Health + Nutrition

Ask a Dietitian

Do you have specific questions about allergens or other special dietary needs? Our dietitian can help! Email with the subject "Ask a Dietitian" or send your question to us on social media with the hashtag #askDSdietitian.

Interactive Menus

Counting your calories or minding your macros? Digital screens in Lister Residence and Peter Lougheed Hall display interactive menus-complete with information about nutrition and allergens. Or, check out our menus online and select the location of your choice to see nutrition information.

Dietary Labelling Program

Do you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet? Do you only eat Halal foods? Do you eat no gluten?

We've got you covered. Digital screens in Lister Residence and Peter Lougheed Hall (PLH) display interactive menus complete with information about nutrition and allergens. Our menu labeling program makes it easy to find options with these six attributes.

Here are the icons:

Locally Grown
No Dairy
No Gluten
Plant Forward
Sustainable Seafood
Eat Well Logo

Identifies menu items that fit a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet

  • Excludes: all meat, fish, and poultry
  • Includes: eggs, milk, dairy, honey

Identifies foods made from plant-based food items only:

  • Excludes: Eggs, Honey, Milk and Dairy, and any other animal-derived ingredients
Sustainable Seafood

Seafood ingredients third-party certified as sustainably sourced Wild Seafood: Marine Stewardship Council, Ocean Wise Farmed Seafood: Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP 1,2,3, or 4 stars)

Locally Grown

Identifies major ingredients that are grown, raised or produced in Alberta

No Gluten

Identifies menu items that are made without gluten ingredients


Identifies single ingredients or recipes that only contain:

  • Halal certified proteins
  • Halal permitted foods
  • Excludes all Haram products
  • Third party certification are available
No Dairy

Identifies menu items that are made without milk ingredients.

Plant Forward

Identifies menu items that contain 60 grams or less of animal-based ingredients per serving. Recipes may or may not be vegetarian/vegan.

Menu items that incorporate more plant-based ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, pulses, nuts and seeds. Plant forward is not necessarily vegan or vegetarian and can include small amounts (< 2 oz.) of animal protein.

Eat Well

Identifies healthier menu choices that meet specific nutrition standards.

To learn more about how Dining Services can accommodate your dietary needs, contact us at You can also make an appointment to walk through our food stations with our dietitian and executive chef!

No Gluten Pantry

To access No Gluten menu items, please set up an appointment with our Registered Dietitian by emailing A one-to-one interview will be scheduled to review your dietary needs and provide guidance as to which stations will offer no gluten menu items.

Eat Well Program

A common challenge with making healthy lifestyle choices is finding nutritious options when eating outside of your home. It’s confusing, intimidating, and often frustrating. How much sodium is in that meal? What about hidden fat in sauces? How do you know if you’re making the right choice?

We have made it easier for students to find healthier choices! The Eat Well program highlights “better-for-you” menu selections by featuring an eye-catching icon to help you quickly and easily spot healthier choices.

Look for the Eat Well logo in our participating dining locations for options that fit many of the following criteria:

Saturated fat

  • 3 grams or less for an entrée
  • 1.5 grams or less for a side, soup, snack, or dessert


  • 720 milligrams or less for an entrée
  • 360 milligrams or less for a side, soup, snack, or dessert


  • 15 grams or less for an entrée
  • 7.5 grams or less for a side, soup, snack, or dessert


  • 4 grams or more for an entrée
  • 2 grams or more for a side, soup, snack, or dessert

Powered by plant-based and/or lean protein sources

Loaded with vegetables and/or fruits

Food Safety

Dining Services takes health and safety very seriously. We monitor and log cooking, reheating and cooling temperatures. We have strict protocols in place to keep our food preparation areas and food service areas clean. If you have health or safety concerns about one of our locations, please contact us immediately at

  1. The day, time and location of the incident. For example, Monday, May 21, 2019, at Tim Hortons, CAB at 11:35 am.
  2. The incident and a picture if possible
  3. And any more relevant information you can provide

When an incident is reported, management informs the public health inspector, conducts a food safety audit and follows up with the results.