2023 Celebration of Service and Recognition Awards

Each fall the university hosts the Celebration of Service award ceremony to recognize faculty and staff members.

Recognition award winners from top-left to bottom-right: Shelley Scott, Shalawny Miller, Jomana Haymour, Nicole Firth, Peggy Scade, Cecilia Anders, Deanna Davis and Ashley Reeves. M. Scott Hanna, recognition award winner, is not shown.

Recognition award winners from top-left to bottom-right: Shelley Scott, Shalawny Miller, Jomana Haymour, Nicole Firth, Peggy Scade, Cecilia Anders, Deanna Davis and Ashley Reeves. M. Scott Hanna, recognition award winner, is not shown.

Each year, the university hosts the Celebration of Service to recognize faculty and staff. Honorees who have attained service milestones of 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of service within the calendar year are recognized. As part of the celebration, we also recognize award winners who are nominated by their peers for outstanding contributions to the workplace.

Recognition Awards

Excellence in Leadership

Nicole Firth (Pediatrics)

Nicole’s goal is to create a psychologically safe environment for everyone — and we do mean everyone! Her desire to create a safe space informs every decision she makes and every action she takes. She leads by example and approaches tasks with curiosity and kindness. She regularly conducts check-ins and is invested in the wellbeing of everyone she works with.

Nicole openly and regularly asks for feedback on her own leadership abilities so she can grow as a leader. In turn, she also provides constructive feedback in a genuine and compassionate manner. This has created a safe space for others to grow and learn, and she is a key player in creating a workplace culture of respect, hard work and, of course, joy.

Nicole has a natural gift of connecting people and bringing them together. She organized several events to build community within the department including a picnic in the park after the pandemic restrictions were lifted when many faculty and staff were worried about an indoor event. She was incredibly innovative, working with the City of Edmonton and local food trucks that she had connections with to organize an event that was an incredible success!

Nicole Firth

Excellence in Learning Support

M. Scott Hanna (Biological Sciences)

Scott is reliable and consistent, and although there is a TA in the lab, he is always in attendance. He actively participates in the lab, going from bench to bench to ensure that the experiments are progressing, answering any questions that may arise and assisting students in mastering different techniques that they are learning. Scott demonstrates a high degree of responsiveness to any and all questions put forward to him by students, reassuring us that “questions are the path to success” and then consistently following through by responding.

Scott’s sensitivity to and respect for students is one of his strengths. Scott demonstrates his understanding of students’ schedules and that not everything in life goes according to plan. He accommodates students by allowing them to partake in laboratory sessions in which they were not initially enrolled. iIf a student is not able to make their lab period or wants to hear the information again to increase their level of understanding, Scott supports them in a non-judgemental, solution-focused manner that is accepting and kind — resulting in a positive outcome.

There are a number of ways that Scott promotes active learning and challenges students to think innovatively and creatively. His passion for the subject is strongly translated as he is energetic and lively when speaking about the material of study, and, as a student, this is very engaging. Scott uses his humor and enthusiasm to generate positive energy, interest and engagement of students. He exemplifies the qualities of this award and has significantly influenced and impacted the education journey of many.

Shalawny Miller (Laboratory Medicine & Pathology)

Shalawny constantly encourages students to critically think about each lab procedure, focusing on troubleshooting techniques, time management and quality control, which are invaluable skills to bring into this field of work. She does this all while guiding students in keeping safe and efficient workspaces.

With Shalawny’s many years of experience in all disciplines of medical laboratory, she consistently provides insight, advice and encouragement to graduating students working in the lab and helps students navigate and prepare for the vast work field ahead.

Shalawny’s former students have found great opportunities thanks to their experience in her lab. Her nominators note that she alone has ensured student success each year, and did so while maintaining an engaging and supportive learning experience.

Shalawny Miller

Annual APO, FSO, MAPS and Librarian Recognition Award

Deanna Davis (Human Resources, Health, Safety and Environment)

Deanna consistently shows up with great interest in all of her work and with the presence of mind to listen and fully engage. She is gracious in offering feedback and in receiving it. She sincerely believes that the ideas generated by her team make the work collectively better.

