Call for Consultation: 2018 Dean Review Committee - Faculté Saint-Jean

Dean Mocquais' current term as Dean of Faculté Saint-Jean will end on June 30, 2019. In accordance with University policy and procedure, a…

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Dean Mocquais' current term as Dean of Faculté Saint-Jean will end on June 30, 2019. In accordance with University policy and procedure, a Dean Review Committee has been established.

As its first action, the Review Committee calls for your advice and opinion on the state of the Faculté Saint-Jean under the leadership of Dean Mocquais.

Specifically, the Committee is interested in the following:

1) Leadership Leadership - demonstrates a high level of integrity and commitment to University and its values, inspires a shared vision of the Faculty, leads academic planning process, communicates the Faculty vision, develops a strong team of faculty and staff, provides strong leadership within a shared-governance structure, builds trust through openness and transparency while making difficult decisions needed to move Faculty forward;

2) State ofState of Research and Scholarly ActivityResearch and Scholarly Activity - sound intellectual leadership, promotes excellence and integrity in research and scholarly activity, works to support research funding, collaboration and productivity;

3) AdvocacyAdvocacy - builds effective relationships, promotes/advocates for Faculty to a broad spectrum of constituents, including University community and other community leaders, agencies and key institutions regionally, nationally and internationally;

4) Teaching and LearningTeaching and Learning - leads academic planning process and supports curriculum development, promotes excellence and integrity and fosters a climate that encourages faculty and staff to identify and pursue excellence, works to build strategic recruitment/retention plans;

5) Faculty and Staff RelationsFaculty and Staff Relations - Plans/prioritizes human resource needs for Faculty; establishes strategies to compete for high-caliber faculty and staff; is responsible for appointments, recommendations for tenure and promotion and annual merit increments; is fair and follows effective, transparent processes, builds environment of collegiality;

6) AdministrationAdministration - ensures compliance with University policies, demonstrates financial acumen and ensures fiscal responsibility in working with budgets, funds, and financial processes;

7) External Relations and AdvancementExternal Relations and Advancement - builds national and international linkages, pro-actively looks for new challenges and funding sources, attracts resources to the Faculty from government, philanthropy and other programs, works with advancement professionals, leads Faculty's fund development activities.

8) Other mattersOther matters.

Should you wish to offer comment on the above, please use the online consultation form.

To facilitate the Committee's work, please submit your comments by 4 PM on December 17, 2018.

Your views are important to us and you are encouraged you to share your thoughts with the Committee. Thank you for your assistance.

2018 Dean Review Committee - Faculté Saint-Jean

Wendy Rodgers, Chair
André Costopoulos, Co-Chair
Normand Boulé, Vice Chair
Bryan Hogeveen
Sheena Wilson
Laurent Cammarata
Sadok El Ghoul
Marc de Montigny
Sarah Pelletier
Anne Boerger
Sympa César
Olivia Menard
Rebecca Lazarenko
Pierre Desrochers
Monique Gravel
Michael Tryon
Emma (Emmanuelle) Yellowbird
Sathya Rao