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Stay Home When You Are Unwell

Stay home if you are feeling unwell and keep our campus community healthy. By taking care of yourself today, you’ll be in better shape to accomplish your goals tomorrow.

Missing out on a day of school or work can be frustrating, discouraging or anxiety-inducing. Remember that taking care of yourself is always beneficial.

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Stay Home when you are unwell

Campus Health and Safety

Health and Safety Guide

Help minimize the risks of COVID-19 by following public health recommendations on campus. From staying home when feeling unwell, to practising good health hygiene, adopting these steps as part of our daily routines will help keep each other safe.

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Vaccinations are the safest and most effective way to help stop the long-term spread of COVID-19.

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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact some aspects of travel. To help support the safety of our community, U of A faculty, staff, and students are to follow the institution’s travel guidelines, as well as all international, federal, and local travel measures.