Take Your Shot and Embrace a Fresh Start, Safely

Four students share their meaningful experiences administering COVID-19 vaccinations and encourage other students to get vaccinated.


Since COVID-19 vaccinations were made available in Alberta, many expert students have played a role in supporting vaccination efforts, both within the U of A community and beyond, by helping to administer vaccines. We talked to four students who feel proud to have participated in these lifesaving efforts about their most memorable moments while administering hundreds of vaccines.


Laura, After Degree Honours Nursing Student

Memorable moment: "It was always exciting when individuals were obtaining their second vaccination and they were able to receive the form that indicated they had completed both doses. I was able to vaccinate a group of three siblings. One of the siblings was very nervous and anxious to receive their vaccine, however I was able to successfully vaccinate the older siblings and utilize their support when giving the final sibling their vaccination. I was very happy when I heard that this second vaccination was a lot smoother than their first experience!"

Advice to students: It is so essential to get vaccinated in order to not only protect yourself, but all those around you. We are a very diverse community at the University of Alberta and by coming together to protect each other, we will be able to safely return back to campus. The vaccinations have been researched and tested to ensure their safety and efficacy. If you, or anyone you know is hesitant to receive the vaccination, there is a lot of support, in a variety of languages, for many cultures, that address vaccination hesitancy with a scientific and educational approach.


Sukhvir, Doctor of Pharmacy Student

Memorable moment: Early on in the vaccination rollout I had a patient who was all smiles before receiving her vaccination. After I finished my pre-administration counselling, I asked her if she had any questions. She asked me if it was okay for her to take a picture getting vaccinated so she could convince her family to get their shots. (The answer was yes!) That patient was especially memorable because it made me reflect on how thankful I am that many people in our community have aided health care professionals in spreading the word on the importance of vaccinations and how important that is even if only to one other person.

Advice to students:
There are multiple ways we can play an active role in keeping ourselves safe, like social distancing and wearing masks, but getting fully vaccinated is key and that is undeniable. If not for anyone else, think of yourself and get protected.


Melody, Doctor of Pharmacy Student

Memorable moment: I vaccinated a family of six, their ages ranged from 12 to 67, and they were all so happy to get their shot. Throughout the process they made each other laugh and smile the whole time. It was easy to see that their excitement and gratefulness exceeded any anxieties that they had with needles. At the end they asked me for a group picture as a keepsake and I couldn’t help but smile like a kid in a candy shop the rest of my shift! Being a vaccine administrator was important to me because I was able to highlight the vast scope of practice that pharmacists in Alberta have. Patients often see us as medication dispensers, but the COVID-19 vaccine rollout really showed the public that pharmacists are vital front line healthcare professionals.

Advice to students:
Getting your COVID-19 vaccine is a privilege that a lot of people in different countries do not have. Take your shot to keep yourself and those around you safe!


Yasmeen, Doctor of Pharmacy Student

Memorable Moment: I remember my first patient that I gave the shot to was a middle-aged woman. She was with her husband and they were planning to travel to Mexico once they received both vaccines. I had given her the shot while she was talking about excursions she had planned and she was so astonished when I told her she was all done. She later messaged my manager privately and raved about her experience. I was so grateful for her, her recognition calmed my nerves about being a new injector! I had recently been trained to give vaccinations in March, so the thought of being part of a massive vaccination movement gave me an adrenaline rush. It made me feel like I was part of the solution.

Advice to students: Getting vaccinated is the easiest thing you can do to save the world, why wouldn’t you?

Vaccination Locations

On-Campus Vaccination Clinics

The U of A is hosting special drop-in vaccination clinics during the first two weeks of classes:

  • September 1 - Maple Leaf Room, Lister Centre (North Campus)
  • September 2 - Alumni Room, Students’ Union Building (North Campus)
  • September 7 - Alumni Room, Students’ Union Building (North Campus)
  • September 8 - Garneau Lounge, HUB Mall (North Campus) 

No appointments are necessary - just stop by and get your free COVID-19 shot. If you have an Alberta Health Care card, be sure to bring it. If you don’t have an Alberta Health Care number, you can still get your shot.

You can learn more about vaccination information and opportunities for the U of A community by visiting the university’s COVID-19 website.