GSA Recognition Awards

Each year the GSA confers awards on graduate students who have distinguished themselves in research, teaching, academic achievement, leadership, and service to the University and to the wider community. The GSA also recognizes University faculty and staff members for their outstanding contribution to graduate education, and acknowledges those alumni and benefactors who continue to support and champion graduate students at the University. GSA Recognition Award winners are celebrated at an annual GSA Awards Night celebration in March.

Many of these awards are funded through the Graduate Student Support Fund (GSSF) provided by the University and which the GSA has negotiated for on your behalf.

Research Awards

These awards recognize graduate students' contributions to academic research:

Teaching Awards

These awards recognize graduate students' commitment to teaching:

Leadership Awards

These awards recognize graduate students' distinguishing themselves as leaders:

Service Awards

These awards recognize graduate students who go above and beyond for their communities:

Student Group Award

This award recognizes distinguishing graduate student groups:

Supervisor, Faculty, and Staff Awards

Graduate students can nominate their supervisors, faculty, and/or staff to win any of these awards: