Ashley Jones, Wanham

Sheen Kachroo, Edmonton

Jessica Angelani Kamengele, Edmonton

Kelly Cheryl Kassian, Sherwood Park

Scott Alexander Kavalinas, Sherwood Park

Jacob Elliot Kazakoff, St Albert

Riley Scott Kendrick, Ontario

Alexandra Key Marichales, Venezuela

Soumountha Khamkhay, Red Deer

Ibtesam Ahmed Khan, Edmonton

Jasmine Manisha Khunkhun, Calgary

Seolim Kim, Republic of Korea

Yujung Kim, Republic of Korea

Chenel Laurel Kimber, St Albert

David Michael King, Ireland

Mary MiCaela Kirwin, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Petra Anna Mary Kloster, Leduc County

Kreg Stephen Klymyk, Innisfail

Devone Marie Kneteman, Edmonton

Xiangrui Kong, China

Bradley Michael Krysa, Edmonton

Nicolas Patrick Krywolt, Edmonton

Qijing Kuang, China

Justine Kunstmann, Edmonton

Matthew Ryan Kuny, Edmonton

Richard Alex Kuprowsky, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Terri Anne Kutryk, St Albert

Haley Ann Kuzyk, Cooperative Education Program, St Albert

Krismina La, Edmonton

Joel Daniel L’Abbe, Sherwood Park

Trevor Lai, Edmonton

Alexander Lam, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Kristen May Langeste, Edmonton

Ngoc Bich Le, Cooperative Education Program, Viet Nam

Brandon Neil LeBlanc, Sherwood Park

Jeline Mayee Lee, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Tyler Justin Lee, Edmonton

Danielle Marie LeGras, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Allison Adriana Leonard, St Albert

Guangyan Li, China

Muchen Li, China

Xiang Li, Edmonton

Yannan Li, China

Yanwen Liang, China

Qiyuan Lin, China

Yanna Lin, Cooperative Education Program, China

Siting Liu, China

Wenyi Liu, Cooperative Education Program, China

Yang Liu, China

Yutong Liu, China

Oksana Liva, Edmonton

Meighan Michelena Lizotte, Edmonton

Bradley James Lockhart, Cooperative Education Program,

Sherwood Park

Lauren Grace Lojczyc, Beaverlodge

Lu Lu, China

Julina Faefung Lui, Edmonton

Thomas William Lumsden, Edmonton

Corbin Chris Lunger, Edmonton

Guanxiao Luo, China

Kingston Ly, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Xiaoxiao Ma, Edmonton

Yun Ma, China

Taylor Chad Maat, St Albert

Jordon William Magico, Sherwood Park

Julie Kittey Mah, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Dakota Blake Glen James Mahar, Ontario

Derek Michael William Makowichuk, Edmonton

Nikhil Paul Malhotra, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Stephen Gregory Manders, British Columbia

Justice Nathaniel Marks, Red Deer

Rebecca Catherine Martin, Sherwood Park

Gregory Merilonne Mathurin, Calgary

Colton James Mayberry, Cypress County

Damaris Wambui Mbugua, Edmonton

Nina Phillipa McAleese, Calgary

Michael Douglas McCaffrey, St Albert

Shaun McCormack, Edmonton

Marc Jordan McCoy, Edmonton

Megan Lynn McCulloch, Edmonton

Benjamin Drew McDonald, Leduc

Cohen James McHale-Fleming, Edmonton

Alec Christopher McIlwraith-Black, Edmonton

Jade Lee McLean, Spruce Grove

Amber Lee McLeod, Edmonton

Sophie Bridget McMillan, Cooperative Education Program, Red Deer

Brock Erwin Melnyk, Edmonton

Chantal Elise Menard, Edmonton

Renatta Blair Menegozzo, St Albert

Jiaojun Meng, Edmonton

Youssef Bassam Merhi, Edmonton

Alexander Peter Bruce Mielke, Cooperative Education Program,


Benjamin James Milligan, Edmonton

Josee Nicole Monroe, Edmonton

Luqman Ahmad Muhammad, Calgary

Stuart Kevin Murray, St Albert

Vincent Nacpil, Edmonton

Zarahsultana Arshad Nagamia, Cooperative Education Program,


Naeem Nanji, Edmonton

Zunaira Nasir, Pakistan

Jacob Anthony Nay, Sherwood Park

Janine Lee Nelson, Drumheller

Nelson Ryan Neumann, Edmonton

Marvin Ngambage, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Kevin Vinh Khang Nguy, Edmonton

