The GSA is a corporation established under the province's Post-Secondary Learning Act as the official representative body for more than 8,000 graduate students at the University of Alberta.

All full- and part-time registered graduate students (including students in recognized joint graduate/undergraduate degree programs) who pay GSA membership fees are considered members of the GSA. As a member of the GSA, you can:

  • Access GSA services
  • Vote in all GSA elections
  • Seek nominations to any of the GSA's representative positions and
  • Attend open sessions of GSA Council meetings as a non-voting observer.

Elected Student Executive Portfolios

Governance and Accountability Framework

All graduate students are members of the GSA and, ultimately, all of the groups below are accountable to them. GSA Directly-Elected Officers and GSA Standing Committees report monthly to GSA Council, and GSA Councillors then share information from those meetings with the graduate students they represent at the departmental level. 

GSA Organization Structure