Community Engagement: Nov. 28 Table Top Session

Session Details:

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Session Details:

Community Engagement Consultation — Table Top
Date: November 28, 2019
Time: noon — 1 p.m.
Location: Lister Centre, Aurora Room
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U of A Community Engagement Consultation

The University of Alberta holds community engagement as one of its core goals — to engage across disciplines, campuses, faculties, and units to create interdisciplinary learning experiences for our students, staff and faculty that prepare them to face the complex nature of today’s challenges and workplaces. Community engagement also means creating mutually beneficial learning experiences, research projects, partnerships, and collaborations with communities across our local campuses and extending out to our province, nation and world at large. It’s a key part of the university’s institutional strategic plan, For the Public Good.

The Office of Government and Community Relations within University Relations has been working on identifying issues and opportunities related to how the university engages with communities within the context of the university’s institutional strategic plan, For the Public Good.

For this purpose we are inviting the university community to a second and final Table Top engagement opportunity on November 28, 2019. This is your way to engage in a conversation about how the University of Alberta is connecting with the community.

At the Table Top attendees will be asked to provide opinions, share ideas, share expertise or experiences, identify concerns and help to explore or develop solutions regarding the university’s engagement with its community partners.

Feedback from the consultation will be used as the basis for the development of a community engagement plan grounded in a community conversation. Ultimately, what we hear will directly guide how the University of Alberta delivers on the engagement goals of For the Public Good over the coming years.

Additionally, an Advisory Committee has been formed to provide guidance and insight. The committee will help to formulate the consultation questions and messages, ensure the consultation remains focused on the university goals and ensure the perspectives of the stakeholders they represent remain part of the dialogue. The Advisory Committee will also help with the development of an institutional community engagement plan.

For more information please visit the Community Engagement Consultation website.