Get Involved

Meet new people, gain valuable experience, and help build a better graduate experience by getting involved with the GSA and with student governance at the University of Alberta.

Help Lead the GSA

GSA student executives, (formally known as GSA Directly-Elected Officers) are elected annually in February. Student executives work to develop and implement the GSA Board Strategic Work Plan — a set of priorities that guide the GSA in best representing graduate students to government and the University.

The President and Vice-Presidents actively engage with stakeholders and advocate for over 8,000 of their fellow graduate students about important matters (like tuition and funding) through major University governing bodies and meetings with senior administration. To learn more about the GSA student executive positions, we invite you to Discover Governance at the GSA.

Discover Governance

Serve on a Committee

You can also get involved by serving as a graduate student or GSA representative on any number of GSA Standing Committees or University of Alberta committees.

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