Vicki Quynh Nhi Nguy, Edmonton

Ethan Nguyen, Edmonton

Helene Nguyen, Edmonton

Trent Ryan Nicolay, Red Deer

Indiana Matthew Nikel, United States

Haosheng Ning, Edmonton

Nour Nouh, Edmonton

Buddy Prasertsak Nowicki, Edmonton

Gabriel Nunes, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Andrew David Leo O’Dell, Edmonton

Jessica Anna Odyjewski, Edmonton

Taylor Lee O’Flynn, Beaumont

Melissa Beth Brenneis Ogletree, Edmonton

Theodore John Oh, British Columbia

Rebecca Angela Okrainec, Cooperative Education Program,


Karen Lisbeth Olarte Montjoy, Edmonton

Nicholas Robert Olsen, Sherwood Park

Mitchel George Opryshko, Cooperative Education Program,

Spruce Grove

Josephine Lee Paarsmarkt, Cooperative Education Program, Calgary

Zoltan Julius Padar, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Renuel Fernando Palma, Spruce Grove

Clinson Dam Pang, Edmonton

Chloe Anne Nielsen Pangrass, Edmonton

Sangmok Park, Edmonton

Jordan Andre Parker, Beaumont

Dylan Evan Parry, Edmonton

Logan Wesley Patterson, Edmonton

Cody Gerald Payant, Edmonton

Kyle William Payne, Northwest Territories

Ashley Nicole Peesker, Edmonton

Deona Jens Custodio Pelagio, Lloydminster

Martin Perez Taylor, Edmonton

Isabelle Pham, Edmonton

Elizabeth Hoan Yen Pham-Vo, Edmonton

Emma Riley Phelps, Cooperative Education Program, St Albert

Oliver Ruskin Philipp, British Columbia

Charles-Antoine David Plamondon, Edmonton

Caitlin Julia Wong Pon, St Albert

Carey Ka Yan Poon, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Thomas Michael Poretti, Edmonton

Ekta Prabhakar, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Julia Margaret Pratt, Sherwood Park

Jesse William Prince, Medicine Hat

Kevin John Proudfoot, Calgary

Lauren Elizabeth Pue, Sherwood Park

Adam Quinn Purdon, Sherwood Park

Xingyi Qin, China

Cheng Qiu, China

Dongbao Qiu, China

Rhett Colin Rachinski, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Arizza Nadir Rajan, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Deryck Darian Ramdeen-Singh, Edmonton

Antoni Zappa Randhawa, St Albert

Madisen Nicole Rayburn, Edmonton

Marissa Mary Reed, Red Deer

Davis Singh Riar, Edmonton

Mychaela Taryn Risling, St Albert

Faiza Rizwan, Edmonton

Darren Douglas Robin, Stony Plain

Quintus Zachary Rodrigo, Edmonton

Daylan Shane Romaniuk, Fort Saskatchewan

Huilin Rong, China

Martin Rong, China

Jesslyn Rosanna, Indonesia

Daniel Robert Kennedy Roth, St Albert

Brandon Tyler Rowland, Fort McMurray

Stefan Rudelich, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Craig Edwin Kenneth Ryan, Edmonton

Tariq Raouf Muhammed Ali Saad, Edmonton

Samir Arefin Saeed, Edmonton

Karyl Marion Luy Salcedo, Edmonton

Clarissa Lillian Samuel, Edmonton

Amrit Saraf, Edmonton

Ena Khristine Muriel Sarino, Philippines

Kerwin Carl Sarmiento, Edmonton

Robert Saunders, Alix

Natasha Savani, Edmonton

Suzanne Marie Sawatski, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Rebecca Jean Scammell, Sherwood Park

