COVID-19 Information for the U of A Community


Returning to Campus Safely

Campus Safety Checklist

A quick list of the essentials. What you need to know about campus safety before and during a visit to U of A campuses.

eCourse: Returning to Campus

A 10-minute online program that will help you understand the risks. Learn what you can do to protect yourself, your colleagues, and family from COVID-19. All returning employees are required to complete this eCourse. Open to students too.


A new COVID-19 prevention tool that employees and students use to easily record the buildings and rooms they visit while on campus.

Safety Measures General Directives

Safety protocols and resources for faculties, departments, and university planning groups to ensure a safe return to and operations on our campuses.

More Resources

Campus Life in Fall 2020

What will life be like at the U of A?

Visit Campus Life: Essential student and instructor information for the Fall 2020 academic term.

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Resources for Working, Teaching, and Learning

Prioritize your Health

Follow these steps to keep yourself healthy and minimize the spread of any respiratory virus (including COVID-19).

1. Prevent

Mental Health Support

The COVID-19 pandemic can have a significant impact on your mental health. Resources are available if you, or someone you know, is struggling or needs a little extra support.

Support for students    Support for employees and their families


Travel Resources

Global Affairs Canada’s global Level 3 avoid all travel advisory is still in effect. As a result, all international and interprovincial university travel remains suspended until further notice. Any travellers coming into Canada must self-isolate for 14 days.