Deanna presents herself with the utmost professionalism. She is a well-regarded facilitator of webinars, workshops and programs on campus and thus a key ambassador of the Organizational Development team. She takes every opportunity to promote the great work of her colleagues.

Deanna simply goes above and beyond in everything she does and, at the same time, in the midst of her busyness, never loses track of what is important: people. The team is grateful for all that she brings and are grateful for her collaborative nature, strategic thinking, humility, curiosity and empathy. The team is also grateful for her commitment to continuous improvement and her celebration of shared successes as well as for her easy-going demeanor, her willingness to help no matter the circumstances and for her love of and loyalty to the U of A.

Deanna Davis

Peggy Scade (Finance Partnerships)

Peggy is an exceptional individual. She approaches every day with a fresh energy that reinvigorates and motivates the individuals within her team. She values the variety and talents of her colleagues and her approach to problem solving empowers individuals to contribute, grow and learn — resulting in the success of others.

What truly sets Peggy apart is her remarkable ability to translate ideas into actionable plans. She does not simply rest on her laurels; rather, she takes ownership of their ideas, ensuring that the idea is thoroughly vetted and her knowledge is implemented where appropriate. Her dedication to turning innovation into reality has resulted in a tangible positive impact on the university. Peggy is a tireless advocate for thinking outside the box and challenging the status quo. Her commitment to driving positive change is commendable.

Peggy plays an instrumental role in creating a positive and collaborative work environment. She represents the best ideals of the institution where we, as employees, strive for positive culture, engagement, innovation, enthusiasm and collaboration. Peggy is a stellar individual whose dedication, innovation and commitment to fostering a positive workplace environment is truly praiseworthy.

Peggy Scade

Annual Support Staff Award

Cecilia Anders (Biological Sciences)

Cecilia always speaks passionately of the U of A as a place to work and receive a world class education. In doing this, she is actively working to enhance the U of A in the eyes of students while being a genuine ambassador for the U of A community.

Her attitude leaves a lasting impression on those she touches. Students often comment that her example drives them to do the best research or work they can. Although she may not know it, she has a tangible and long-lasting impact on the students she works with.

Cecilia is a team player and has contributed to the sense of community that exists in the team. Where and when she can, Cecilia goes the extra mile to ensure her colleagues and students are okay. She is a mentor, a subject matter expert, a confidant, a “shoulder to cry on” and an exceptional friend.

Cecilia Anders

Jomana Haymour (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Jomana personifies the essence of what it means to be an outstanding ambassador for the university. Her invaluable contributions have left an indelible mark. She offers exceptional assistance to both employees and students and is always willing to help going above and beyond expectations.

Jomana exemplifies the highest standards of dedication and professionalism. Her ability to manage responsibilities seamlessly and ensure the smooth functioning of her department is truly commendable. She always comes into work cheerful and positive, making her an indispensable asset. With a smile on her face, she always displays a high level of excellence, commitment and energy. She is ready to help wherever she may be needed and with whatever needs to be done.

Beyond the workplace, Jomana continues to contribute to a positive culture by organizing social events outside of work hours. For example, she plans activities like paint nights, Taste of Edmonton outings and escape room adventures to foster connections within her department, and, at times, extending it to network with colleagues from other departments. These social gatherings demonstrate Jomana’s commitment to building a sense of community that transcends professional roles.

Jomana Haymour

Ashley Reeves (Nursing Simulation Centre)

Ashley is a wonderful ambassador for the University of Alberta. She organizes and conducts multiple tours and events for students, faculty, donors, alumni, visiting faculty/scholars, prospective students and families as well as many other guests. She is an exceptional team member who is always willing to help out her team, the faculty and most importantly, the students.

Ashley’s organizational and troubleshooting skills are outstanding. Her exceptional skills in scheduling and organizing help ensure optimal use of resources and learning experiences. She anticipates challenges and develops creative solutions often before others have identified potential issues.

