The Faculty and Staff of the University of Alberta

The Faculty and Staff of the University of Alberta

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As outlined in For the Public Good, the University of Alberta is a place that strives to “foster an inclusive culture in which people excel through exchange and collaboration, enriched by the diversity of individuals, groups, disciplines, perspectives, approaches, and questions that characterize our community.”

The Quad is an online space that invites and encourages these exchanges and collaborations, and does so by welcoming the stories of the university’s faculty and staff. Our students are encouraged to join in the conversation too, but it’s recommended that they consider adding their voices to YouAlbertaYouAlberta, the U of A’s student life blog.

Our contributors come from across the U of A’s campuses, disciplines, and units. They include members from all levels of the academy and the professional staff who support the institution’s day to day activities. Their opinions are their own, and their stories are all a part of the University of Alberta’s narrative.