The GSA offers four types of funding to support graduate students during their degree programs. These funds are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis and, as per GSA Policy, "If all available funds have been expended in the specific period, no additional applications will be accepted during that period."

Funds Disbursement

How are Child Care Grants and Academic Travel Grants disbursed?

Working with U of A Payroll Operations, the GSA uses direct deposit for Child Care Grants and Academic Travel Grants. In order to receive funds you must be already enrolled in direct deposit and have granted consent to view your T4/T4A receipts online.

How are Emergency Bursaries and Graduate Student Group Grants disbursed?

Under typical circumstances, these funds are disbursed via cheque. Alternate arrangements can be made under special circumstances.

Other Sources of Funding

University of Alberta Student Financial Services

A direct link to the Student Service Centre for help with student loans and bursaries, financial literacy workshops, and one-on-one advice.

Graduate Travel Awards

A direct link to additional information about the GPS Graduate Travel Awards.

Department Specific Awards

A direct link to GPS's searchable database for graduate funding opportunities.

Campus Sustainability Grants

A direct link to the Campus Sustainability Grants, open to students, staff and faculty.

Additional Funding Opportunities for Graduate Student Groups and Individuals

A direct link to a database on funding available for University of Alberta students.

GSA External Grants

Groups external to the GSA may be eligible to receive a modest external grant on the approval of the GSA Board.