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Conference Services offers many catering options for events and conferences held on campus.

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UAlberta's Dining Services provides tasty and nutritious food options to students, faculty, staff and visitors. From our convenient meal plans for resident students, to our high standards for food safety, our focus on nutrition and our dedication to sustainability, we continually strive to deliver the high-quality dining services our university community deserves. Visit one of our many dining locations on campus today!

Connect with Us

Get connected with us! We are extremely into student engagement and we aim to make each student happy and enjoy the meal plan! Check out the ways that you can get involved.

Ask a Dietitian

Do you have specific questions about allergens or other special dietary needs? Our dietitian can help! Email with the subject "Ask a Dietitian" or send your question to us on social media with the hashtag #askDSdietitian. Each question will be answered within 3-5 business days.

We may ask you to consent to sharing your questions with our answer anonymously on our blog so that other students and visitors can read it. If you are not comfortable that is completely okay! But remember, if you have the question then other people will too!

Bear Necessities
A new program that we launched in February 2019 allows students to have a "taste" of home. Students can click the link and submit a recipe to either Lister Residence or Peter Lougheed Hall. We will email you back with a day and time that we are serving your meal. If you are able to make it we would love to meet you and learn more about the dish!
Email Us
Email us at with any questions or concerns. If you know who you are sending it to, include that in the subject line.
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