Sarah Nicole Anderson Scheerschmidt, Beaumont

Nolan Gregory Schmidt, Cooperative Education Program, Barrhead

Thomas James Scoffin, Yukon

Kelly Grace Scott, Edmonton

Gabriela Sebastian Contreras, Edmonton

Cameron Peter Seerden, Edmonton

Nicholas Seifert, South Africa

Nakul Ramesh Shadagopal, Edmonton

Mah Batool Batool Shah, Edmonton

Sadeq Al Shah, Edmonton

Edward Drew Shalka, Fort Kent

Wenchao Shao, China

Kareem Elyaseen Zakaria Sheikh, Sherwood Park

Yuzhen Sheng, China

Dongheon Shin, Republic of Korea

Hyeon Kyeong Shin, Republic of Korea

Hyunjoon Shin, Republic of Korea

Lara Grace Simonar, Edmonton

Ganit Nayyar Singh, Edmonton

Brooke Michelle Smith, Sherwood Park

Joseph David Smulski, Edmonton

Kyle Kim Somerville, Fort McMurray

Xinhe Song, China (awarded January 4, 2017)

Trisha Sudesh Sood, Edmonton

Grayson Soprovich, Hairy Hill

Andrej Sosa, Edmonton

Amy Margaret Speers, Sturgeon County

Carolyn Ann Stangeland, Edmonton

Taylor Marlae Rose Sterling, Sherwood Park

Jacob Daniel Stucken, Calgary

Yuxiao Su, Edmonton

Eric Ta, Edmonton

Eddy Tam, Edmonton

Jonathan Tan, Edmonton

Sherilyn Caretero Anne Tan, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Ava Taremi, Edmonton

Rebecca Marie Taylor, Edmonton

Akshaan Tejwani, India

Luke Matthew Telidetzki, Edmonton

Danielle Penney Cora Temple, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Simona Teodorescu, Edmonton

Michael Albert Tessier, Edmonton

Quinn Van Thacker, Red Deer

Jenny Thai, Edmonton

Jory Daniel Thiel, Cooperative Education Program, Lloydminster

Connor John Thompson, Medicine Hat

Joshua Eric Thomsen, Blackfalds

Jin Tian, China

Josh Ryan Tkachyk, Sherwood Park

Michelle Lai Man To, Edmonton

Graham Todd, Edmonton

Adam Glen Marvin Topilko, Vegreville

Isabella Louise Tosto, St Albert

Daniel Sviatoslav Toumine, Edmonton

Sean David Townley, Sherwood Park

Aaron Tran, Edmonton

Annie Tran, Edmonton

Julia Thi Nho Tran, Edmonton

Linh My Tran, Edmonton

Ryan Trang, Edmonton

Benjamin Truong, Edmonton

Nixon Shao Haur Tsang, Edmonton

Henie Tse, Edmonton

Emmett Jay Ulmer, Leduc

Alexis Emily Valentine, Cooperative Education Program, Calgary

Seth Mather Van Camp, Sherwood Park

Tyler Brent VanKooten, Edmonton

Kristen Mae Veer, Edmonton

Juliet Mackenzie Verbeke, Cooperative Education Program,


Sara Jayne Vidito, Nova Scotia

Anthony Jose Vitorino, Edmonton

Dian Johannes Volschenk, Calgary

Joel Spencer Voss, Edmonton

Alexander Mark Wall, Sherwood Park

Audrey Ting Chi Wang, Edmonton

Helen Wang, Edmonton

Ruiqi Wang, China

Shu Wang, China

Tian Lei Wang, China

Xiaofei Wang, China

Xiaolu Wang, China

Xingkai Wang, China

Yi Wang, China

Steven Quentin Warawa, Mundare

Jeffrey Russel Warrack, Strathmore

Alexandra Lise Welsh, Edmonton

Nelushi Devindi Wickramarachchi, Edmonton

Thomas David Williams, Edmonton

Emma Yen Wong, Edmonton

Jacky Kachun Wong, Edmonton

Jenna Wong, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Kelly Wai Yee Wong, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Kieran David Wong, Edmonton

