Community Congrats: Celebration of Service and Excellence (2019)

Each fall, the university recognizes faculty and staff members who have attained service milestones of 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years at the…

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Each fall, the university recognizes faculty and staff members who have attained service milestones of 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years at the Celebration of Service. As part of the celebration, we also recognize individuals and groups who are nominated by their peers for outstanding contributions to healthy and vibrant workplaces.

The Excellence in Leadership award is intended to recognize outstanding leaders or leadership teams for their awareness of and attention to issues and concerns that impact the quality of the work and learning environment. The 2019 recipients are Blessie Mathew and Doris Lunardon.

Blessie Mathew, Director Career Centre and Experiential Learning

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Blessie first started at the University in 1995 as a student staff member of the Career Centre. Today she is the Director of the very same Centre. Blessie colleagues highlight that she has cultivated a work environment that values work-life balance, staff autonomy and collegiality. They truly appreciate her, especially her authenticity and her compassion and say that she goes above and beyond to accommodate and support her staff.

Doris Lunardon, Associate Chair, Clinical Operations, Dentistry

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Doris sets the example by modeling the behavior she wishes to see in others. A firm believer in empowering her staff, she involves others in decision making and encouraging them to think critically about what's best not only for them, but the organization. They say that her style is to just simply be available and present. If you need her, she is there.

The Excellence in Learning Support award is specifically designed to recognize members of the University community whose role does not involve teaching, but who nonetheless directly and significantly contribute to the student learning experience. The 2019 recipient is Cosette Lemelin.

Cosette Lemelin, Educational Developer, Centre for Teaching and Learning

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Cosette's enthusiasm and great ideas are inspiring. Her nomination highlighted her caring and approachable nature, and how it makes her an excellent conduit from which instructors can hone their craft in the art of teaching. Her colleagues say that Cosette has consistently been an enthusiastic and passionate supporter of teaching and learning. She not only exemplifies scholarly knowledge about teaching and learning, but also professional generosity and service orientation.

Xuejun Sun, Faculty Service Officer, Oncology

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Xuejun stands out as a scientist and friend who personifies the fundamental criteria for this award including patience, positivity, humour, and bringing out the best of others. His nomination highlighted that his professional experience is highly regarded by graduate students; they feel privileged that he lends his abilities to furthering graduate student research as he does.

The Support Staff Recognition Award recognizes university staff who provide exceptional service to clients, bring the best of themselves to work on a regular basis, and who contribute to a positive work environment. In 2019, three stellar University employees were selected: Michael Abley, Anita Green and Lily Laser.

Michael Abley, Senior Technologist, Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences

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Michael has served the university for more than 35 years. A proud University alumni, his colleagues say what stands out most is his personable and respectful attitude towards everyone he works with, coupled with his uncompromising willingness to help others. Michael said it's the combination of working with great people and continually challenging and changing job duties that has kept him interested and involved with his work.

Anita Green, Graduate Services Administrator, Faculty of Nursing

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If Anita doesn't know the answer, she will find it for you! Her nomination states that what makes her exceptional is that she enacts this approach in such a genuine, thoughtful and compassionate way. Her colleagues proclaim Anita is a great ambassador for the Faculty and the University. She puts the effort in, letting people know that they are appreciated. They have seen people's expressions change as her kindness impacts them. She has a gift for making others feel welcome and valued.

Lily Laser, Graduate Administrative Assistant, Chemical and Material Engineering

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Lily's nomination describes her as open, welcoming, cheerful in every interaction and as someone who truly embodies "For the Good of the People". She has an impressively deep reserve of patience and compassion, while managing to keep space for others and actively listen to each person who steps into her office. Lily inspires others to push through the challenges and relish the good moments. Her colleagues say that she infuses their department with fun, vitality and determination

The Celebration of Service 2019 Celebrants

The Celebration of Service recognizes faculty and staff members who have service reflecting 25, 30, 35, 40 or 45 years within the 2019 calendar year.

Loren Kline, Dentistry

Karlis Muehlenbachs, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Danny Shpeley, Biological Sciences

Kathy Urban, Libraries

Daniel Bobryk, Trades Projects and Operations

Walter Boddez, Mechanical Engineering

Raymond Chabaylo, Utilities

Cecile Cochrane, Dentistry

Douglas Davidson, Trades Infrastructure and Maintenance

Edmund Herr, Building and Grounds Services

Nicole Johnson, Campus Saint-Jean

Tona Katicic, Facilities and Operations

Robert Kropinski, Building and Grounds Services

Margarita Rojas, Extension

Antonella Scaccia-DeWitt, Elementary Education

Rebecca Yau, Extension

Vickie Baracos, Oncology

Wally Busko, Ancillary Services

Roger Cheng, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Tony Coccimiglio, Building and Grounds Services

