Team Drive: The Newest Addition to the U of A's Google App Suite

The U of A's faculty, staff, and students are now able to share and collaborate online using Google Team Drives.

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The U of A's faculty, staff, and students are now able to share and collaborate online using Google Team Drives.

Team Drive is a new Google Drive feature built around team collaboration. Team Drive offers safe, secure, easy-to-manage shared spaces for teams. It is designed for how teams work: files stay put even when a team member leaves.

Is Team Drive secure?

Yes. Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides and other files in Google Drive (comprised of My Drive and Team Drive) are encrypted and stored securely in Google's cloud infrastructure. Google Drive helps protect against threats of harmful software, including viruses and ransomware. Editing is done through a web browser, which means files do not need to be stored locally on the computer. Learn more about Google's commitment to security and encryption.

Is "Team Drive" different than "My Drive?"

The short answer is "yes" - here are a few key differences:

Who will "own" the files in Team Drive?

Unlike in My Drive, where files and folders are owned by the individual who created them, files in Team Drive belong to the team drive. If members leave, the files stay exactly where they are so your team can continue to share information and get work done.

How does file & folder management work?

In My Drive, when someone deletes a file from a shared folder, only the owner can access it. In Team Drive, only team members with 'full access' permission to the Team Drive can delete or organize files and folders. Setting the appropriate permissions in Team Drive will prevent members from accidentally removing or deleting files that others need.

What will sharing look like?

Team Drive helps teams organize all their content into one easy-to-find location instead of being spread across shared My Drive folders owned by many individuals. Every member added to a Team Drive gets instant access to that team's files and folders. When new content is added, it will automatically be available without the need to manage sharing each time.

For quick tips on setting up your first Team Drive, take a look at IST's FAQ sheet or use Google's "getting started" help page.