Mark Andrew Yeehung Wong, Cooperative Education Program,


Sophie Elizabeth Wright, Calgary

Joanne Man Yee Wu, Edmonton

Josephine Yuenling Wu, Edmonton

YaTing Wu, China

Colleen Alyssa Xie, Edmonton

Zhongke Xie, China

Jiaxin Xiong, Cooperative Education Program, China

Anna Jialin Xu, Edmonton

Kai Lun Xu, Edmonton

Huiwen Xue, China

Brennan Chase Yadlowski, Edmonton

Jia Yang, Cooperative Education Program, China

Jiaying Yang, China

Meng Xuan Yao, China

Yuan Yao, China

Tyler Laith Yassin, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Audrey Lee You, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Chenxi Yu, Cooperative Education Program, China

Pei-Shan Yu, British Columbia

Yaxian Yu, China

Yu-Ting Yu, Taiwan

Xinyu Yue, China

Kelsea Judy Zalaski, St Paul

Alexandra Victoria Zelazny, Calgary

Ziliang Zhai, China

Jianbin Zhang, China

Kexin Zhang, China

Lianli Zhang, China

Mengyao Zhang, China

Randy Jia Zhang, Edmonton

Shunhua Zhang, China

Yueyin Zhang, China

Yunting Zhang, China

Yuxin Zhang, China

Xinchen Zhao, China

Xintong Zhao, China

Shouyang Zhou, Edmonton

Mingqin Zhuang, China

Brian Benjamin Zisin, Edmonton

Laura Rose Zubick, St Albert

Melanie Dominique Zuniga, Edmonton

Bilingual Bachelor of Commerce / Baccalauréat bilingue en Administration des affaires