Matthew Dean, Trades Infrastructure and Maintenance

Richard Durocher, Building and Grounds Services

Marian Forre, Augustana Campus

Mary Gora, Biological Sciences

Donna Guest, Office of the Registrar

William Hackborn, Augustana Campus

Thomas Hantos, Biological Sciences

Jed Harrison, Chemistry

Joanna Haynes, Bookstore

Douglas Huber, Trades Infrastructure and Maintenance

Gerald Kubina, Libraries

Jan Kurzatkowski, Ancillary Services

Richard Makowski, Information Services and Technology

Trevon Mayes, Libraries

Alena Monias, Human Resource Services

Anne Naeth, Renewable Resources

Debbie Preston, Biological Sciences

Robert Rankin, Physics

Colleen Ruptash, Alberta Diabetes Institute

Jonathan Schaeffer, Science

Tony Selinger, Environment, Health and Safety

Margaret Sisley, Chemistry

Dianne Smalridge, Supply Management Services

Stephen Aaron, Medicine

Sandra Abraham, Biological Sciences

Annalise Acorn, Law

Cecilia Anders, Biological Sciences

Rachelle Anderson, Psychiatry

Gordon Atwood, Science

Vincent Bain, Medicine

Amy Barr, Pharmacology

Toni Bayans, Animal Support Services

Catherine Bell, Law

Rick Bidniak, Supply Management Services

Jacques Bobet, Engineering

Anna Bombak, Libraries

Jan Boulter, Psychology

Jack Brese, Supply Management Services

Wu Chin, Critical Care Medicine

Sandra Cockfield, Medicine

Paolo Coco, Ancillary Services

Doris Corrigan, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Tracey Dean, Surgery

Terry Deeb, Ancillary Services

Lori Diachuk, Dentistry

George Elleker, Medicine

Michael Ellison, Biochemistry

Candice Enjeneski, Financial Services

Brian Esslinger, Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation

Janet Fast, Human Ecology

Larry Fliegel, Biochemistry

Nicole Fluet, Supply Management Services

Noelle Fraser, Libraries

Alice Fung, Ancillary Services

Michel Gauthier, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Barry Greig, University Botanic Garden

Tim Hanson, Augustana Campus

Carol Hartle, Biomedical Engineering

Hani Henein, Chemical and Materials Engineering

Terry Higgs, Trades Infrastructure and Maintenance

Giles Hinse, Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences

Sherry Humphreys, Libraries

Karim Jamal, Alberta School of Business

Kendall James, Cell Biology

Zenona Kawecka, Dentistry

Mariusz Klobukowski, Chemistry

Darren Knudsen, Design and Technical Services

Garth Langner, Facilities and Operations

Tony Larson, Protective Services

Bernard Lemire, Biochemistry

Jamie Lewis, Surgery

Liang Li, Chemistry

Robert Luth, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Ellen Macdonald, Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences

Karen Madsen, Medicine

Ken Manke, Information Services and Technology

Christopher Marks, Trades Infrastructure and Maintenance

Ronald Maskell, Operations Building

Gail Mathew, Philosophy

Jack Moore, Biochemistry

Peggy Morgan, Libraries

Carolyn Morris, Information Services and Technology

Evelyn Omasta, Gastroenterology

Alan Payot, Operations Building

Lynn Podemski, Medical Genetics

Linda Pon, Libraries

Andrzej Potoniec, Ancillary Services

Susan Querengesser, Glen Sather Sport Medicine Clinic

Ronald Ritter, Financial Services

Stephen Shafran, Medicine

Judith Shaw, Human Resource Services

Linda Slater, Libraries

David Smith, Trades Projects and Operations

Leonard Swanson, Engineering

Frank Sysyn, History and Classics

Han-Kuang Tan, Dentistry

Feral Temelli, Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences

Sandee Tocheniuk, Medicine

Linda Trimble, Political Science

Ruzica Trkulja, Building and Grounds Services

Neil Tyreman, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Shawna Walden, Office of the Registrar

Janet Williamson, Libraries

Sherry Woytovich, Information Services and Technology

Dean Wilson, Biological Sciences

Yingfeng Xu, Economics

Janusz Zwiazek, Renewable Resources

Doris Audet, Augustana Campus

Carol Burgess, Alberta Law Reform Institute

Sharon Campbell, Research Services Office

Al Denington, Psychology

Shufen Edmondstone, History and Classics

Mark Freeman, Physics

Tim Gawreletz, Building and Grounds Services

Sandra Hamilton, Physics

Larry Heaman, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Tom Hobman, Cell Biology

Karen Hughes, Sociology

Thomas Hunter, Museums and Collections Services

Glen Hvenegaard, Augustana Campus

Michal Kantoch, Pediatrics

Chris Le, Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

Holly Lomheim, Institute for Stuttering Treatment and Research

Mang Ma, Medicine

Arthur Mar, Chemistry

Lisa Maraj, Libraries

Lea Matton, Human Resource Services

Irvin Mayers, Medicine

Lynn McMullen, Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences

Vijayan Menon, Libraries

Deborah O'Neill, Physiology

George Owttrim, Biological Sciences

Andie Palmer, Anthropology

Pauline Paul, Nursing

Frances Pownall, History and Classics

Toni Samek, Education

Karen Seeberger, Surgical Medical Research Institute

Barry Sinclair, Pediatrics

Michael Smith, Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation

Julie Stephens, Research Services Office

Amy Tse, Pharmacology

Fred Tse, Pharmacology

Ingrid Urberg, Augustana Campus

Sharon Watanabe, Oncology

Anita Weiler, Chemistry

Christine Wiesenthal, English and Film Studies

Richard Wozniak, Cell Biology

Douglas Wylie, Biological Sciences