Call for… Move In 2017 Volunteers

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On Monday August 28, Residence Services will be welcoming students from across the world to live on campus - marking the beginning (or continuation) of their journey at the University of Alberta.

"Move In 2017" will be an exciting day, as we welcome students to both Lister Centre and East Campus, with music, food, games, activities - and of course, their room assignments for the next year.

Volunteers are integral to the success of this event - and we need your help!

We're looking for volunteers from across campus and beyond to come together and assist us in welcoming our new residents, and ensuring that their first day with us is an uplifting, fun, and smooth experience. Volunteers will have a variety of tasks and will receive a token of our thanks.

Roles available include:
● Floating/Directing (You're a smiling face to help people orient themselves)
● Elevator operator (You don't mind small talk)
● Building Greeter (You are cheery!)
● Key Distribution (You have strong attention to detail)
● Key Form Station (You're good at passing along instructions)
● Orientation booth (You like giving things away)
● Cart & Luggage Distribution (You are organized and don't mind a bit of responsibility)
● Parking Greeters (You want to be the first happy face incoming residents see!)
● Surveyor (You don't mind approaching people)

Please register here and join us in welcoming these students to the U of A!