Ashley brings a positive energy to work and interacts and engages readily with people. She is thoughtful and organizes recognition of important life and work events for members of the unit and faculty. She is efficient, quick to grasp concepts, identify and respond to issues and develop effective solutions to problems. According to her team, they cannot stress enough what a pleasure it is to work with Ashley.

Ashley Reeves

Shelley Scott (Biological Sciences)

Shelley is one of the first people new students meet during the department graduate orientation, and she helps answer questions regarding funding from many sources. Her calm demeanor, positive attitude and willingness to meet and work through different queries at all levels is a clear indication of her dedication to her department.

It is hard to imagine someone as kind and positive as Shelley. Her position is incredibly high stress, demanding and requires quick turnaround on forms and decisions on proper on-and-off boarding of graduates (as well as everything between!). Despite this, Shelley’s nominator says a visit to her office is always pleasant, and you usually leave the meeting a little lighter knowing she generally is able to address the questions you came to see her about.

Shelley is the epitome of contributing to a positive working environment, teamwork, exceptional service to graduate students and employees and shows innovation and enthusiasm towards her professional duties. U of A graduate students encounter various stressors during their programs, including interpersonal conflicts, challenging research projects and/or upcoming examinations. Selflessly, Shelley always volunteers to be the first line of contact for individuals who need any sort of help.

Shelley Scott

Celebration of Service

45 Years

  • Alan Jeannotte, Trades & Infrastructure Maintenance

40 Years

  • George Elleker, Medicine
  • Kurt Klask, Grounds
  • Shiraz Merali, Chemical & Materials Engineering
  • Brenda Wolfe, Library and Museums

35 Years

  • Steven Dixon, Art and Design
  • Larry Fliegel, Biochemistry
  • Randolph Goebel, Computing Science
  • Michael Horton, Facility Services
  • Douglas Ivey, Chemical & Materials Engineering
  • Michelle Schrader, Research Integrity
  • Grace Telder-Romanow, Library and Museums
  • Feral Temelli, Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Sciences

30 Years

  • René Belland, Renewable Resources
  • Ruth Butler, College of Natural and Applied Sciences - Dean’s Office
  • Timothy Caulfield, Health Law Institute
  • Jose da Costa, Educational Policy Studies
  • Cathy Flood, Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Valeri Frolov, Physics
  • Thian Gan, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Douglas Gingrich, Physics
  • Darren Hockman, Medical Microbiology and Immunology
  • Brian Holroyd, Emergency Medicine
  • Mark Huson, Finance
  • Mark Joffe, Medicine
  • Anna Kura, Campus and Community Recreation
  • Donald Lyster, Augustana - Food Services
  • Anthony Mantella, Grounds
  • Ronald Moore, Surgery
  • Kimberly Oksanen, Strategic Analysis & Data Warehouse
  • Frances Pownall, History, Classics and Religion
  • Richard Rachubinski, Cell Biology
  • Barry Scholnick, Marketing, Business Economics & Law
  • Alex Schwarzer, Information Services and Technology
  • Craig Stray, Bookstore
  • Adam Tomaszewski, Biological Sciences

