Off Campus, Intra-provincial & International Travel Medical Insurance

The university requires that every traveler, for the business of the university, must have travel medical insurance in place prior to and for the duration of the trip. This coverage is offered by many qualified providers including through the Students Union (SU), Graduate Students Association (GSA) as well as through the university’s own medical benefits plan if you are faculty or staff.  

You must contact the SU, GSA or any other travel medical provider to discuss and confirm your travel medical insurance coverage including if there are any exclusions and/or limitations that you should be aware of. We have included a highlighted list for your convenience.   All insurers will be somewhat different. Please contact your provider in advance of travel to review and confirm your travel medical coverage.

Below are links that direct the processes applicable for all different types of international travelers.

Travel Medical Insurance – Mandatory Requirements for International Travel

Undergraduate & Graduate Students

Undergraduate & Graduate Students for all travel must either be enrolled in the Student’s Union , Graduate Students Association (which is provided by Studentcare) or parent policy and/or any other qualified travel medical insurance program. 

Travel Requirements

  1. Must meet all travel procedural requirements based on traveler type ( UAI or Field Research .
  2. Register and upload documentation to the University’s UGO Off-Campus Travel Registry
Staff, Faculty, Postdoctoral Fellow Travelers

Staff, Faculty, Postdoctoral Fellow (Non-research Only)

This process is strictly for non-research related activities only, including meetings and/or conference participation. Staff, faculty or postdoctoral fellows must complete the field research process if there is any element of research activity. If there is both research and non-research activities only the Field Research process is to be completed.

Here is a list of summarized steps for International Travel.

Sunlife Travel Health Benefits for academic and support staff can found here. Sun Life will not cover the cost of COVID-19 tests under travel insurance benefits as tests are not a treatment for a medical emergency. If you miss a flight because you can not get a test for COVID-19 before department, Sun Life won’t cover the costs of the missed flight or other related expenses.

Your SAFETY IS A PRIORITY. When traveling for ‘work’ of the university, it is important that you take the time to conduct a hazard assessment of your trip. The university has provided a number of tools that will help you to identify travel, medical and security risks as part of travel preparation as part of informed decision making.

Prior to travel, staff must assess all travel, medical and security risks by accessing travel information provided by International SOS . This information should be used by staff to complete the International Travel Checklist . Once this form is submitted through the on-line process, a copy of the completed checklist will be emailed directly to your supervisor and a waiver (for personal time/activities while traveling) will be emailed directly to you. A copy of the signed international travel checklist and waiver must be uploaded when registering your trip in UGo.

Steps Staff Should Take Prior to International Travel ( outside of Canada )

  • Identify & Understand Your Travel Medical Insurance Coverage, Exclusions and/or Limitations. Contact Sunlife  to understand your Travel Health Benefits including any limitations for length of travel, location and/or COVID related exclusions
  • Complete your International Travel Checklist . and waiver (a copy of this form will be automatically sent to your supervisor when submitting the form as part of the approval process). As part of this process you will have to identify the risk rating for your destination under the Canadian Government Travel Advisory website as well as from International SOS.
  • Register in  UGo  and upload a copy of your signed waiver and international travel checklist.
  • Register in  Canadian Travel Abroad  (as applicable).
  • Complete HX Global online pre-departure eclass as applicable -  register here
  • Consider downloading the ISOS or HX Global Travel app to support easy access to information while in-transit and in the course of the approved travel itinerary.

Exclusions/Restrictions to Be Aware Of:

Travel medical insurance coverage is required as part of the University Travel Policy for all students, faculty and staff. All policies of insurance include exclusions that identify when your insurance will not provide coverage. It is important that you review the approved plans ‘prior’ to travel.  Key examples of when travel medical insurer may not provide coverage include:

  • If your physician has advised against travel due to any pre-existing medical condition, if you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and/or are over 60 or 65 years of age when traveling. 
  • If you are retired but are approved for international travel on behalf of the University, please contact employee benefits within Human Resources to verify that you continue to have coverage under the university’s Sun Life benefit plan.
  • Travel warnings and/or advisory language related to epidemics, pandemics and or communicable diseases.
  • Travel warnings and/or advisory language related to security risk including undeclared war, civil war, rebellion, revolution or insurrection.
  • Injury or loss sustained while you are under the influence of a drug or substance including alcohol.
  • Time duration of travel can vary with most insurers NOT extending coverage past 90 or 120 days.
  • A sickness or injury that, at the time of departure, might reasonably be expected to require you to undergo treatment, investigation, surgery or hospitalization. 
  • Sickness or injury due to participation in any professional sport and/or other higher risk extra-curricular activities such as scuba diving.

Should you become ill or injured in the course of your travel, it is important that you contact your insurer in advance of seeking treatment to avoid denial and/or reduction of your travel medical claim. 

Location of Travel

Operation of a Vehicle Off Campus

If you are operating a vehicle in the course of your travel for the business of the university including field research, please ensure you follow the University’s Vehicle Policy and ensure you qualify as a University Authorized Driver if you will be operating a rental or your own personal vehicle on university business off campus.

Mandatory Provincial Health Care
Students, staff and faculty must be enrolled in Alberta’s provincial healthcare program or for students who are non-Alberta residents enroll under the University’s Health Insurance Program. This medical coverage is intended for health coverage while in the province of Alberta.  If you are travelling out of province or out of Canada, travel medical insurance is a requirement.
Workers Compensation Coverage
Please refer to this page. Requirements for workers compensation coverage outside of Canada is based on that specific country’s requirement. Workers Compensation Alberta may or may not be extended. WCB should be contacted directly