GSA Health and Dental Plan

Established by referenda in 1994 and 2002, the GSA Health and Dental Plan is a valuable service to GSA members designed to fill the gaps in government health care.

The GSA Health and Dental Plan is administered by Studentcare and negotiated by the GSA.

The fee for the GSA Health and Dental Plan is set annually by GSA Council based on cost projections rooted in claims from the previous years (as with all insurance programs, claims drive the cost of the GSA Health and Dental Plan). GSA members with alternate health and dental coverage can opt out of the GSA Health and Dental Plan.

Full-time graduate students starting in September and January are automatically enrolled in the plan; part-time graduate students, and those wishing to add spouses and dependents to their plan, must opt-in through during specific opt-in periods.

The answers to all your questions are just a telephone call or mouse click away!

  • Studentcare Website:

  • Studentcare Phone Number: Toll-Free 1-866-795-4430

  • Studentcare Office: SUB (Students' Union Building) 6-14

Completed claims may be submitted outside of regular hours by leaving them in the Studentcare Office drop-box (Students' Union Building, room 6-14).

Please Note: The GSA cannot answer coverage and claim specific questions about the GSA Health and Dental Plan but qualified personnel are available by contacting Studentcare.