Stay Home when you are unwell

Stay Home When You Are Unwell

Stay home if you are feeling unwell and keep our campus community healthy. By taking care of yourself today, you’ll be in better shape to accomplish your goals tomorrow. Missing out on a day of classes or work can be frustrating, discouraging or anxiety-inducing. Remember that taking care of yourself is always beneficial. We are encouraging all members of the campus community to stay home if they are feeling sick.

Procedure for students and staff who are ill

Here are some things you can do to take care of yourself from home:

  • Rest. You can only be as productive as your body will allow. 
  • Evaluate your symptoms. If you need to, seek medical attention.
  • Keep the things that make you feel better close at hand. Everyone has a different routine and needs for coping when they’re unwell. Everyone has different needs when they are unwell. Fluids, comfy clothes, medication, healthy foods and activities to unwind are all good things to have on hand.
  • Don’t put pressure on yourself.

Information for Students 

If you are feeling sick, first notify your instructor. You can also contact additional academic accommodations and wellness services for support. Academic accommodations and wellness services in place to support you:

Follow the procedures for missing classes/exams.

If you start to feel better, restart your academic activities with the work you can do from home first:

  • Check in with your course syllabus. 
  • Look for your class notes on eClass
  • Connect digitally with your instructor or a classmate to get up-to-date on what you missed. 

Information for Instructors

If you are not feeling well, call in sick. Let your students know that class will be cancelled for the day, and ask them to watch their inbox for updates.

You can also consider contacting a colleague or your Chair to make an arrangement for a substitute instructor or guest lecturer to cover your class.

If you are unable to come to campus for in-person work, or require alternate work arrangements due to your own personal health conditions, you can seek an accommodation through the university’s medical accommodation processes.

Supporting students

Consult resources for supporting your students when they are sick:

If you have students who require additional wellness supports, you can refer them to the Wellness Supports Team, Student Service Centre or Office of the Dean of Students

Information for Staff

Advise your supervisor or team/relevant colleagues about your absence and follow the appropriate steps.