25 Years

  • Yasmeen Abu-Laban, Political Science
  • Kelly Ann Akins, Provost & VP (Academic) - Open Enrollment
  • Maryam Bagheritari, Faculty Relations
  • Holly Bandi, Medical Microbiology and Immunology
  • Tracie Banks, Bookstore
  • Sean Barr, Library and Museums
  • Roger Bascom, Pediatrics
  • Kathy Belton, School of Public Health
  • Barbara Billingsley, Law
  • Onita Blankenfeldt, Business
  • Darin Bridges, Project Management Office
  • Richard Brochu, Utilities
  • Tammy Bungard, Medicine
  • Linda Christensen, Biological Sciences
  • David Collins, Kinesiology, Sport & Recreation
  • Laura Connell, Registrars’ Office
  • Jason Cooke, Chemistry
  • Elaine Coupland, Library and Museums
  • Cathie Crooks, University Press
  • Paul Crothers, Chemistry
  • Corrine D’Souza, Development & Alumni Relations
  • Gerda de Vries, Mathematics and Statistical Sciences
  • Cecily Devereux, English & Film Studies
  • Ryan Dunch, History, Classics and Religion
  • Jacquie Eales, Human Ecology
  • Dean Eleniak, Library and Museums
  • Ivan Fair, Engineering - Dean’s Office
  • Carlos Fernandez-Patron, Biochemistry
  • Terry Gannon, Mathematics and Statistical Sciences
  • Pinzhang Gao, Oncology
  • Marcel Gee, Information Services and Technology
  • Rose Girgis, Pediatrics
  • Barbara Goakery, Student Services - Counselling & Clinical Services
  • Sean Gordon, Conference Services - Information Systems and Services
  • Kenny Horne, Art and Design
  • Joanna Johnston, Drama
  • Dwayne Jungblut, Building Operations
  • Dirk Kelm, Chemistry
  • Nicole Kiffiak, Psychology
  • John Klassen, Chemistry
  • Andy Knight, Political Science
  • Nicole Kosturic, Medicine & Dentistry - Office of Research
  • Kevin Krell, Facility Services
  • Hanna Kroliczak, Cell Biology
  • Sharee Kuny, Biochemistry
  • Elisabeth Le, Modern Languages and Cultural Studies
  • Bonita Lee, Pediatrics
  • Jason Lee, Accounting and Business Analytics
  • Travis Lee, Information Services and Technology
  • Dongyang Li, Chemical & Materials Engineering
  • Qi Liu, Chemical & Materials Engineering
  • Troy Locke, Biological Sciences
  • Richard Long, Medicine
  • Karen Madsen, Medicine
  • Joan Matthews White, Student Services - Interuniversity Athletics
  • Lisa McDermott, Kinesiology, Sport & Recreation
  • Geoffrey McMaster, External Relations - Editorial Strategy
  • Laurie Mereu, Medicine
  • Evangelos Michelakis, Medicine
  • Royden Mills, Art and Design
  • Petar Minev, Mathematics and Statistical Sciences
  • Kevin Moffitt, Facilities & Operations - Administration
  • Gordana Musulin, Facility Services
  • Mira Nenadic, Facility Services
  • Loralie Papineau, Surgery
  • Witold Pedrycz, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Barb Peebles, Information Services and Technology
  • Vivian Picoc, Shared Services - HR Services
  • Carol Poulin, Registrars’ Office
  • John Pracejus, Marketing, Business Economics & Law
  • William Preshing, Dentistry
  • Julie Rak, English & Film Studies
  • Leila Ranta, Educational Psychology
  • Saifudin Rashiq, Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine
  • PearlAnn Reichwein, Kinesiology, Sport & Recreation
  • Jason Ross, Information Services and Technology
  • Jane Samson, History, Classics and Religion
  • Arturo Sanchez-Azofeifa, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
  • James Shapiro, Surgery
  • Sophia Sherman, Education - Dean’s Office
  • David Siman, Utilities
  • Mark Simpson, English & Film Studies
  • Robert Smith, History, Classics and Religion
  • Sharon Sokolik, Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Sciences
  • Steven Sorensen, Development & Alumni Relations
  • David Stuart, Biochemistry
  • Ainsley Sykes, Biological Sciences
  • Brian Taylor, Biochemistry
  • Serra Tinic, English & Film Studies
  • Frank Tough, Native Studies
  • Giovanni Trapasso, Information Services and Technology
  • Ronald Unrau, Computing Science
  • Stanley Varnhagen, Media and Technology Studies
  • Patty Wark, Pediatrics
  • Robert Washburn, Information Services and Technology
  • Jennifer Welchman, Philosophy
  • Ian Winship, Research and Innovation
  • Gilbert Wong, Civil and Environmental Engineering