Frequently Asked Questions

What guidelines are you following?

We are closely monitoring guidance from Alberta Health Services and the Government of Canada. Under current Chief Medical Officer of Health Orders, we are required to:

  • implement practices to minimize the risk of transmission of infection among attendees
  • provide procedures for rapid response if an attendee develops symptoms of illness
  • ensure that attendees maintain high levels of sanitation and personal hygiene
  • comply, to the extent possible, with the COVID-19 General Relaunch Guidance, this guidance, and any other applicable Alberta Health guidance
What are your health and safety measures?

Here are just a few of the things we are doing to ensure you stay safe:

1. Increased frequencies of cleaning

  • Deep cleaning and sanitizing throughout the front and back of house
  • High-touch area cleaning
  • Serving utensils replaced more frequently
  • Tables will be cleaned after each use

2. Personal Protective Equipment for all our employees

  • Masks and gloves for all associates

3. Daily screening of our employees

  • Mandatory temperature checks and self-assessment questionnaire

4. Educating employees and students on self-monitoring and symptom awareness

5. Facial coverings are required to enter the dining hall to mitigate the spread of COVID-19

  • Your health is our top priority, we’re doing our part to keep you safe
    Students who forget their masks can purchase a disposable mask for $1

6. Signage in the dining hall

  • Floor decals and communication reminders

7. Sanitizer stations available at entry/exit and throughout the dining hall

8. Reduced seating capacity

  • Seating plan rearrangement to accommodate physical distancing
  • Monitoring capacity

9. Metering of guests into the dining hall to ensure physical distance is maintained

10. Comprehensive training, including food safety, COVID-19, proper PPE use and workplace safety

  • Hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, social distancing and health monitoring
What has changed?

In order to comply with the new guidelines and regulations from Alberta Health Services, we had to make the following changes in our dining hall operations:

  • No self-serve food stations: All stations will be staffed by dining services staff
  • Only beverage stations will be self-serve: Students must use a new cup if they want a refill on any beverage
  • Conversion of high-touch items (condiments, salt and pepper, etc) to single-serve packets
  • One way in and out of the dining hall
  • All students must sanitize their hands upon entering and leaving the dining hall
  • Masks are mandatory to enter the dining hall and must be worn until you are seated at the table
  • Outside guests are not allowed to use the dining hall—it is only available for meal plan holders
Are masks mandatory in the dining hall?

Yes, all students and staff are required to wear masks as per Alberta Health Services guidelines and City of Edmonton bylaws. Wearing a mask or face covering is mandatory in all indoor public places. This measure mitigates a potential resurgence of COVID-19. The bylaw applies to publicly/common accessible areas of businesses.

If you forgot your mask or need a new one, you can purchase a disposable mask for $1 at the cash counter.

What is the proper protocol to use and store a mask while dining in?

Review the AHS guidelines regarding how to choose and wear a non-medical mask to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. It is important that masks are used and disposed of properly.

  • Facial coverings are required while ordering food and walking around the servery
  • You can take off your mask when you are already seated and ready to dine in
  • Ensure you have washed or sanitized your hands before putting it on, taking it off or after taking it off
  • Store the mask in a sealed bag until it can be washed or re-used
  • Once you finish eating your meal, please put on your mask and return your dirty plates to the green station
  • Feel free to go back to the servery if you want more food or exit the premises
Can I wash my hands in the dining hall?
Unfortunately, we do not have any handwashing sinks available for students. Please use the washrooms that are outside our main doors before you come in. Upon entering, you will be required to sanitize your hands. Hand sanitizer will be available inside the servery and seating area.
How long can I stay inside the dining hall?

Students have unlimited access to the dining hall from 7:30am–8:00pm.

Please be mindful of your time spent in the dining hall as we have reduced capacity. We are asking students to stay the necessary time to dine in. You can come and go as you want but please do not exceed more than 30 minutes per visit.

With reduced seating, other students can be waiting in line to access the dining hall.

After 8:30 pm the dining hall will be closed and doors closed. Students will be required to leave the premises.

Can I eat in both PLH and Lister dining halls?

No, students can only access their designated residence dining hall. In order to comply with AHS COVID capacity and cleaning guidelines, Dining Services must now restrict students to access their Meal Plan only in their Residence dining hall.

Can I take food out of the dining hall?
No, meals cannot be taken out of the dining hall. All meals have to be consumed in the dining hall.
What happens if the dining hall reaches capacity? How can I get my food?

Capacity is monitored at all times in order to comply with social distancing and Alberta Health Services guidelines. If there are no seats available, cashiers will advise students on how to get a take-out meal.

This option is only available if the dining hall is at capacity.

If I am not comfortable with eating in the dining hall, will take out be permitted?

As we comply with all regulations provided by Alberta Health Services, students are required to dine in with us.

We are following all the guidelines from Alberta Health Services to offer you a safe and pleasant dining experience in our dining hall. Your safety is our number one priority and we have heightened all our safety standard operating procedures to abide all government regulations.

We have implemented the following best practices to guarantee a safe dining experience:

  • Practices to minimize the risk of transmission of infection among attendees
  • Provide procedures for rapid response if an attendee develops symptoms of illness
  • Ensure that attendees maintain high levels of sanitation and personal hygiene
  • Comply, to the extent possible, with the COVID-19 General Relaunch Guidance, this guidance, and any other applicable Alberta Health guidance.
We have adjusted our seating arrangements and modified our service stations to accommodate physical distancing. In addition, the dining hall capacity is being monitored at all times. If capacity is reached at any given point, take out will be permitted. A designated Dining Services employee will advise you what the next steps are to order your meal to go. If you have any questions please contact us directly at
I am not feeling well and want to self-isolate myself. How can I access food?

Please use the Alberta Health Services Self-Assessment tool.

If you are required to self isolate, please contact Residence Services by emailing and enroll in the isolation program. They will go over what information is required and you will be able to get all your meals delivered to your room.

Can I bring my own reusable cup?
No, the use of reusable mugs will be suspended
Can my friends join me in the dining hall?
No, the dining hall is not allowing outside guests to dine in. In order to keep everyone safe, we need to track who enters our premises. The dining hall is only accessible to students who have a meal plan.
Will the Marina be open?
No, the Marina will not be open this semester. Students who want to order grab-'n'-go items can take advantage of our new online Grocery and Meals to Go program. The program launches in September and more information can be found in the Dining Services website.