Hazeleen Joie Crisostomo Arellano, Philippines

Joanne Junio Bartolome, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton

Celena Campbell, Edmonton

Hazel Grace Demetillo Caturas, Edmonton

Darene Modupeh Florence Cole, Cooperative Education Program, Senegal

Ekaterina Danilova, Cooperative Education Program, British Columbia

Likang Ding, China

Michael Joseph Kennedy, Edmonton

Kristina Krasimirova Kirilova, Edmonton

Bohdan Ihor Kruk, Sherwood Park

Lindsey Kim Oh, Edmonton

Pierre Henry Senegas-Lowe, Edmonton

Nicole Cheyenne Terry, Edmonton

Geoffrey Stephen Wong, Cooperative Education Program, Edmonton


Maîtrise en sciences de l’éducation

Rania Monir Eshak, Études en langue et culture, Edmonton

Paul Marcel Mbikayi, Études en langue et culture, Grande Prairie

Oumy Dia Ndir, Études en langue et culture, Edmonton

Baccalauréat ès Arts

Carolyne Albert, New Brunswick

Colin-Philip Richard Belliveau-Simard, St Paul

Sophie Anne Bergeron, Edmonton

Danielle Jeanne Charest, Edmonton

Jean-Pierre Louis Desrochers, Edmonton

Tkeyah Shenaye Frederick, Edmonton

Morgan Lee Gagnon, Wetaskiwin

Samuel Gagnon, Sherwood Park

David Michael Jennings, British Columbia

Alisha Lucia Anne Karim, Sherwood Park

Daniel Michel Joseph Lamoureux, Edmonton

Jacqueline Marie Laurin, Edmonton

Riplea Rae Lothian, Edmonton

Madison Joy McKenzie, Edmonton

Aicha Miguil, Edmonton

Emma Reid-Sharp, Edmonton

Amy Caroline Vachon-Chabot, Grande Prairie

Baccalauréat ès Sciences

Alicia Marise Baillargeon, Edmonton

Lindsay Marie Joelle Boucher, Edmonton

Kolbi Nuvalinga Clennell-Desmarais, Edmonton

Franshesca El Ghossein, Edmonton

Jad El Jebaoui, Edmonton

Eliza Bridget Ellen Leitch, St Albert

Colin Casey MacKinnon, Sherwood Park

Rachel Erin Miller, Calgary

Chantal Jacqueline Moquin, Edmonton

Ridwan Osman-Hachi, Edmonton

Hannah Paige Rumpel, Calgary

Kristen May Tonico-Climaco, Calgary

Erin Mae Yamada, Spruce Grove

Baccalauréat en Education

Jaclyn Nicole Aarrestad, Saskatchewan

Cecilia Rosette Adou, Edmonton

Rose Laure Agofack Tsobgang, Edmonton

Gabrielle Josee Allin, Edmonton

Sophie Edwige Ani-Meunier, Manitoba

Pascale Dominique de abreu Babin, Beaumont

Guy Laurent Beaudoin, Edmonton

Rene Beauparlant, Edmonton

Renee Yvette Belley, Girouxville

Marie-Pier C Jacques, St Paul

Shaylee Chandler, Edmonton

Krista Jillian Connell, Edmonton

Jessica Cyr, Quebec

Stefanie Irene Elizabeth Davies, Calgary

Pierre Luc Delaire, Edmonton

Nicolette Lorraine Desmarais, Sherwood Park

Maria Estrella Diez Gonzalez, Spain

Cosette Rollande Marie Dubrule, Westlock

Jennifer Nicole Dupuis, Donnelly

Michele Carine Dupuis, Edmonton

Mina Elmadi, Morocco

Jolyane Genest, Edmonton

Stephanie Ann Grice, St Albert

Saber Hammami, Edmonton

Marinette Kamdem Ngandjui, Edmonton

Raquel-Pauline Karam, Edmonton

Belgin Kilic, Edmonton

Genevieve Annette Labbe, Edmonton

Emilie Annette Laroche, Marie-Reine

Laura Caroline Larochelle, Edmonton

Sebastian Georges Larochelle, Edmonton

Danika Carole Lavoie, Edmonton

Rebecca Lazarenko, St Albert

Colin Casey MacKinnon, Sherwood Park

Noelle Nian Tee Mack-Peterson, Edmonton

Therese Felicite Maptouom Bopda, Edmonton

Kimberly Myrna Martel, Donnelly

David Paul Martin, Edmonton

Rachel Erin Miller, Calgary

Chantal Jacqueline Moquin, Edmonton

Svetlana Michelle Olimpiev, Red Deer

Darman Omar, Edmonton

Nicole Joanne Ostapek, Leduc County

Julie Caroline Pele, Edmonton

Amelie Rose Peluso, Ontario

Mikela Jacqueline Potvin, Edmonton

Amanda Jane Rhoads, Edmonton

Alexandra Natalie Rodrigue, Beaumont

Amber Lori Britton Roy, Sherwood Park

Alexandra Mary Lois Russell, Saskatchewan

Deogratias Ruvugwa, Edmonton

Nellinda Grace Sage, Calgary

Daniele Claire Marie Scott, Cochrane

Teresa Carmela Settingiano, Edmonton

Cassidy Rose Steger, Calgary

Tara Helen Stephen, Sherwood Park

Guergana Tasseva, Edmonton

Kwesi Peprah Watson, Calgary


Diplôme de Techniques d’administration des affaires

Julie Monique Croquison, Gestion, France

Riwa Alyana Kanaleddine, Marketing, Bonnyville

Akissi Anna Kouadio, Gestion, Edmonton

Mohamed Nasmie, Comptabilité, Edmonton

Olivier Steve Ngamaleu Ngangoue, Gestion, Cameroon

Sean Mario Racine, Comptabilité, St Albert

Jessica Roland, Gestion, Madagascar

Katherine Jasmine St-Gelais, Marketing, Glendon